12 Best BBW Dating Sites for Plus Size and Curvy Singles

When it comes to online dating, size is just a number. Online dating sites provide a safe environment for all types of people, big, slim, curvey, single, married, gay, or straight. We live in 2021, where more and more people are embracing body positivity.

They choose to feel good in their bodies rather than spending their lives chasing social norms and standards they can never reach. With such a BBW-friendly approach, there are more and more online dating sites that are coming forward to embrace curvy singles and plus-size people by providing them with exceptional dating environments and services.

This amazing and wonderful celebration of accepting the body in its natural form allows many BBW people to find same-minded, like-sized partners for the sake of casual dating, sex with no strings attached, serious relationships, even marriage.

BBW dating has become huge in the last couple of years, and it’s still growing and expanding, attracting plus-size people from all over the world. These sites offer a stigma and judgment-free dating environment where curvy singles and BBW people can find the right match, make friends, and date other individuals just like them.

They need these safe spaces where they can simply express who they are on the inside without fear of being judged or shamed for their body or size. If you’re ready to embark on the wildest BBW adventure of your life, let’s get into the 12 best BBW dating sites you should try if you’re a plus-size person.

12 Best BBW Dating Sites

BBWCupid - The most popular BBW dating site
AdultFriendFinder - The biggest dating site
BBPeopleMeet - Designed for plus size, big and beautiful singles
Match - A huge community of BBW fans and admirers
WooPlus - A stigma-free platform for plus-size singles
eHarmony - Designed to find meaningful connections
Zoosk - Provides you with the best quality match suggestions
OneBBW - An excellent dating site for BBW people
BBWToDate - A nice way into the world of BBW dating
BBWRomance - A well-known dating site for plus-size people
BBWLocalHookup - A hookup platform for big and beautiful singles
LargeFriends - A safe dating site for curvy singles

Considered by many BBW individuals to be the best and most popular BBW dating site on the web, BBWCupid is like a safe haven for all people plus size. What makes it so great is that you can use its dating service for free.

Signing up is free and creating a profile is very easy. The site allows you to access countless BBW singles, browse their profiles, and find your perfect match. BBWCupid makes online dating easy as it allows you to see how compatible you are with other BBW members by providing all necessary information in the description.

Now, this site has one advantage over other similar sites – it translates the messages into your native language to help you break the language barriers and find matches from different cultures.

The match-finding service is quite accurate, which is why the site provides an exceptional dating experience. Search filters and other useful features can help you personalize your profile and do your search for matches more organized.

Known as one of the biggest dating sites on the internet, AdultFriendFinder is much more than just a dating site. You can find more than 80 million singles here from every part of the world. It’s also one of the oldest dating sites around that still gathers thousands of new members regularly.

While the site embraces people of all ages and weights, more than 60% of users are BBW singles and plus-size people looking for dates and matches. Now, if you want to use this dating site for BBW dating, you have two options at your disposal – free and premium.

The site allows you to try it for free, and you can sign up and browse the profiles available. A free version also includes additional features like search filters, etc. However, if you really want to increase your chances of finding the right match, it’s best to go premium.

Here is a BBW dating site designed to help plus size, big and beautiful singles find same-minded people. The site has a straightforward signup process and easy navigation. You can create a detailed profile or choose to keep your information to yourself – the choice is yours.

The site encourages you to add as much information as you can as it makes finding matches much easier and better. The more details you include, the higher quality matches you receive. The base of users is quite active, and it continues to grow regularly.

You have all the usual features at your disposal, including video and audio chatting, even some extra features to make things even more interesting. While there’s a lot, you can do for free, going premium is where the real fun is at.

Match allows you to tap into a huge community of BBW fans and admirers. The site probably has the biggest user base around when it comes to plus-size singles. Match gathers more than 30 million users, with more than 13 million visitors every month.

Aside from BBW, there are people of all perspectives and sexual orientations here. There are different dating services for different people, and depending on what you’re looking for, Match can provide a great many benefits, especially for plus-size singles.

You can explore the site using a basic membership that’s free of charge. Visitors range in interests, race, religion, education, sexual orientation, gender, and age. Create a profile, get a hold of the site, explore the features, and see where your luck takes you from there.

When it comes to BBW dating and people, many plus-sized men and women are afraid of being body-shamed, underestimated, even ridiculed for being overweight and big. They have problems engaging with others as they don’t feel good about themselves.

WooPlus is a BBW dating site designed for such people. The site provides a stigma-free environment where plus-size singles are empowered for being who they are. That’s why WooPlus is considered by many to be the leading BBW dating site.

There are hundreds of thousands of active members and millions of matches that prove just how effective and reliable this dating site really is. Aside from dating, this site also offers a real dating community where you can make friends and educate yourself about the advantages and disadvantages of online dating, etc.

When it comes to dating using dating sites, most people rely on these services to find one-night stands, sex with no strings attached, and casual romance. However, some prefer more than just casual romancing. If you consider yourself to be a romantic, eHarmony is the right site for you.

The site is designed to help people find long-term relationships, meaningful connections, and, eventually, love. While the site works just like an ordinary dating site, the additional content and other options can help members get to know each other thoroughly. Create a profile and be ready to fill out extensive information.

Detailed profiles are what separate those who are into just casual encounters from those who want something more. The more information you disclose, the less awkward situations will occur. A free profile allows you to tap into some features, but it’s the paid membership that opens a real window of opportunities.

When we first look at Zoosk, we can see its biggest advantages – one of the biggest membership bases around, a great range of features, tons of active members, optimized and fully functional mobile app, and a safe environment for people looking for dates online.

If you’re out for a BBW dating site that will provide same-minded people for a serious relationship and true commitment, Zoosk should be your option number one. Now, Zoosk is a real work of art as it works around the clock to provide you with the best quality match recommendations and suggestions by constantly analyzing members’ actions.

By filling in as much information as you can, you pretty much allow the site to do the matchmaking for you by giving you only the matches you’re really interested in.

Designed to be a dating service that brings people together, OneBBW is an excellent dating site for BBW people that can be used for both casual hookups and serious dating, depending on what you’re looking for.

The site provides an array of top options and features for big girls and guys in a healthy and positive environment where people are appreciated for what they are. It’s possible to use the site for free – however, if you really want to get full access to all options and features, you should go premium.

The site makes finding matches a walk in the park. You have all picking preferences clearly and transparently displayed. Add friends, explore different options, find matches, start chatting with other members, and simply be yourself.

Some dating sites offer a broader view of online dating by exploring other perspectives and providing additional options for people who are into this kind of interaction. BBWToDate is one of those sites that provide both dating services and a friendly community where BBW people can find same-sized singles for the sake of dating, casual romance, and friendship.

The site is also a nice way into the world of BBW dating. If you’re new to this and you don’t know where to start, this site could be your introduction to how things work in BBW dating. Create a profile, find potential matches by using chats to initiate contact, and start making connections with other members.

It’s much more than just a dating site – you can make real friends here, find out more about the world of online dating, get useful tips on how to improve your efforts, and so much more. Signing up is free and requires only your email.

BBWRomance is a dating site that allows BBW people and plus-size singles to find love, make friends, and create long-lasting connections that can turn into something more. The site deals with BBW dating, but it’s more about providing users with features to help them find relationships.

BBWRomance is well-known in the BBW dating world as a site that boasts quite an active community and is more like a closed club for same-minded people. However, don’t let this distract you or discourage you from giving this site a try.

If you’re really into finding a BBW soulmate, chances that you’ll find them here. The best thing about it – you can find potential matches with just a few simple clicks. When it comes to the best dating sites, it’s essential to create a profile and use some of the basic features with ease. Well, BBWRomance makes finding matches extremely easy.

Here is a site that isn’t a matchmaking or dating service but a hookup platform for big and beautiful singles and plus-size people who are into hookups, casual romance, etc. If you feel horny and you want to get laid ASAP, this is a perfect site for you.

With a big user base and a load of fantastic features, it’s hard not to find the same-minded person here. You should keep your mind open, as even the simplest hookups can turn into beautiful relationships.

To be honest, whatever your dating needs are, chances are that BBWLocalHookup will be able to satisfy them. Whether you’re into BBW or BBM, this site has you covered in full. After all, you are only human, and you have needs, so tend to them.

Here is a BBW dating site that is probably the biggest in the business and considered by many to be one of the most reliable and safest dating sites around. It gathers over 1,000,000 unique users and allows members to build relationships, find friends, create connections, and tap into a huge potential when it comes to BBW dating.

The site is fully dedicated to providing a safe dating environment with zero fake profiles and a very active vetting system. While it’s possible to find Canadians and British people here, the site is primarily based in the US. You can use it for free, but you get much more options to personalize your profile if you’re a paying member.

Creating a profile and getting into all the perks of the site is rather easy, simple, and straightforward. We recommend that you give some paid features a go as they’re pretty affordable and provide more options to make your matchmaking more focused and successful.