6 Vegetarian Dishes at St. Louis Barbecue Restaurants

No — these aren't ribs. Smoked Tempeh at Capitalist Pig - Courtesy of Capitalist Pig
Courtesy of Capitalist Pig
No — these aren't ribs. Smoked Tempeh at Capitalist Pig

You've heard of Catholic guilt. Let me introduce you to vegetarian guilt.

When a group contemplates where to eat and the vegetarian of the group shoots down suggestion after suggestion, sometimes this person will experience vegetarian guilt. Militant vegetarians scoff at this concept, as they believe such efforts accumulate victory points in veggie heaven with each successful barbecue bite they scuttle. The friendly kind of vegetarians, however, know their friends like barbecue, delis, and burgers and genuinely feel bad about hijacking the dinner decision. These vegetarians are the ones who find themselves tormented by guilt.

But this malady no longer has to plague our fair city! Here are six vegetarian entree options at St. Louis barbecue restaurants. They're all creative, tasty ways to stay true to your diet even while dining with carnivorous friends.

1. Smoked Tempeh
Capitalist Pig in Soulard sears tempeh with thyme olive oil before glazing in barbecue sauce. See the mouthwatering photo above.

2. Smoked Tofu
Vernon's BBQ in University City smokes organic, non-GMO, local tofu from Gourmet Soy Foods in Granite City, Illinois. What more could a vegetarian want?

Falafel Burger at Salt+Smoke - Photo by Johnny Fugitt
Photo by Johnny Fugitt
Falafel Burger at Salt+Smoke

3. Falafel Burger
Salt+Smoke on the Delmar Loop offers a falafel burger topped with local sprouts and a red pepper jam.

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