Grey Area Coffeeshop, Amsterdam - An Internationally Famous Cannabis Coffee Shop

The Grey Area Coffeeshop in Amsterdam is one of my favorite places. I think it may be the only American owned coffee shop still there. A dear friend of mine, John Foster owns it. It's a tiny place, but basically is where one of the hardest working people I've ever known is.

For years, John was there every day standing on his feet, supplying particularly to a lot of American tourists.

It is still to me both wonderful and funny to go there. When they first open and you see the line around the corner, it is quite funny. But I understand the draw and why there is a line.

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But the coffee shop is not for only American customers and patrons. I remember having dinner at one of my other favorite places, Barney's Uptown, and the young man sitting next to me at the table over. We started up a conversation, he's from Italy and going on and on about how great the weed is in the Grey Area. It is sort of internationally famous. So not just Americans are doing it, the whole world can enjoy a cannabis coffee shop if they have the right mindset.

This is an example of one guy who's smart and works really hard, bless his heart. I'm sure has been very successful, my good friend John. So now does he still stand on his feet all day there anymore? Well, I certainly recommend visiting the Grey Area if you visit Amsterdam to see. It's not hard to find.

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