Review + Setlist + Videos: Bob Schneider at Lucas School House, Wednesday, November 5

Don't know who Bob Schneider is? Don't care? Have a problem with reading blog posts by pseudonymous RFT columnists with multiple personalities? If any of the above describe you, then move along; nothing to see here.

The rest of you probably missed Bob's show last night at the Lucas School House on the western fringe of historic Soulard. When Unreal writes "probably missed," we mean to convey that compared to the Austin rocker's previous St. Louis appearances this show was sparsely attended. As in, a hundred, tops. Perhaps this was due to the fact that the show was announced late owing to a cancellation in another city, perhaps to the pandemic election-night hangover.

Maybe that was just as well. A typical Bob Schneider show careens along like some sort of fever dream, veering from genre to genre, the crowd picking up steam in tandem with the collective blood-alcohol level. By those standards, last night's set was, well, tame. For the initiated, it was more of a "Poppy Bob" performance, less of a "Frat Party Gone Ribaldly Wrong Bob" performance. Also too, as Tinasarah Feypalin might say, Beatle Bob was nowhere to be seen.

Setlist and videos, etc., after the jump.

The set was heavy on fan favorites, including five from 2001's Lonelyland: "Round and Round," "The World Exploded into Love," "Metal and Steel," "2002" and "Big Blue Sea". There was a little hip-hop, a little hard stuff, a couple of between-songs interludes (the French café riff comes to mind) that had the place in stitches. Oh, and "Psychocainiac," complete with cop-beating-on-door and crazy-old-lady-neighbor-screeching dramatic acting.

By Unreal's count, six of the twenty songs Bob played were new ones. Perhaps they're being auditioned for the reputed forthcoming disc, Introducing Bob Schneider -- though Unreal's still waiting for last year's reputed forthcoming disc, Fuck All You Motherfuckers. What the hell, though; we're patient.

The backing band featured stalwarts Jeff Plankenhorn (guitar) and Conrad Choucroun (drums), along with Harmoni Kelley (bass) and the lovely and talented Oliver "Ollie" Steck (accordion, trumpet, baritone, some other stuff we don't know what it was, dance moves).

The setlist: 1. Blow Me Back to You 2. Romeo and Juliet 40 Dogs and Cigarettes [?] 3. Round and Round 4. Heave Ho Hillbilly Elephant [?] 5. The World Exploded into Love 6. Greg the Gangster [?] 7. Fuck You Fu Manchu [?] 8. Flowerparts 9. Smoke and Ash [?] 10. The Way Life Is Supposed to Be 11. Metal and Steel 12. Ready Let's Roll 13. Tarantula 14. 2002 15. Snakebucket 16. Big Blue Sea 17. The Sun Hurts My Eyes [?] 18. Captain Kirk 19. Psychocainiac 20. Mudhouse

The question marks indicate songs that even Unreal, with our encyclopedic knowledge of all things Bob, had not heard before.

You wanna chime in with the real titles, you go right ahead.

Here's some video selections from the show:

Blow Me Back to You

2002 and Snakebucket

Smoke and Ash

And, finally, here's two of the unfamiliar songs, which might or might not be titled what we think they are. The first is called "40 Dogs and Cigarettes." It's very, very good:

Right-click to download '40 Dogs and Cigarettes'

And this one -- no offense intended w/r/t the title, which seems to be "Fuck You Fu Manchu" -- goes out to our pal Richard Newman, who shoulda stopped by, but didn't....

Right-click to download 'Fuck You Fu Manchu'