Best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers [2020 Update]

Most people who vape – for recreation or medicinal purposes – usually choose to do so with vape pens filled with e-liquids or concentrated oils. It could be cannabis oils, CBD or hemp oils, flavored vape concentrates, etc.

Others prefer to simply light up their pre-rolled joints with a lighter or a match stick. While each of them has its own set of amazing qualities, there is a safer and healthier alternative too!

If you’re looking to vape a plant-based medicine, dry herb vapes are an excellent choice! These are better and safer than both joints and pens with e-liquids or concentrated oils.

Wondering why that is so?

Well for one, these vaporizers don’t need combustion to work (like joints do). So, you’re not exposed to any kind of toxin.

Secondly, vaping concentrated oils or e-liquids can cause congestion of the lungs and irritation inside the throat – mostly due to the carrier bases used in these vape liquids. Then, there is also the issue with cleaning and maintaining the reusable variety of this category of vapes.

All in all, a dry herb vaporizer is a much better choice, i.e. if you’re a medical vape user.

If you’re still reading this article, you must be keen on knowing about the best brands of dry herb vaporizers. And Rightly So!

Unlike most other resource portals, TCR offers information and first-hand experience on only the best quality, authentic products that are NOT PROMOTED by brands but are TRIED AND TESTED by its team of testers.

Our testers include experts and enthusiasts from the world of cannabis, who have years of experience using cannabis and CBD products. Thanks to them, we also do not have to rely entirely on customer reviews and surveys to determine how good or potent, or how efficient or fast-acting the products REALLY are!

Top 5 Dry Herb Vaporizers:

  1. DaVinci IQ2 Vaporizer – People’s Choice & High Quality
  2. Storz & Bickel Crafty+ Vaporizer – Dense Clouds
  3. Arizer ArGo – Pocket-Sized
  4. DaVinci Miqro Vaporizer – Cheapest
  5. Pax 3 Vaporizer – Most Discreet

Best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers of 2020

After extensive, month-long use of each of the most reputed brands of dry herb vaporizers in the market, our testers finally narrowed down to these brands.

While we would want to apologize for the delay in publishing this list, we can promise you that the TCR team has made it worth the wait!

In this article, you will not only find out about the best portable brands of dry herb vaporizers in the market, but also a bit about them, why they are so great, their best features, their pros (and their cons), and what users are saying about them too.

#1 DaVinci IQ2 Vaporizer – Editor’s Choice
For vapers who love portable, dual-use vaporizers, DaVinci’s latest vaporizer – the IQ2 offers users the best experience, with complete control over flavor, temperature, airflow, and dosage, and absolutely no overheating of the external metal body.

No metal or plastic comes in contact with the dry herbs owing to the sophisticated design of the conduction glass-lined heating system. Besides, the ceramic-walled airpath is made from zirconia, ensuring a pure and clean experience, with nothing more than the flavors from your herbs and their intended purpose.

Like most other DaVinci’s IQ vapes, the IQ2 has no loose parts. It’s easy to load, easy to use on-the-go, and easy to clean as well. All in all, this vape is built to last.

The IQ series that hit the market back in 2016 is today one of the finest and the most popular dry herb vapes in the market. The original IQ was followed by Miqro, a smaller version of the IQ, in 2018. The brand’s latest edition – the IQ2 – is the only other release by the brand. Within a short period, these well-tested and tried products have captured the hearts of consumers across the US, Canada, and Europe.

Company policies:

  • A fantastic 10-year warranty on its products that covers defects in materials and workmanship under normal use.
  • The brand offers free shipping to the US, Canada, and Europe for orders placed on the brand website for products totaling over $100.
  • The brand offers an easy return and money-back guarantee on all missing, incorrect, and broken items if they are reported within 72 hours of delivery.
  • Even if you change your mind about the product for any reason before using it, you can return the unopened products within 14 days from the date of delivery, minus a 15% restocking fee.
As for the product’s specifications, here are its basic features, pros and cons, and what customers say about it.

  • Capacity:
          - 0.5g Dry Herb Oven
          - 0.2g Dosage Pod
  • External Materials: Brushed Aluminum
  • Dimensions:
          - Size: 1.75 x 3.61 x 0.97 inches (4.5 x 9.2 x 2.5 cm)
          - Weight: 5.6 oz (159 g)
  • Heating System:
          - Glass Lined Oven
          - Heat-not-burn Conduction
          - Precision Temperature Control
          - Heat-up Time: Less than 1 Minute

  • Air Flow: Adjustable; Five Levels
  • Air Path:
          - Airtight
          - Glass and Zirconia Ceramic
           - Medical-Grade Parts
           - No contact with external metal body
  • Battery:
          - Type 18650 with 10A continuous discharge
          - 1 Hour Use
          - Removable/Rechargeable
  • Charging Time:
          - 6 Hours in IQ2
          - Less in external chargers (sold separately)
  • Temperature Control:
          - Smart Paths and Precision Temperature Mode
          - On Device LED Display
          - App Control
  • Dose Control:
          - On Device
          - In-App Dosage Calculation
          - 51 dimmable LED lights to show the length of draw & dose per draw
  • Smartphone App:
          - Personalization
          - Temperature Control
          - Track and Report Dosage
          - Update Firmware
  • Warranty: 10 Years
  • Cleaning:
          - User-Friendly Design with Meticulous Engineering
          - Easy to Clean and Built to Last

  • New Manual Adjustable Air Dial™ Technology & Faster Heating System
  • Free Extract Refill Kit & Dosage Pod Refill Kit with Purchase
  • Complete Control over Dosage & Powerful Oven
  • Made with medical-grade materials
  • 10-year warranty

  • A tad bit expensive for a new vaper

Customer Experience:

Most customers are quite happy with their experience of using this product. That includes our testers. A month-long use of this vape helped them overcome their health issues easily, without the hassles of using cumbersome vaporizers.

While many customers loved the upgrade from the original IQ, others felt it was less comfortable to use on-the-go.

The advanced technology and the new improvements certainly pleased quite a few customers, with applauding the brand for outdoing itself after the original IQ that was already a hit among dry herb users.

While the price seemed to be a concern for some, most users didn’t complain about it, given the pure, flavorful experience and fast action they got from using this vape.

Users were also pleased with the better airflow control, the solid warranty period, and cool, brushed metal looks.

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#2 Storz & Bickel Crafty+ Vaporizer – Very Portable

One of the most reputed names in the vape manufacturing industry – Storz & Bickel – became a household name for many in the US for its Volcano vaporizer. Often referred to as S&B, this company has one of the top players in this industry for the past several years.

Founded by Markus Storz and Jürgen Bickel in 2002, S&B had taken the vape industry by storm with its dry herb vaporizers. In fact, the engineering behind this brand started way back in 1996. The brand’s original Volcano Vaporizer was designed back in 1999 and was released in the market in 2000.

Like its popular Volcano, the company’s latest addition, the Crafty+, is one of its finest innovations of German engineering. It utilizes the brand’s patented steel-lined hybrid conduction-cum-convection heating system, powered by its powerful 2660 mAh battery.

It’s compact, portable, lightweight, convenient to use, and has an amazingly cool cooling system. It also gives users a 3-tier heating mode with an auto draw and auto switch-off. The device’s basic temperature is 180°C (356°F) and goes up to 195°C (383°F) in the next step, and a further 210°C (410°F) at its highest level.

The company also provides excellent customer service and has amazingly user-friendly policies.

Company Policies:

  • Delivery charges: Standard shipping is free of charge.
  • Apps: Android & WebApp (currently no iOS compatible app)
  • Warranty:
          - 2-year + 1-yr (on registration)
          - Covers free repair/replacement with equivalent products
  • Guarantee: 30-Day Return-and-Refund Policy for Customers from the US and Canada

As for the product’s specifications, here are its basic features, pros and cons, and what customers say about it.

  • Heating system:
          - Powerful heating system excellent airflow
          - Patented Hybrid (convection & conduction) Heating Technology for even & efficient heating of herbs
          - Heating time: Attains the required temperature in around 60 - 90 seconds Temperature range: 180°C (356°F) - 210°C (410°F)
           - 3 preset temperature modes: 180°C (356°F), 195°C (383°F), and 210°C (410°F)
          - Super-Boost Mode: Reach max temperature of 210°C (410°F) by simply triple-pressing the power button
  • Cooling:
          - Cooling Unit cools down vapor to a pleasant temperature, making it comfortable and pleasant for users to vape
          - The Cooling Unit is made from PEEK, which is a high-quality, heat-resistant, and food-grade plastic, commonly used for surgical implants
  • Compact and portable:
          - Width: 5.7 cm
          - Height: 11.1 cm
          - Depth: 3.3 cm
          - Weight: 135 gm
  • Battery (non-replaceable):
           - Charging time: 1.5 h
           - Type: 18650
           - Capacity: 2660 mAh
           - Life: 30 min
  • Delivery:
           - Direct Draw
           - Auto Switch-Off after 2 mins
           - Vibrates to intimate about shut-off
           - Exceptional airflow (10 liters/min)
  • Warranty: 2 years (additional 1-year warranty on registration)
  • Storz & Bickel App:
           - Customized for Android phones
           - Connects via Bluetooth; remote adjustments
           - Switch CRAFTY+ vibration on and off
           - Set automatic shutoff
           - Set LED brightness
           - Switch Smartphone vibration on and off
           - Switch Smartphone alarm tone on and off

  • Very compact, easy to carry
  • Among the hardest-hitting clouds in portable ones
  • Excellent vapor quality, clean, smooth, and flavorful experience
  • Easy draw with auto-switch-off, with an app-based operation
  • Precise temperature control with 3-level temperature modes
  • Overall a little on the higher end
  • No free returns possible for customers in European countries
Customer Experience:

S&B customers are generally a very happy lot. With this upgrade, there were hardly any complaints. Although some felt the upgrade isn’t worth the extra you pay for the Crafty+. Users felt they had a cleaner, purer, and more flavorful experience, with no smell of paper or glue.

There are a lot of second-timers for this product. While many felt the batteries given in the upgrade were better than the 0riginal Crafty model, some felt it wasn’t. But we must understand that electronic gadgets can be crazy that way!

More customers were also pleased by the quick heating and charging times, as well as the dosage regulation.

Even first-timers gave good reviews to this product.

Some users, who have tried out other brands, felt that after using this product, they’re never going to look for another brand of vaping device again.

People were mostly satisfied with the customer service provided by the company as well as their prompt return and replacement policies.

According to many, the design was pretty great too. However, many wished the company provided a suitable app for iOS as well.

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#3 Arizer ArGo – Pocket-Sized

Founded in Waterloo, Ontario in 2009, Arizer makes some of the most reliable vaporizers. The brand’s high-quality, long-lasting vaporizers come in a variety of options. Its vaporizers utilize either a hybrid or convection-style heating for dry herbs and wax concentrates.

Developed over 14 years of technology-driven innovations, Arizer has succeeded in laying a deep-rooted foundation in the vaping industry.

Known best for its dry herb vaporizing abilities, Arizer’s vapes come with timer alteration, Celsius-Fahrenheit mode options, and many other useful features optimized for vapers.

Company Policies:

  • Free Shipping in the US on orders worth $100 (tax excluded)
  • Besides the USA, Arizer also ships to Canada, Australia, Europe, and the United Kingdom
  • Orders are packed discreetly in a plain brown box or padded envelope
  • For shipping/delivery rates you can visit their shipping policies page
  • 30-day full refund policy on new/unused products, minus shipping & handling costs
  • No returns or refunds for:
          - Used parts & products
          - Batteries (new or used)
          - Damaged/defective products
          - Parts & products not ordered directly from

Product Features:
  • Compact, Pocket-Sized, Discreet Device
  • Discreet Pre-Loads of Popular Strains
  • Patented Hybrid Heating Technology
  • Pure Borosilicate Glass Airflow Path
  • Ceramic Heating Element
  • Precise Digital Temperature Control
  • Cyclonic Airflow Action
  • Isolated Airpath that does not come in contact with the external body, keeping it insulated, cool to the touch, and allowing users to enjoy the pure flavor of the vapor built inside
  • Heat-Up Time: 30-60 seconds
  • Easy to Use & Easy to Clean
  • No App Required
  • Multiple Power Options, including session-saving Use While Charging feature
          - Battery-Level Indicator
          - Custom Session Settings
          - Micro-USB Charging
          - Sessions per Charge: 3 – 5
          - Rechargeable Batteries
          - Charge Time: 210 mins
          - Interchangeable Batteries
          - Fast Warm-Up Time
  • High-Quality, High-Performance
          - Excellent Components
          - Durable; Manufactured to ISO Quality Standards
          - Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Industry-Leading Customer Service

  • Small and Portable; Hybrid Heating System
  • Removable, Rechargeable Battery
  • High-Quality Materials Used
  • Excellent Vapor Quality
  • Single-Increment Degree Temperature Settings
  • Glass Pieces Can Break Easily
  • Best at low-heat settings
  • Too small for some users
Customer Experience:

Ever since it hit the market, ArGo has captured the attention of users across the world. From the product to the company – users have only good things to say.

While quite different from Arizer’s other products in terms of size and draw rate, Argo certainly does not seem to disappoint users with its powerful batteries and pure and flavorful vape experience.

Considered to have one of the best customer service teams, Arizer enjoys the loyalty of the masses. The Argo simply made the brand more popular with its pocket-sized, yet powerful vaporizer.

Unlike the company’s other vaporizers, Argo offers users with the perfect blend of portability, technology, and convenience.

Users are usually so satisfied with the effects that they recommend them to their family and friends, or even buy for them too – in bulk.

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#4 DaVinci Miqro Vaporizer – Cheapest
The DaVinci Miqro is compact, lightweight, and very easy to carry around in your pocket. It looks a lot like its predecessor – the IQ – especially owing to its anodized aluminum body.

Among other similarities are the mouthpiece, the separate, ceramic zirconia vapor path, the removable top-loading battery, and the bottom-loading ceramic oven. Besides, the functionality is also quite similar.

However, when it comes to their sizes, battery capacity, and external device connectivity, they are quite different. That is to say, the new variant is smaller in size, uses a lower-capacity battery, and doesn’t come with Bluetooth compatibility, i.e. it does not have app support. Besides, the Miqro is way cheaper than the IQ.

To know more about DaVinci Vaporizers, check out our First Ranker (DaVinci’s IQ2 Vaporizer) cited in an earlier section.

Product Features:
  • FREE 3-in-1 Multi-Tool with Purchase
  • Cheapest among portable/compact dry herb vapes
  • Excellent set of accessories to go with your vape also available on site
  • Zirconium Airflow System
  • Precision Temperature + Smart Paths (3-level control options)
  • Full Ceramic Airpath for a pure, clean vaping experience
  • Rechargeable & Replaceable 18350 Battery for powerful & extended vaping experience
  • Charging Time: 1.5 - 2 hours
  • Adjustable Oven Pearl (by 50%) to maximize your experience with each draw
  • Heat-up Time (up to 370° F): 39 secs
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Dimensions: 1.34" W x 3.13" H x 0.91" D
  • Weight: 3.53 oz
  • Smart Path temperature presets, with four temperature presets that range from 350-430 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Pure and clean flavor with each vaping session
  • No apps needed
  • Boost mode to briefly thicken vapor density and potency; to access, hold down the button to raise the temperature momentarily. This is great for light users who simply like to get a hit now and then.
  • Very compact, very affordable, lightweight and discrete, yet offers an excellent vaping experience
  • Well-built, made from high-quality materials
  • Slower heat-up time compared to most other portable DaVinci models
  • No smartphone support, i.e. if the buttons are damaged by wear and tear you will need a new device.

Customer Experience:

DaVinci’s Miqro is better compared to its earlier variant, the IQ, in the respect that this is very compact, portable, just right for one person. Which, however, means it is not great for a social vaper. However, for medicinal vapers, this is exactly what they need.

That’s why a lot of people who like to vape for medicinal purposes, find Miqro more convenient; it is compact, discreet, and easy to carry around everywhere.

Most customers found this aspect as well as the fact that they are so cheap very enticing. This is particularly a big help for new users, who are looking to try out vaping as an experience for the first time.

Besides, for people who don’t find app support convenient (the non-tech-savvy ones), this is easier to operate. Given the excellent DaVinci customer support, there were a lot of takers for this variant among new users and those who like the fact that this is much easier to use without a lot of technical know-how. Just place your lips on the mouthpiece and draw.

Although some wished the charging time wasn’t so long, the battery did not let them down altogether.

All in all, this is one of the finest vaping devices in the market, as far as customer satisfaction is concerned.

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#5 PAX 3 Vaporizer – Most Discreet
The PAX 3 is one of the best dual-use portable cannabis vaporizers, which is compatible with both dry herb and extracts. Like our first four finalists, this model is also very compact (almost the size of a cigarette lighter), discreet, and yet simple and convenient to use.

Its conduction heating system is gentle on the herbs, heating each part of the flower evenly. It takes hardly any time to heat up, giving you the perfect blend of flavor and vapor.

Unlike our other finalists, this model comes in different colors – Matte Black, Matte Rose Gold, Matte Silver, Matte Teal, Matte Fuchsia. This model also has an excellent battery life, a powerful oven, and the best heating technology.

Based in San Francisco, PAX is an award-winning brand in the vaping world that designs and creates products that hold the gold standard in product quality.

Founded in 2017, after it diversified from JUUL, PAX Labs focused mainly on developing better technologies for vaping of cannabis and other plant-based materials.

One of the brand’s specialties is that they do not make products only for either dry herb users or extracts users. Making their products compatible with both types of vape materials has given them the upper hand in the cannabis industry.

Product Features:

  • Battery:
          - Sessions per charge: 8 – 10
          - Battery Life: 80 min (approx.)
          - Power: 3500 mAH Lithium-ion battery (non-replaceable)
          - Charging time: 90+ Minutes
  • Heating System:
          - Heating time: 20- 22 secs
          - Temperature Range: 182-215°C / 360-420°F
          - 4 Temperature Settings
          - One green petal: Low-temperature setting (360° F)
          - Two yellow petals: Medium temperature setting (380° F)
          - Three orange petals: Medium-high setting (400° F)
          - Four red petals: Highest setting of 420° F)
          - 5 Dynamic Modes™
  • Device Dimensions:
          - Device size: 4”h X 1”w X 1”d (2.54 cm x 10.16 cm x 2.54 cm)
          - Device weight: 93g
          - Oven/Chamber Capacity: 0.3g
  • Comes in 5 color variants
  • Excellent design in multiple colors, with 2 silicone mouthpieces – flat & raised (can be charged within a few seconds)
  • Comes with a USB charger, and maintenance kit
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • If you buy the entire kit (for an additional $50), you also get:
          - 3 Screens
          - Concentrate insert
          - Half-pack oven lid
          - Carry Pouch
          - Multi-Tool
  • App & Bluetooth Support:

          - App Support: Yes, on Android via Bluetooth LE

          - App supports:

                    - Precise temperature control in 1-degree and 5-degree intervals

                    - Easy switching between dynamic modes

                    - LED indicator light customization

                    - Device locking & unlocking

                    - Automatic firmware updates

          - Bluetooth Support: Up to 10 feet
  • Easily detectable LED lights for showing:
          - Heating Status
          - Battery Life
          - Temperature Settings
          - Customize and set as default

  • Warranty: 10 years (unparalleled)
  • Made in California
  • Use with dry herbs or work with concentrates – dual-use vaping device
  • Most Compact, Discreet, & Easily Portable
  • Quick Heating
  • Quality Built
  • Unparalleled Battery Life
  • Dual Use – herbs and concentrates
  • Temperature and Dynamic Settings
  • 10-year Warranty
  • Only android app support available, no longer has an iOS app
  • Regular cleaning is a must for the optimum experience
  • Not the cheapest
  • Needs at least 0.15-0.2 g of material to work well
  • The flashy external design and finish does not last long
Customer Experience:

It is super-discreet and compact and best for newbies.

However, It does not hold a lot and has issues with the flavor and vapor when it comes to packing it tightly (owing to its small size and airflow path).

Except for these issues, users did not have much else to say about the negative aspects.

The only other issue is that you must clean the device before each charging, as it tends to get sticky after every 8 – 10 sessions. If you don’t, you’d have trouble drawing at the mouthpiece. Nevertheless, the cleaning process is pretty simple, quick, and you get all you need for it with the device.

PAX’s user-friendly android app and its easy-to-use features have made it easier for users to enjoy and benefit from their herbs and concentrates, as it gives users the ultimate control over their vaping experience.

People who use it with discretion and only for medicinal reasons found it to be convenient and useful. However, heavy users who love vaping for recreational purposes may not find this compatible.

Besides, some users who wanted to quit smoking joints have found both pleasure and solace in the way vaping is done with this device.

Users mostly loved its stylish yet compact design. You can show it off if you want to – but you can choose not to if you want to keep it discreet.

A lot of users who have used PAX products seem to stick to them, no matter what – a plus for the brand in terms of its market value.

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Why Use A Dry Herb Vaporizer?

A dry herbal vape pen or vaporizer is a vaping device used for smoking dry flowers and herbs without the fire, i.e. combustion, like it is in the case of joints (pre-rolled or otherwise).

This is also different from most other vaporizers in that they do not use e-liquids, vape oils, or liquified extract concentrates that require cartridges filled with these liquids.

What Are Its Uses & Benefits?

While they come in different sizes, we’ve focused on portable ones that are easy to carry around in your pocket or purse. Some of them are so small that it fits right into your fist.

Although these are not suitable for recreational vaping with friends and family, these certainly serves the purpose for a single user, who may be:
  • Out on-the-go
  • At one’s workplace
  • Out shopping alone
  • Traveling
  • In need of a hit for medicinal purposes

Pros of dry herb vapes over other smoking/vaping devices:
  • These vape pens are compact, easy to carry around, simple to refill and clean, and vape discreetly.
  • They offer a cleaner, purer, and flavorful vapor than most other vaping options available in the market – with no additional smell or taste.
  • Dry herb vape pens provide richer quality flavor, more potent doses, an adequate amount of vapor to make the overall experience excellent.
  • Little or no complications in operation – just draw or press a button and draw – and you get a puff of your potent herb. No need to light a match or lighter. No need to buy refill cartridges and fit them from time to time.
  • Joints also hold a dagger over your lungs, per se. Burnt cannabis smoke can severely affect your pulmonary health. The smoke from joints can be harmful to not only you, but to others around you, as well.

Generally speaking, dry herb vapes produce much less waste, less aroma, and vapor, is easy on your body (lungs mostly), can be used for medicinal purposes with doses being conveniently distributed over sessions without wasting any material, no toxins or toxic materials are produced, are easy to use, maintain, and carry around, comparatively safer than cheaper options, cheaper than other safe options, and pretty much discreet.

But, like everything else in this world, dry herb vape pens too have a few disadvantages – mostly depending on your choices of other things involved.

Cons of dry herb vapes:
  • Dry herb vapes produce vapor and aroma – giving away what you’re vaping. This may mar your attempts at discretion.
  • You need batteries – replaceable or rechargeable (and a charger too!). That is an expense you need to bear for as long as you want to keep vaping.
  • The upfront charges may be more than joints and some of the other lesser expensive options.
  • Cleaning and maintenance are another fixture with vape pens – no matter what type you use – although not as much as oil-based vape pens, atomizers, or smoking pipes and bongs.

Who Should Use A Dry Herb Vaporizer?

Now that we know the pros and cons of using portable dry herb vaporizers, we can get a good idea about who these pens are suitable for. Let’s check them out:
  • Light users: Dry herb vape pens are smaller than other vaporizers. It also doesn’t help to pack the herbs too tightly in the chamber – the vapor is too mild. It is also good for occasional users.
  • Medicinal users: For those who are looking for micro-dosed amounts of cannabis hit, dry herb vape pens are great as it helps them dose each puff perfectly, with specifications for temperature, flavor, amount of vapor, etc. Not a good option for heavy or recreational users.
  • Users who prefer discretion: These vapes are compact and discreet. So, you can carry it with you in your pocket or purse, and use it whenever the need arises – on the go. For instance, it is great when you’re experiencing severe pain, anxiety, inflammation, or nausea, and you do not have access to bigger options or to go visit a doctor. It is easier and safer than popping a pill and does not draw attention to yourself when you’re in public.
  • Personal users: That is opposed to group users. While desktop dry herb vaporizers are a good option for users in a group looking for recreation and a fun time, these vape pens are good


Q: Do all dry herb vaporizers come in compact sizes?

A: No. Apart from portable ones, there is a wide range of desktop vaporizers under the dry herb category. These are larger and can hold much more herbs than the compact ones. They are great for recreational users and those who want to share their experience with others.

Q: How to use a dry herb vape pen?

A: 1. Grind the dry and cured herbs to fine and even grains

2. Remove the cap or cover of your dry herb vape pen’s chamber and fill it with the fine granules. Use your fingers to gently, yet firmly load them in. Don't pack it too tightly, as it will prevent the vapor from escaping, giving you a very mild hit and flavor. If your vape pen works on the convection heating system, you have to be extra careful not to pack it tightly, since the convection system utilizes the air between the grains of herbs to heat the chamber. With a conduction vaporizer, though, you can pack a little bit more.

3. Heat the vape pen. It takes around 20 – 30 seconds maximum. That is one of the advantages of using dry herb vaporizers instead of other oil-based or concentrate-based vape pens, or even e-liquid atomizers. It takes less time to heat up. You can use the switches and buttons on the body of the vape pen or access the app supported by the brand to get the exact temperature and vapor settings. Most vapes of this category have temperature settings between 315- and 440-degrees F.

4. When your vape pen has reached the desired temperature, draw a puff from the mouthpiece and inhale slowly and steadily.

5. Gradually exhale, releasing the vapor. Do not try to keep the vapor locked in your lungs for long. Breathe as you would normally – only a little slowly; but don’t stop breathing.

6. Take a few seconds break.

7. Repeat the whole process for as long as you need to get your required or desired dosage.

8. Switch off. Many vape pens come with auto switch-offs when the vape pen is not used for a little over 30 seconds or up to a minute – depending on the brand.

Q: What are the different types of vaping devices?

A: Different kinds of vaporizers are available in the market:

  1. Dry Herb Vaporizers
         - Portable
         - Desktop
  2. Vape Oil Vaporizers
  3. E-liquid Atomizers
  4. Herb Extract Concentrate Vaporizers

Q: Is cleaning a dry vape pen as tedious as those that use CBD oils or concentrates?

A: No. Dry herbs do not leave behind a residue that is as sticky or adherent as concentrates or oils. You can easily clean the dry herb vape pens with tap water and the accessories brands generally provide with their pens, like brushes, Q-tips, toothpicks or pins, and a clean cotton cloth to wipe off. In some cases, you may need a bit of industrial-grade alcohol to deep clean them. But that’s only when you’ve gone without cleaning your vape pen for a long time.