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Life is not always sunshine and rainbows, there are some rainy days and some storms along the way. Whether you are stuck at the office without any promotion and progress in work or having a stressful time in your relationship, difficulties are a given in life. Although we cannot control the uncertainties as we live, we can at least be prepared ahead of time. If these trivial problems of life make you feel lost and you are looking for someone to guide you then a tarot reason is possibly the answer. Tarot card reading is an ancient practice that helps people to find the answers to their lingering questions. Wish to know how your love or married life will flourish or what is in store for you in your career, end your curiosity with only a few turns of tarot cards. It also reassures your future and helps you attain peace of mind.

Psychic reading not only predicts your future but also digs your past. Through tarot card reading you can easily find out the reasons for every incident that happened in your life. A deeper understanding of your present can be known to achieve better decisions and dodge the problems life may throw at you. There are various tarot online services to make the process faster and easier. However, many fraud psychics are also disguised as tarot readers on some online tarot card reading website. So one must do extensive research before getting into a tarot reading as you will have to provide the site with your personal information.

Well, researching is indeed a lot of work, so we have done the hard job for you. After careful introspection and trial, we have curated the best free tarot reading sites for you. From services, quality, and prices to their key features we have listed everything. Go through each of the sites and choose the one that suits you the best. As there are tons of online tarot reading pages available, we chose the ones with the most secure and accurate services. Get personal advice on life’s important questions, from everyday relationships, love, financial to spiritual solutions.

Best Online Tarot Card Readings Sites of 2021:

Keen: the best for love & relationships tarot readings, Keen features hundreds of tarot readers with different prices for different experts. (First 10 Minutes for Just $1.99!)

Kasamba: the best for future tarot readings. This site has a trial offer of 3 minutes chat with a psychic and the site currently features 70% off on paid counsels.

Psychic Source: best for angel card & cartomancy tarot readings. Psychic sources have the most experienced psychics readers who provide call, chat, and live video tarot card reading for as low as $0.66/Minute Plus 3 first minutes for free.

With popular reviews and their love tarot reading services, the above three websites were chosen as the best online tarot reading websites of 2021. Let us look at these free tarot reading online websites, one by one, and analyze their features.

Keen – Most Accurate Cheapest Tarot Card Readings Online

Keen is a top rated online tarot reading service. It has been offering specifically tarot reading for over two decades now. It has served more than 30 million people with an online psychic reading. Once you sign into the site you will never have to worry about time management as the psychics are available throughout the day all year long. The website helps you from every place in the world to obtain knowledge and advice. Of course, it helps if you have a strong link to the Internet. The readers here too are mainly experienced in the lovers' tarot card.

The service also provides for free the first three minutes of the service. To get into a discussion with their counselor, new users only need to sign in and provide their payment information. For the first three minutes, they will not be taxed even a penny. You can opt to prolong the session and pay for it accordingly if you like the services. You can enjoy these benefits and know about your relationships via free love tarot in these three minutes. Later when the session is extended Keen offers 10 minutes of advisor for as low as $1.99.

However, you can opt to finish a session whenever you may like as well as pay for it by the minute. Keen gives a 100% satisfaction guarantee to its customers. If you do not like the services you have got or you have not received the response you were looking for, then you can contact customer care via the website page and get cashback.

The best thing about Keen is that the website guarantees that all the data is kept private at all times and is not even shared with the readers of the tarot card. Although keeping your identity secret does not hinder your session at all, you can get all your answers. The website provides you with the option of reading your tarot card through various options such as online chat, email, phone psychics , and video calls. You can find the Chat Now button on all tarot card readers' profiles when you browse through the website. The profiles of the readers also mention if they specialize in a love tarot spread or not and other important details about their service.

Key features:

  • The first three minutes of the tarot are free and you can continue to talk to the advisor for 10 minutes for only $1.99.
  • The website has advanced options such as a filtering tool, through which you can shortlist the readers according to your needs. For example, if you need advisors for a free love tarot reading then you can filter the ones from the list.
  • The different methods to get advisory are available such as phone calls, online chat, and video calls, etc.
  • Keen also has a mobile app that works on both android and iOS only with some internet connection.
  • And the best feature of the website as said before is the policy of keeping your information confidential.

The profile of each reader gives a brief description of their psychic abilities, since when they are working in this field and how many online tarot readings they have done on the website.

Kasamba - Best Love Tarot Readings

Kasamba is an online psychic reading service provider since 1999, established to provide its consumers with the best psychic facilities. The website has made a community of psychics from all over the world. These psychics are gifted and experienced to guide you through your life. Most of their psychics are rated five stars by clients just like you. They have higher positive review numbers. Whether you are looking for tarot card readings, astrology, or love and relationship advice, you can find a real psychic with valuable insights at Kasamba. The advisors are working online from different time zones, so you can easily choose the one that suits your availability of time.

Now the best feature of Kasamba is their free three-minute session with psychics. You can contact each advisor for a three minute session for the first time. This way you can sample their service before making any payment and choose to continue with the reader which seems the best to you. This feature is available to use across all services including tarot cards.

The tarot card reading has a section of its own on the webpage of kasamba. All the card readers and advisors are listed with their information on this page. You can go through the profile of each psychic to see their reviews and experience. Their specialization must mention online tarot reading for you to proceed with a session. After analyzing the readers you can choose the one that best suits your needs and take their advice. To start your session you can choose from calling, texting, or video calling the advisor according to your comfort for a hassle-free online tarot reading session at low prices.

If you are wondering about your love life then Kasamba is the best place to look for answers. The expert advisors at Kasamba have a keen eye to predict your relationship status with online tarot cards you will pick during the session. Now you can know what your partner expects from you or if your love interest will ever revert to you. Oftentimes people face difficulties in their relationships or some misunderstandings may occur, you can use love tarot cards in your favor to find out the solution to these difficulties as well.

Key features:
  • Kasamba is one of the only websites that provide their free tarot reading services through email. If you do not wish to reveal your identity, you can access the benefits of tarot reading and get answers to your questions.
  • The tarot readers on Kasamba are highly experienced. Especially for love tarot, some advisors have decades of experience in love tarot card reading.
  • The company also has a user-friendly application that is available for both Android and IOS devices. With the help of an app, you can use tarot reading anywhere and anytime.
  • As we mentioned earlier the best perk of using Kasamba is the free 3-minute session with the advisor.
  • Currently, the site is also offering a first session discount where you can get 70% off for your first session.

Psychic Source – Best For Love & Relationship Reading

Psychic source is standing strong even after 30 years of service for a free online tarot reading. Their website not only provides accurate tarot reading but has expanded to offer a variety of services such as astrology, horoscopes, and many other psychic services. Their page has a user-friendly interface and is easier to navigate. They have successfully knotted a large customer base with accurate tarot card reading free of cost. Psychic Source constantly hires new tarot readers and psychics to provide its customers with the most authentic experience. Each psychic is tested by the site management to ensure quality and is verified before making them available for reading sessions.

The profiles of each psychic are available to read once you sign in to the website. Psychic sources too like other websites have different options to get advice from a reader. You can either chat with the psychic or make a phone call. The time during which the psychic will be available is also mentioned in their profile with the time zone they belong to. This helps in scheduling a phone session in advance for a free tarot reading accurately.

The website is highly praised for the accuracy of its readers. The customer reviews are all about how amazing the psychics are and their ways to predict and reason the event of life. Similar to the above two websites, the psychic source also offers the first three minutes of tarot card reading free. After you provide the psychic with the required information, any consultant will try to get an answer and insight and you won't be charged for the first three minutes. You can choose to continue the session and get an in-depth understanding of your questions if you like the services of the tarot card reader.

The website hosts online tarot card readers who specialize in different fields, among which love and relationship are the hot topics that many people consult for. You can even filter them according to their specialty. To help you achieve the best tarot card reader for you within minutes, the website is split into different sections. You Can easily choose from a range of available decks and find answers to all the questions from the reader that have inspired you to seek expert support. Readings of the Tarot help you achieve the answers that are based on your present. You can make every decision in your life with absolute clarity with choices such as love tarot reading.

Key features:
  • The first three minutes of your tarot are completely free. After this, you will have to pay to continue your session with the same psychic
  • The rates at psychic sources are extremely low starting from $0.66 per minute.
  • Currently, the site is offering a discount on many professional tarot readers, their prices have been reduced to only $1.00.
  • The website hosts only the most experienced and trusted advisor for you.
  • If you do not feel satisfied after a session you can ask for a refund of your payment.

These were some of the best-rated tarot reading websites available online for free. A tarot reading can help you immensely with decisions and a deeper understanding of life and its possibilities. To solve all your burning queries and to better understand the event of your life get in touch with your preferred tarot reading online for a smooth session.

How does a tarot card reading work?

The word has it that tarot card reading is a process to predict or look into the future. But this is not the complete truth, tarot card reading is way simpler than being able to predict someone’s future. The psychics or humans who have a special gift of analyzing the event of someone’s life use the pictographic cards to explain in detail the journey that person will have. These psychics often dream about some natural events and predict possible future uncertainties into existence.

Tarot cards are the perfect way to get guidance on any situation or problem. It is not about the future but analyzing the past decisions to conclude the best decisions for the present which will ultimately ease the future. This offers an understanding of the hidden knowledge that an individual possesses. They help a person infer a specific situation that is bothering them at the moment. A good deck and a skilled reader can assist you to walk the path which leads only towards success and peace of mind. As a reader only provides a deeper understanding of how you should tackle the present issue.

Tarot cards are considered nothing more than a mirror to the soul by many experienced tarot card readers. They work on intuition to help you understand the path that you want to choose for yourself and imagine it which is why you pick your own cards. If you have a clear understanding of your desires and the path, you should feel motivated with awareness and take solid steps to achieve your objectives. Online tarot card reading does not give you a clear solution on when and how your relationship will be stable or you will be promoted to a higher position. It will point to the possible actions that may lead you towards a successful and happy life.

What are the tarot cards?

Tarot cards are like any other deck of cards. Although there are various types available the standard deck consists of 78 cards in total. Each card has its own imagery, symbols, and story by which they are identified. These 78 cards are further divided into two sections, Major Arcana which has 22 cards in it, and the other is Minor Arcana with the rest 56 cards. Major Arcana gives us insight into spiritual lessons in life and the Minor Arcana represents the trials of everyday life. 16 cards out of the Minor Arcana are for the sixteen different personality types.

A professional card reader starts their journey by experimenting with various decks until they find the one that speaks to them the best and settles with that deck. Tarot cards are stories narrated through the pictures drawn on them. Each card has a background and a message that it portrays, with it the card shows you your subconscious. That is why it is necessary for the reader to understand the language of tarot cards. Some of the timeless decks that have been tried and tested by many popular and influential tarot card readers throughout the world are listed below.
  • Rider-Waite Tarot Card
  • The Wild Unknown Tarot Card
  • Modern Witch Tarot Card
  • Mystic Mondays Tarot Card
  • Ethereal Visions Illuminated Tarot Card
  • Forest of Enchantment Tarot Card
  • Santa Muerte Tarot Card
  • Everyday Witch Tarot Card
  • Golden Tarot of Marseille

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What does a love tarot card tell?

The most common issue in everyone's life that forces them to seek expert advice is the love problem. Many people stumble upon tarot readings and other kinds of psychic procedures to find out about their love life. The most asked questions include if they will ever get married or not. People also come to online tarot services to know whether their partner is equally devoted to them or not. These might seem like useless questions that should not be asked to an outsider but solved with mutual understanding. But it is in the nature of humans to keep secrets and complicate situations. This ultimately leads to misunderstandings which require advice from people who can analyze the situation like psychics.

A love tarot session includes a deck of cards from which you randomly pick the cards and the psychic explains where your relationship is heading with the help of the cards you picked. The advisor carefully concludes the possible reason for your issues and tells you what may help you in having a peaceful and happy relationship. The love tarot card if picked by a person, tells about their love life filled with happiness and stability. So the love tarot may be the gateway to your better love life that you may be yearning for.

Are online tarot reading sites accurate?

The online websites for tarot reading are helpful in getting the service from the comfort of your house. You can easily access the benefits of tarot reading anywhere at any time at low prices. These sites are created to cater the psychic services to you with utmost accuracy and in best quality. The satisfaction of the client is the main motive of psychics, if it is not achieved then the online tarot reading is a failure.

As these websites have a large number of psychics from around the world, the accuracy cannot be questioned. Each tarot reader is carefully verified before hiring, their background, experience and quality of tarot reading is firmly checked by the website managers. Only people who qualify the requirements of being a verified tarot reader are hired. Their experience and readings along with a small description of their specialization is mentioned beforehand in their profiles.

An online session of tarot reading is no different as it includes the same process as an in person session. The client first needs to provide their personal information such as name, date of birth etc and follow up by picking the desired cards from the spread. The psychic then analyses the cards, asks related questions and consults the client. As the working format is properly briefed before starting thes session there is no thread of doubt left.

There is no need to feel contemplated about free online tarot reading websites. As there is also the option to protect your personal information you can always be confident about such services. Also the sites help you to reach the advisor through phone calls, video calls or chats you can have the peace of mind for accuracy. If you still do not feel that the service was worth your money you can change the psychic or ask for reimbursement of your payment.

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How to find the best tarot reader online?

The technology has helped a lot in connecting with people around the world. It also plays an important role in connecting people who need help and people who are willing to help others. The online tarot reading websites are a product of technology as well. Millions of psychics who are passionate about tarot reading and want to show the path to peace to others have joined hands with such websites. These online platforms make it easier for people to get counselling sessions with the best tarot readers. Websites like kadamba, keen, psychic source etc have established a strong community of psychics from around the world. Advisors are now able to earn and provide their gifted services such as tarot reading to those in need from the comfort of their houses.

Now, with so many options to choose from how can one decide which psychic is the best. You can start with browsing the best sites for tarot reading, some of those we have mentioned in our article above. You can go to the webpage of these online tarot services one by one and compare their features. Once you decide which site is easier to navigate and serves your requirements, you can go ahead in browsing the tarot readers on the website. Each online tarot reading service has many psychics curated for you.

You can check their personal profile that mentions their experience, specialization, price etc. The first few minutes of your tarot reading session is free on most of these sites. Although once you extend your session you will have to pay an amount per minute. The prices are extremely low and can be refunded if you do not feel satisfied with the service. The calling and chatting facilities help you to understand if the psychic is worth another visit or not. You can also schedule a session in advance with your favorite tarot reader on any of the websites listed above.