California Psychics Reviews: Accurate Psychic Readings or Fake?

California Psychics Reviews, established in 1995, California Psychics has been one of the most trusted sites to get connected to a psychic. With their long list of gifted psychics and experts, they have managed to earn millions of happy customers. With a wide range of services and psychics that are proficient in several different techniques, they ensure complete customer satisfaction. At California Psychics, the representatives and the psychics will attend you every day and at any time of the day.

Want to share the big problems and get the best advice without the stress of confidentiality breaches? Prefer getting a psychic reading online on a chat or call? If yes, we have just the right people for all the demands.

Let us now dive into a detailed review of the website and the many services they offer.

What We like
  • Thoroughly interviewed and tested authentic psychics.
  • Displays estimated waiting time to avail the psychic reading.
  • Active customer service team, to provide 24/7 assistance.
  • Provides services to international clients.

What We Don’t Like
  • No psychic provides readings on video calls or e-mails.
  • Not all psychics attend clients on both call and text.

Special Offer

- $1/ Minute for New Customers

- 5 Free Minutes (CODE:"ADD5") + 80% Off

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California Psychics offers a unique service - Karma Rewards that users should register for. If the user is a person who frequently comes to psychics for guidance, registering for Karma Rewards will open a treasure of benefits.

On registration, the team credits $20 to the client account which they can use to get a reading. On every purchase, Karma Rewards adds points to the user's profile. With a high number of points, you unlock perks such as greater earn-back, less waiting time, exclusive offers, events, and much more.

California psychics also gives its customers a birthday discount. Customers get a free natal chart worth $35 and also birthday gifts and anniversary gifts.

Bottom line

One thing that keeps people away from looking for psychic guidance is confidentiality and identity. People open up better when anonymous and when confidentiality is guaranteed. This is when phone and chat readings win. However, some people may look for a more intimate connection when looking for a psychic and may look for a video psychic reading. In such cases, California Psychics is not the place for you.

With an enthusiastic and 24/7 customer service, several experts to choose from, and many gifts and offers, California Psychics remains a good place to find a psychic.

Getting Guidance from California Psychics

California Psychics promises user-friendly and easy access to the psychics. While it is true for people who are used to finding psychics regularly, newcomers may have to go through the process of creating an account before talking to a psychic.

To get a psychic reading online, or to make any purchases on the website the user needs to make an account with California Psychics. Once all your details get recorded, you will be then sent to the checkout window.

When you register, you are automatically given the introductory offer to access the popular psychics. At checkout users are asked to pay $20 to get 20 minutes with a popular psychic. Users also have the option of upgrading to preferred or premium psychics who charge higher.

After a successful payment, users will be free to explore psychics on the web. They will find some psychics on the main page. For better filtering, they can look for experts based on the type of their question.

Users can go through the lists, read the bios and find a psychic for their problems and requirements. Some give psychic readings online only on call, some give only on chat, while some give readings on both. Check the availability or the estimated waiting time and tap the call or chat button to get a reading.

Users can also call their customer service number if they do not want to go through the long lists, give the representatives your requirements and they will connect the user to a psychic.

The Types of Questions You Can Ask

People seek help and guidance from psychics when they are caught at crossroads in their life or surrounded by uncertainty. When times get difficult it is the spiritual assistance one needs. Clients may come with any question big or small, simple or complicated, the psychics at California Psychics online readings will show the right path. We'll now look at what type of readings the psychics offer.

Occupation and career
One's career is not only a source of livelihood but something one is passionate about. It takes years of investment for people to be qualified to have a career. If one doesn't find happiness in the work, it brings a lot of distress. Career psychics give future predictions to know whether a career will bring prosperity to one's life, or what career one must choose.

Job satisfaction comes not only from the work type but also from the environment one works in. Disturbances in co-worker relations can also be solved with the help of a Career psychic.

Money and finance
Money psychics are the best people to reach out to when one suffers a lot of financial problems. If one has a lot of debt to pay off, struggles managing funds, if one does not find success with growing the funds or saving sufficiently, Money psychics help.

These psychics predict your fiscal future and give the client an overview about the future and what requires to be done, what preparations should be made to unlock the potential, and optimally manage funds to deal with the future effectively.

Love and relationships
If one struggles to have a long-term relationship or has had many unsatisfactory relationships in the past, if one needs guidance in love life to find that special someone or to check the compatibility with the current partner, Love psychics are the best people to go to. Love psychics help using several skills and tools but love tarot reading is the most trusted tool to get a glimpse into the love life and give appropriate guidance.

Life path
Every human life is a network of paths that a person chooses to walk on. Right choices give fruitful results and wrong choices lead to problems. At times, people are caught between too many options and need help with making the right decision. Life path psychics help clients by giving a glimpse into the future, give an account of the possible outcomes and hence make informed choices.

Life path readings also come in handy when one tries a lot to succeed but meets with constant failure. Psychics help identify obstacles and hence choose the right course of action.

Past life
There are times when people meet certain people and feel an immediate connection. There is a time when people experience a situation for the first time but seems familiar. This is the fundamental underline to Past Life psychic reading, that we carry our connections and memories unconsciously to our next lie.

If one is caught in a problem for too long and no solution has helped, a past life psychics can be of great help. Problems like phobias, addictions, prolonged toxic relationships, and others, can be effectively addressed by this technique. Just bringing the root of the problem into the consciousness can lead to drastic changes.

Deceased loved ones
The loss of a loved one can lead to an intense period of grief one may find too hard to cope with. Unexpected losses put one in denial and waiting for closure. In such cases, Deceased Loved Ones psychic helps the client by connecting to the soul's energy and translating it into messages. Going for such a psychic reading may help the grieving greatly. However, one cannot guarantee that a strong connection with a specific love one can be established.

Missing dear ones
It is devastating to have a family member not come home without any information or go missing. Many cases of abductions and accidents surface every day in police departments and officers do try to find the missing person. Missing Persons psychics using their abilities can communicate with the person and get valuable information about safety and location.

A Missing Persons psychic cannot guarantee you the exact location of the person but they can give you valuable information about them.

Lost objects
To err is human, and that is why we are very much likely to misplace or lose our belongings. But there are times when losing the precious or the very important things can get us into trouble. No matter what one tries or how hard one tries to remember where the object might be, there is no luck. Such events give people weeks of stress and a big loss at times.

Lost Object psychics help clients find their belongings by telling their location. This saves a lot of stress and gives instant relief.

Pets are a precious part of the family and if their behavior goes off, one can quite easily notice it. People try to figure out the problem, try different solutions, take pets to the vet, put them in training, but nothing helps. Pet psychics who have a gifted ability to connect to the pets, can easily bring their discomfort or the psychological problem to light.

The Psychics We Recommend

A client, post the reading, at California Psychics reviews the psychics to give their valuable feedback. These reviews help customers make informed choices. It is necessary to look at the experience, the client rating, the skills they have, the tools they use, the charges, and the matter expertise, before choosing a psychic to get a reading. We have handpicked a few promising psychics for the people seeking help.

With an average client rating of 5 stars, Uma is listed among the customer favorites. With a professional experience of seven years, she has given over 8000 readings. She specializes in love and relationships, finance, and career-related problems. With a straightforward style of reading, her abilities include clairaudience, clairsentience, and dream analysis.

Customers like the quick connection they feel with Psychic Uma. She is preferred for her unbiased and true advice. She is quick with her responses and connects with clients on a deeper level. Her responses are specific and genuine. She is also proficient in tarot card reading and oracle card reading.

Another customer favorite, Cooper is a highly preferred psychic with an average client rating of 4.9 stars. With an experience of 2 years, she has completed over 6000 readings. Her expertise lies in matters related to love, finance, and career. With a compassionate style of delivering the advice, she is an empath, clairaudient, and clairsentient.

Customers on California Psychics love her compassionate approach towards problems. She is like a friend with whom one can share everything. She is a gifted energy reader and a spiritual advisor. People love Psychic Cooper's time management skills and the feeling of relief post the reading. She helps people by tarot reading, oracle card reading and also uses pendulums.

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Jacqueline is a premier psychic on California Psychics with an average client rating of 4.8 stars. She has been professionally reading for over 14 years and has done over a hundred thousand readings. She is an expert when one faces problems with love, finance and wants to communicate with deceased loved ones. With a straightforward style, she is a clairvoyant, a medium, and an empath.

Psychic Jacqueline doesn't use any specific tools but is gifted when it comes to understanding the unsaid and finding the hidden. People love how she understands the deepest thing with just a name. She is quick with her responses and manages to connect deeply once a person starts talking. She has helped many distressed individuals professionally.

Petunia is a staff pick with a customer rating of 4.8 stars. She has professional experience of over 20 years and has delivered over 11000 readings. She specializes in problems related to love and relationships, destiny and life path, and finance. She is a clairvoyant, a clairsentient, and an empath, with a compassionate style.

Psychic Petunia helps clients with tarot card reading, oracle card readings, and using a pendulum. Customers prefer Psychic Petunia for her caring style. She gives a truthful prediction, cares for her clients, supports them, and conveys the reality without sugar coats. Her passion lies in handling matters of love. She gives a real account of the obstacles and helps people plan their actions and grow in life.

Free Trial at California Psychics

California psychics offer all new clients a promo code (CODE:"ADD5") for 5 minutes' free psychic readings plus an introductory rate of $1 per minute only.

Being regarded as one of the most popular sites for psychic guidance, one may hope to get a free psychic reading to get a direct experience with psychic readings. California psychics is open for people to explore, gather information, check the psychic profiles and others.

New registration gets to enjoy the introductory offer $1/Minute and 5 additional minutes free psychic reading using California psychics promo code "add 5", to enjoy accurate psychic readings at the lowest price.

During checkout, users will have to pay $20 to get 20 minutes with a popular psychic. One can upgrade to the preferred or the premium tiers by paying a higher price. To get readings from the preferred psychics one will have to pay $2 per minute, while to get readings from the premium psychics will have to pay $4 per minute.

To get more perks and benefits, customers can register for Karma Rewards. On registration, the user will be credited $20 in the California Psychics account that can be used to get readings.

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Customer Experiences

How does one know whether a service is worth investing in? By hearing from the people who have had a direct experience! We went through numerous reviews to know customer experiences. With most of them being very positive, it looks like California Psychics stands by its promise of delivering utmost satisfaction.

Here's what people have to say about the psychics on California Psychics:

  • "Reed nailed it.. said things I did not share and was thoughtful."

  • ”The way Luciana described the person I was talking about was very accurate. I will read with her again."

  • "Reese picks up on the situation perfectly, she was positive and didn't give false hope."

  • "As Devyn has been right on dates in the past and I always love getting a good session and with her. She’s a fast read and cares about you and your well-being."

  • "An excellent mini reading. I have been waiting for Shyla's prediction to come true and it has."

Where Else to Look for Psychics if not California Psychics?

If one looks around the internet, one will find several sites that will connect one to psychics. Users will surely find a psychic for them, based on their requirements, their comforts, and their problems that they want to solve.

Such platforms that give psychic readings online give several offers to their customers. From free minutes to email readings, customer demands are well taken care of. Here are our picks as alternatives to California Psychics.

Keen Psychics

When it comes to trustworthiness, Keen Psychics tops most of the lists. The website has been in business for a long time and has maintained its position in customer's favorites. Customers can easily log on to the website, search through the list of psychics, look at the profiles, and look for their perfect match. In just a few clicks and taps clients can get an authentic and high-quality reading.

Keen Psychics brings to its customers the best psychics that have been handpicked and approved by a test and an interview. Psychics that have vast experience and a high client rating make it to the list. People prefer this site for the price range. They can get psychics for a dollar per minute and can also find one who charges $10 per minute.

They have an impressive special offer. New users get the first 10 minutes for only $1.99.

They stand firmly by their promise of 100% satisfaction. Customers can easily place a complaint with Keen Psychics if they experience any problem with the psychics or any other service. The website will make hassle-free refunds. With their clean and smooth interface, users can freely make their own informed choices and get guidance.

Customers can get psychic readings on call or chat depending upon the psychic's mode of delivery. Some psychics also give readings by mail.

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Kasamba has been helping people get psychic guidance for over two decades. With over 200 psychic profiles, to choose from, Kasamba gives the users the complete freedom to choose their psychic and get a psychic reading easily. People will find psychics that charge $2 per minute to those that charge $20 or more per minute.

People usually find Kasamba to be an expensive platform, but it is highly trusted and recommended by its users. People find it worthy to pay a higher amount for the satisfaction and the authentic readings they get. Customers can get readings on a live-chat, on-call, or on emails. They do not have the video calling feature.

Kasamba gives its new users the first 3 minutes free for every different psychic they choose. With millions of happy customers, Kasamba through their website and their app continue to be a trusted name in the world of psychics.

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Psychic Source

Psychic Source is another online platform that connects people to psychics. Those who regularly seek help or connect to psychics frequently, prefer this website. Psychic Source has the best psychics in the field, with five-star ratings, who do not offer free psychic readings but charge as low as a dollar per minute. They have an impressive introductory offer for the new registrations.

At Psychic Source, new users get the first 3 minutes for free with every different psychic they wish to get a reading from and charge a rate with a 75% discount. First users can enjoy their readings at very affordable rates like $0.66 per minute.

Psychic Source believes in supporting those in need with care and compassion. People choose Psychic Source for the care they receive, and the support circle they can form. Often people demand an intimate human essence for their readings and this platform takes care of that.

Customers can opt for getting psychic readings online through real-time messaging, on-call, or on video calls.

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How Trustworthy is California Psychics?

California Psychics is listed among the top five psychic service websites and has remained a trusted name for over a decade. People prefer the website for its long list of psychics that have been classified on various parameters such as type of expertise, style of delivery, tools they use, and their service tiers.

Every tire hosts psychics who have been tested thoroughly, who have gone through a specialized interview process, and who hold professional integrity.

Psychics in the popular tier are tested and interviewed, while those in the preferred tier are those with vast experience. They are the customer favorites and trusted psychic with high ratings. Psychics in the premier tier are the most expensive ones, but their services are of the finest quality. The best psychics in the field who are very much trusted fall in the category.

At California Psychics, they guarantee confidentiality and customer satisfaction. In case of a violation, customers can claim an earn-back.

California Psychics' reviews from the clients have put the platform in a very positive light. The site is indeed trustworthy. In case of a problem, customers can reach out to the customer service representatives immediately.

List Some of the Unique Features of California Psychics

California psychics gives its customers the best experience with its several unique features.

People who do not live in the United States or Canada can also get a psychic reading online on California Psychics. The website also caters to international clients and the 24/7 customer service can hence be used in all time zones. To get the customer care numbers and the psychic reader line number for your country the user should go to the contact us section.

California Psychics primarily attends the clients on a phone call or chat. They do not have video calling or an email reading service. The psychics on the site give the best readings on a phone call.

Karma Rewards is another unique feature. A feature that gives a lot of benefits to those who seek help regularly. Customers with $20 from the team and get points and exciting gifts when they talk to the psychics.

One feature that appeals to a lot of users is the convenient scheduling of appointments. People can easily schedule an appointment seven days in advance by going to the profile. If one wants immediate assistance through a psychic reading, one can check the availability and the estimated waiting time, and choose accordingly.

California Psychics not only gives great guidance to those in need but also promises entertainment and a great experience to those interested. Those with accounts get a free newsletter. Enthusiasts can check out the free daily horoscopes, the weekly horoscopes, monthly horoscopes, love horoscopes, and birthday horoscopes. Users can also check your zodiac sign compatibility with their partners for free.

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What Should I Expect from an Online Reading On California Psychics?

The California Psychics online platform gives customers a list of call psychics, chat psychics, or those who attend clients on both. Every psychic possesses different abilities and works according to their style. Some psychics are straightforward, while some are more compassionate and caring. When users opt for a psychic reading on this website, they can expect quick responses and truthful answers from your psychics.

Every psychic has a set of gifted abilities. Depending upon who you have chosen, you can expect a service that will give the users the maximum satisfaction. Some psychics establish an immediate connection and tune with the energy once the client starts talking. Some psychics will initiate by asking the name and take the process ahead. Some psychics may ask the client about the birth details to get deeply connected.

Asking a specific question directly is essential for a concrete solution and support. Using abilities, psychics predict the future for the client and advise them to take the right decision and prepare for the future effectively. Depending upon the problem, the psychics use their divine abilities to get messages from the energy and translate them to the client.

California Psychics online gives quick solutions with utmost authenticity, accuracy, and care. People to get psychic readings do feel relieved and confident. California Psychics reviews can be of great help for new help seekers to know more about the process.

How Do I Pay On California Psychics?

You can make your payments at checkout using a credit card (American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Discover) or a debit card. California Psychics also accepts PayPal. The clients will only be charged the amount mentioned during the checkouts.

What Makes California Psychics Different from Other Psychic Services?

California Psychics reviews from both the critics and the customers tell us that it is the one service provider that should be trusted and used. The website offers several unique features that make it one of a kind. From California Psychics horoscopes for astrology and psychic enthusiasts, California Psychics has stood by its promise.

They have also launched an app to enable their customers to schedule appointments whenever and wherever. They have been striving to make seeking psychic help user-friendly and quick for the customers.

With the app, users move out of the mechanical clicks and avail themselves of the fun services. Customers get a personalized horoscope, quick compatibility tests, easy scheduling options, and also get to draw a love tarot card reading for free every day.

California Psychics choose 2 out of 100 psychics who apply. All the psychics that make it to the final list are the ones that are interviewed and tested. The psychic resource tools California Psychics' experts use are mastered by them. They take care of the quality of the services given.

The customers also have an option of getting connected to a psychic quickly by calling customer service. This one-of-a-kind feature saves a lot of effort and time for the users.

Their constant effort to make themselves better and to give the best service to their clients attracts customers.

The Final Say

California Psychics is a website that will not disappoint the people who look for guidance, support, and care in their life. One will find love psychics, life path psychics, career psychics, and many other experts in one place. The various psychic readings that they offer and the feature that one can directly look for psychics based on the question is quite impressive. The site makes it easier for people in distress to find help.

They get points for their intensive tests and interviews requisite to onboard the psychics who respect privacy and maintain confidentiality. Customers and hence freely pour their heart out without the fear of being judged. Clients can also filter psychics based on their delivery style, which is also a useful feature.