Here's Where to Find Your Polling Place Wait Time on Election Day in St. Louis County

Avoiding a line at your polling place in St. Louis County is easy. - Paul Sableman / Flickr
Avoiding a line at your polling place in St. Louis County is easy.

Even with the huge amount of early voting happening, it’s likely that polling places will still be extremely busy on Election Day. There are many people who still want to vote in the most traditional way (in person and on Election Day) and if you’re one of them, St. Louis County is hooking you up.

Instead of playing a guessing game to try to figure out which is the easiest time to show up and vote (Super early morning? After the lunch rush? During commute time?), you can just hop on the county’s interactive map to look up the current wait time at your polling location.

The county is hoping that this map will make the experience more convenient for voters and also help keep the polling locations from getting overcrowded.

To find out how long the line is at your polling place on Election Day, just pull up the map, click the arrow at the top right in the gray bar until it reads “Nearby Polling Places” and then enter your address.

At that same link, you can also find a sample ballot for your area so you can research all of your decisions prior to Election Day and get in and out of there quickly.

If you want more information about the many ways you can vote this year, we have answers to all of your voting questions in our Ultimate Guide to Voting in St. Louis.

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