MP3 Weekender: Saviours, The Strolling Cones Cock and Bull Sonic Circus


Where/When: 9 p.m. Friday, October 3, Bluebird Playing With: ((Thorlock)), Holy Python Sounds Like: "The band's 2006 debut album, Crucifire boasted all the essential elements of quality heavy noise. Of course, there were the riffs — pounding, but still fast enough to almost be punky, with the blunt force of a "new wave of British heavy metal" outfit like Motörhead. It didn't dovetail neatly with anything in either the punk-offshoot rock scenes or with the purist metal microgenres, which didn't trouble them at all." (link) -- Arielle Castillo

MP3: Saviours, "Cavern of Mind"


Where/When: 4 p.m. Saturday, October 4, Off Broadway What: A whole mess of bands playing tunes Sounds Like: "We're not sure how to parse the title of this multi-band bill — bets are it's a play on words involving the Rolling Stones — but judging from the participants, it appears to be code for "music incorporating elements of pop, shoegaze and psychedelic rock." That's certainly the case with the locals on the bill, including Brian Jonestown Massacre worshippers Troubadour Dali; indie-fuzz shapeshifters Bunnygrunt; ambient noiseniks Learn, Artist; feedback mongers Stella Mora and Spacemen 3 fans Tone Rodent. The out-of-towners are just as stylish: The Tambourine Club's song about its hometown, "Kansas City," is a scorched Nuggets-vintage number, while Columbus, Ohio's Floorian creates hushed, taffy-pulled pop songs that conjure the Velvet Underground conducting church service." (link) -- Annie Zaleski


MP3: Floorian, "Heavium"

MP3: The Tambourine Club, "Kansas City"

MP3: Stella Mora, "Daguerreotype"