Jefferson Animal Hospital Closed After Dog Inadvertently Causes Car to Crash Into It

click to enlarge What destruction one dog and a distracted driver can create. - DANNY WICENTOWSKI
What destruction one dog and a distracted driver can create.

Thanks to structural damage, Jefferson Animal Hospital is closed "until further notice." The cause appears to be related one dog's extraordinary aversion to visiting the vet.

Shortly before 2:40 p.m. on Saturday, St. Louis police officers responded to the scene of a reported "accident" at the McKinley Heights-area animal hospital, where impact with a car had broken and busted-in a portion of the wall near the front entrance.

According to a incident report, a 25-year-old driver explained to police that the accident had started when the dog in his car attempted to escape.

"He grabbed his dog’s leash in an attempt to keep the dog from jumping out of the vehicle," the report continues. "causing him to take his foot off of the break pedal. The vehicle was still in drive and subsequently struck the wall of the Animal Hospital."

The driver was uninjured, police say. However, the report does not mention the dog's condition — or to clarify whether the dog had merely been a factor in its owner's bad driving or, in fact, a diabolical pooch who engineered an escape from a vet appointment. Regardless, the result was bad news for the Animal Hospital: In a Facebook post on Monday, it announced that inspectors had ordered the facility closed with "significant damage" adding, "We are trying to reopen as soon as possible and get all needed repairs moving."

In a subsequent post, the Animal Hospital clarified, "No pets or people were injured when we were hit, just damage to the building," and stated that it hopes to have an update on its future reopening later this week.

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