Tower Grove East Is Hosting a Giant Garage Sale This Weekend

Get all those garage sale goodies this Saturday. - Mark Turnauckas / Flickr
Get all those garage sale goodies this Saturday.

May the 4th is going to be with you so hard this year. Not only does the Cinco de Mayo party pop off all day on Cherokee Street, but the People’s Joy Parade and various Kentucky Derby parties are happening this Saturday, too.

But there is one more thing you might want to cram into your busy weekend schedule: The Tower Grove East Neighborhood-wide Garage & Yard Sale. The strikingly beautiful and historic St. Louis neighborhood is getting together for one day to sell you all of your desired doodads and dinglehoppers. There will be more than 30 different sales happening in the same area; if it is hidden treasures that you seek, you’ll be sure to find them here.

And the sales start at 9 a.m. and go until 1 p.m. so you can easily start your busy Saturday off with a little shopping before you go sampling the tequila up and down Cherokee Street.

This event is sure to be a buyer’s market. The neighborhood-wide sale was originally due to take place last weekend but was rained out and rescheduled. With a bit or rain predicted again for early this Saturday, sellers are sure to slip you some hot deals just to be done with it all. Score.

For more details on the event (and on some of the items that will be available), visit the Facebook event page here.

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