Mind Lab Pro Review: Is It The Best All-In-One Brain Booster?

Imagine having a hearty chat with friends, and suddenly you freeze mid-sentence, racking your brain for a name that doesn't come to you.

Or you are at work, making the presentation of your career, and suddenly your mind goes blank.

These and similar incidences may indicate that your brain needs a boost, which you can get from a premium nootropic.

A nootropic is a dietary supplement or smart drug that enhances your mental performance by improving various aspects like memory, focus, and concentration.

This review looks at one such nootropic, Mind Lab Pro, a premium brain booster that promises to optimize your brain to 100%.

You will learn what it is, how it works, what is in it, where to buy it, and how much it costs.

You will also read some testimonials from people who are already using it with much success.

What is Mind Lab Pro?

Mind Lab Pro is a universal nootropic that works in six distinct bio-pathways to optimize cognitive function.

Some of the benefits you will get from this supplement are a boost in memory, concentration, focus, faster processing speed, and improved verbal fluidity.

Mind Lab Pro is formulated from a combination of 11 nootropic ingredients whose efficacy is fully backed by scientific research.

This supplement not only improves short term cognitive function but promotes long term brain health.

This nootropic is recommended for students, professionals, athletes, competitors, and those over 55 years.

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About the brand

Mind Lab Pro is manufactured by Opti Nutra, a supplements company based in the United Kingdom.

Other than this nootropic, Opti Nutra makes fat burners, pre-biotics, t-boosters, and post-workout supplements.

It prides itself in making high-quality supplements using advanced, patented, and standardized nutrient forms of more effective ingredients.

Similarly, this company relies on cutting edge manufacturing that it carries out in FDA and cGMP approved facilities in the UK and the USA.

Opti Nutra offers fast international shipping and a 60-day money-back guarantee.

How does Mind Lab Pro work?

Mind Lab Pro utilizes 11 ingredients to optimize six key brain pathways to enhance mental performance.

These include brain chemistry, energy, regeneration, circulation, protection, and brainwaves.

By enhancing brain chemistry, this nootropic optimizes memory, moods, attention, and processing speed.

Energizing the brain fights mind fog and fatigue, improving focus, mental agility, and quick thinking.

Brain cells require nourishment to maintain their structural integrity and plasticity, which Mind Lab Pro ensures by supporting brain regeneration.

This nootropic contains ingredients that boost oxygen and blood circulation in the brain, clearing toxins and promoting productivity and creativity.

Mind Lab Pro benefits
  • It improves memory, focus, and concentration
  • It supports the structural integrity of the brain
  • Optimizes oxygen and nutrient flow to the brain cells
  • Alleviates brain fog and fatigue
  • Protects brain cells from premature aging
  • Reduces stress and promotes relaxation
  • Supports short term and long-term brain health
  • Improves communication, creativity, and verbal fluidity

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Mind Lab Pro ingredients

Some of the nootropic ingredients that make up Mind Lab Pro are:


This is a potent nootropic that, according to WebMD, improves memory, thinking, and overall brain function. Research shows that citicoline works by increasing various brain chemicals, including phosphatidylcholine, which improves communication between brain cells.

Phosphatidylserine (PS)

PS is a fatty acid (phospholipid) that covers and protects brain cells. Information on verywellmind.com confirms that it plays a crucial role in the functioning of nerves in the brain. Mind Lab Pro uses a premium, soy-free form of PS extracted from sunflower lecithin.

Lions' manes mushroom

This mushroom has many health benefits, particularly to the brain. It contains compounds that support the growth of brain cells and also protects them against degeneration, which can cause Alzheimer's. It also promotes brain plasticity, regeneration, and overall health.

Bacopa Monnieri

This herb has been used in Aryuvedic medicine to improve memory and reduce anxiety. Information on Healthline reveals that it is also a powerful antioxidant that protects brain cells from oxidative stress and damage. This also promotes proper blood flow to the brain, which is essential for focus, concentration, and intense mental activities such as exams.


This amino acid is used in supplements for its ability to improve focus and alertness. It produces various brain chemicals (neurotransmitters) such as dopamine and adrenalin. It also supports them particularly when depleted by stress, thereby increasing mental performance.

Other ingredients in this nootropic are:
  • L-Theanine
  • Rhodiola Rosea
  • Maritime Pine Bark Extract
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B9
  • Vitamin B12

Real Mind Lab Pro user reviews

This is what users of Mind Lab Pro have to say about this nootropic:

Jason says:

'Mind Lab Pro is fantastic. I am Doing a bachelor of health science, which qualifies me to be a doctor in Chinese medicine as a practitioner. I find that when I'm starting long hours along with research, it is an amazing product.'

Jerre adds:

'Really gives focus. I'm 68 years old. When I take it regularly, my brain functions like it did in college.'

Laura reports:

'I LOVE THIS PRODUCT AND CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT IT!! I mean that sincerely. I have had such a hard time with my memory. I would stand there and stammer waiting for the word or words to come, and they would not, complete failure. But not anymore with this product. It is SO worth the money. I even got my husband to try it, and now he loves it.'

Kevin quips:

'After two days, I started noticing a difference, and after two weeks, a HUGE difference in my mental sharpness, ability to focus, and to finish thoughts and sentences fully and thoughtfully. Highly recommended.'

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Where to buy Mind Lab Pro and how much it costs?

You can buy Mind Lab Pro from the official website www.mindlabpro.com.

Similar to other supplements that we have reviewed on our site, we recommend that you only buy directly from the manufacturer.

This is because you will be getting a genuine product, enjoy price discounts, benefit from the money-back guarantee, and free shipping.

Mind Lab Pro is available in the following packages:

One-month supply – SEE DEAL (CLICK HERE)
  • 1 bottle: $65.00 + shipping

Two-month supply – SEE DEAL (CLICK HERE)
  • 2 bottles: $130.00 + shipping

Three-month supply – SEE DEAL (CLICK HERE)
  • 3 bottles: $195.00
  • 1 free bottle
  • Free worldwide shipping

Usage & dosage

The manufacturer recommends that you take two Mind Lab Pro capsules in the morning or the afternoon.

If for instance, you have a mentally challenging day such as an exam or a presentation at work, you may take another two capsules.

You should, however, not exceed four tablets in one day.

The maker recommends that you cycle this nootropic; this means that you continuously take it for four months, then take one week off.

You should start experiencing some cognitive benefits within a few hours of taking Mind Lab Pro, but full effects should kick in within two weeks.

Who should use Mind Lab Pro?

Mind Lab Pro is recommended for everyone who feels that they need a mental boost to excel at a task.

It is ideal for students facing exams and professionals who need to multitask and excel at problem-solving under much stress.

It is also useful for competitors who play games like chess, athletes, and older people who need to keep their minds active.

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Does Mind Lab Pro cause any side effects?

Mind Lab Pro carries a 'clean label,' which means that it does not contain any artificial additives, colors, allergens, stimulants, or preservatives.

It is formulated with safe and legal ingredients that are generally well tolerated by users. Similarly, this nootropic comes in vegan capsules that are easily absorbed by the body without causing any discomfort.

Further, this supplement is formulated in the UK and manufactured in the USA in FDA approved labs under the strictest quality processes.

Pros & cons

  • The formula is firmly backed by scientific evidence
  • One can feel the effects within a few hours
  • Made with a clean formula free of additives, allergens, or stimulants
  • It comes in vegan-friendly plant capsules
  • Does not cause any side effects or interfere with other medication
  • Formulated in the UK and manufactured in the USA in GMP certified facilities
  • Ships worldwide and comes with a money-back guarantee

  • Free shipping and moneyback guarantee are selective to larger orders
  • Results are not standard and will vary with people
  • Some people may find it pricey

Final verdict

This review discussed Mind Lab Pro, a premium nootropic that targets six brain pathways to give you 100% brainpower.

It is formulated with 11 nootropic ingredients whose performance is backed by scientific studies.

This smart drug will improve your focus, concentration, memory, alertness, and processing speed.

It also fights anti-aging, brain cell degeneration, and promotes long term brain health.

This nootropic is formulated in the UK and manufactured in the USA in state-of-the-art FDA compliant facilities.

The manufacturer offers free shipping and a money-back guarantee for the larger

three-month package. If you are a student, competitive athlete, or professional, we recommend that you invest in this nootropic.

This is because it will improve your ability to focus and multitask and give you clarity and a long attention span to go about your business effectively.

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