Local Man Skis Down Arch Steps, St. Louis Officially Still Wild (Video)

Confirmed: still wild. - SCREENSHOT FROM THE VIDEO BELOW
Confirmed: still wild.

Though St. Louis' overall wildness level has been tamped down a bit of late, what with the pandemic pushing more of us indoors and the recent bitter cold snap assuring that we stay there, true champions never fully turn their back on the sport.

And so it is with great joy that we bring you the good news that the city that brought you women twerking on the roof of an SUV as it rolled down the highway, a cop who fist-bumped a motorcyclist's foot as the latter did a wheelie, and the dude who straight-up fell out of a car's window on the interstate when its T-top came loose has a new trick up its sleeve: Arch grounds stair-skiing.

In a video shared with RFT by a local resident who asked to remain anonymous, a man in full cold-weather gear clutches his poles as he makes the descent down the steps outside of the Arch, nearly losing it at one point before righting himself and pulling off a photo finish.

This stunning feat of athleticism went down on Monday at about 9:30 p.m. Our anonymous tipster was down by the riverfront when a vehicle pulled onto the cobblestone road near the Arch grounds.

"I stopped and asked him if he just came down to have a little four-wheel drive fun," the man with the camera tells us. "He said, 'No I'm going to ski the stairs of the Arch.'"

Naturally, our tipster and his companions had to see this, so they followed the man, who identified himself only as Dave, and captured the footage below. Calling the stuntman "Super Dave," a nod to the iconic Bob Einstein character, the cameraman says what we're all thinking and dubs the man "pretty cool."

Watch the video below, and prepare yourself for warm weather and vaccinated citizens — this city is only going to get wilder from here.

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