10 Best Phone Number Lookup by Name

People from all over the world often feel the need for a reverse phone lookup that can find the identity of people through their name or number. In daily life, we often want to find out the identity of the wrong caller. Or we feel that the emails we are receiving are from a fraudulent company.

To check whether our assumptions are true or not, a reverse phone lookup can be used for daily life purposes. It discloses the identity of the caller, so the user can stay alert of scammers and annoying people.

Here, we will discuss the 10 best reverse phone lookup free for finding your target’s identity.
Part 1: Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is a reverse phone lookup website that gathers any person's important and personal information by his name, phone number, or address. The software gathers data of targets such as his identity, name, age, location, date of birth, and home address. If he has any effective relatives or connections, the software also shows that.

Important information includes social media profiles and email addresses. If the target has made his business site or any other site on his number, its details might also be visible. The phone lookup service performs its function to gather data of the target through his phone number.

The data involves his complete identity, his financial details, business, bank loans, and employment history of target. It also checks the background of the target, such as his criminal record, court proceedings, and civil court records; it gathers all the felony cases and sex-offending history of the target.

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Part 2: CocoFinder

CocoFinder is a reverse phone lookup that checks the identity and other information of a target by his name, phone number, or address. The information includes the full name of the target, his financial status, bank loans, education, age, and date of birth. It can also find out the full identity of the target, such as his court proceedings, criminal background, his fraud business, and civil court records.

If the target has any registration as a sex-offender or criminal, the application displays it. The background screenings also comprise employment history, his education, and basically complete life history of the target.

The phone lookup and public search by name find the complete identity of the target, such as his name, state, and address history. The app can also find the target's data through his address. The data gathered involves past/current tenants' names, relatives, age, background, and former addresses.

The information gathered about the address location itself involves the demographic information, homes around, average income in the area, and sex offenders registered in the neighborhood. If the target is a sex-offender or any neighborhood has any sex-offender registered around, the software also helps to show it.

The software lets the user know if there are multiple phone numbers or email addresses of the target.

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Part 3: TruthFinder

TruthFinder finds the information of the target by his phone number, name, address, or Email address. It is attached to many public search engines, international and national databases. This is the reason why it can provide vast data and information from all over the world.

The application has a search by name tool, which requires the name of the target and returns his identity information in seconds. The information includes his full name, age, locations, address, and education. If the target has any affectionate relatives, it also gives access to their identity.

Moreover, its reverse phone lookup service finds out the full background history of the target, including his education, complete name, address, and financial dues. If the target has any business, the application also shows its details. The employment history and financial loan details are also part of the information gathered through the phone lookup service.

The user can also get data on the target through his email address. After learning the resident of the target, the application can find out more data about the target through his address. The data includes his complete name, present and past addresses, assets, bankruptcies, and possible relationships.

It can also find out details of the property itself, including its selling value, square area, and zip code.

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Part 4: Intelius

Intelius is a reverse phone lookup that finds the target's important information via public searches and different databases. The information is gathered by 3 important and vast functions as People search, phone lookup, and address. It finds out any kind of information related to his background through a background check.

The information gathered by the target's name includes his complete name, current, and past addresses, locations, age, and date of birth. The information gathered by his number offers his employment history, financial status, estimated salary, financial loans from a bank, and business details.

The important data also include his social media accounts, email addresses, and alternative phone numbers. The software also can track the background of the target, revealing his criminal records, any existing court or civil court records, sex-offending history, and felonies.

When the user initiates a background check, it also finds the marital status, marriages, divorces, and any registration on a dating website. The address lookup service of Intelius tells a lot about the target and his location by requiring his address. The information involves the past and current tenants' record, their names, ages, education, phone numbers, criminal background, and sex-offending history.

It also informs the user about address details such as its value, selling price, total worth, and postal code.

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Part 5: SpyDialer

SpyDialer is a reverse phone lookup service and a search by name that is interlinked with public search engines and databases. Hence, it finds out important data of the target by just entering his name or phone number. It is more like a google search, which requires the user to only enter small details and finds out many relevant matching results.

From there, the user can access important details and the whole history of the target. The important data gathered by the service includes his contact information such as alternative numbers, financial information that includes financial status, estimated payments, and bank loans.

The application can also track his personal assets, address, criminal history, sex-offending history, court proceedings, and lawsuits. Furthermore, the data also comprises social media accounts detail, email addresses, and employment history.

If the user has any sex-offending or criminal history, the software can also display it to the user.

Part 6: ZabaSearch

ZabaSearch is a public search engine and public information site. The menu of offerings contains White pages, advanced people search, reverse phone lookup, and a free search menu.

The white pages of ZabaSearch are more like a typical phone book that has phone numbers and important data of the owners. It is an advanced phonebook that has gathered the information, and the user can access it by providing the name of the target.

Furthermore, the advanced people search provides the background of the target by accessing his full name, phone number, and complete address. If the target has any criminal history such as felonies, lawsuits, any court proceedings, or civil court records, the application may also show it. If the target has any registration as a sex-offender, it also accesses it.

The people search, and phone lookup service provides the identity, social accounts, employment history, and email address of the target. Moreover, it also tells the financial loans and bank details of the target.

Part 7: Spytox

Spytox offers data of targets through his name, phone number, and email address. The Email address lookup of Spytox finds out personal information of the target through his Gmail. The information includes name, addresses, phone numbers, relatives, social media account, business, and employment history.

The data gathered through reverse phone lookup includes alternative numbers, email addresses, full names, and relatives. It also accesses the background history of the target, such as his criminal records, any lawsuits, court proceedings, or any fraud cases.

If the target has any sex-offending history, the application also accesses it. Spytox can also spy on the target's social media handles, his business details, photos, videos, and other important data available on his social accounts.

The software also finds out his marital status, affairs, divorces, marriages, and any registration on dating websites. When the user adds the target's name or phone number, it shows the relevant matching results from public searches.

Part 8: RevealName

RevealName provides a lookup service for any phone number. It looks for any phone number and reveals the name of his owner and other important details. The revealed important data includes the complete name of the target, his age, and his marital record.

It claims to be completely free, but it does not look factual. This is because phone spy lookup reviews are contradicting, and users have complained about its untrue promotion of being free. The software finds out important data like his name, addresses, and criminal background. If the target has any criminal background, felonies, or lawsuits, the software displays it.

In case the target has any sex-offending history, the app also presents it to the user. It does find out the important history of the target related to his background, but it still misses important details. It does not offer address lookup or extravagant lookup services. It is connected to lesser databases and public search engines.

Part 9: ReversePhoneLookup

ReversePhoneLookup is a lookup service that reverses a phone number and shows his name and other important data. The data involves his identity, age, and background history. If any unknown caller is continuously annoying you, you can simply put his number on the site.

It can find out who is a real business organization and who is pretending to be one but actually is a scam or fraud. It is as simple as a google search that just requires the user to add a number on the bar. After that, it shows relevant and matching results to the user.

If the target has connected his business or any social site with that specific number, the application can also access it and display the details. The details would include his social site links, his business sites, and his employment history.

The software is connected to certain public search engines and vast databases. Therefore, it provides authentic search results to the user.

Part 10: Spokeo

Spokeo is a reverse phone lookup service that finds out the authentic details of a target by his name, phone number, or home address. With the assistance of this application, the user can find the background check of his business partner or paying-guest before making any deal.

The app, when provided with any address, finds out its residents' details and backgrounds. The details involve their names, age, relatives, genders, past living records, and date of birth. By providing the address, you can find the details of residence as well. It includes its worth, neighborhood area, longitudes, and latitudes.

The background check of software checks the criminal background of the target, such as his court proceedings, court records, cases, or sex-offending history. The application can also find the record of his marriages, divorces, and affairs. When the user adds a phone number, the software provides a target's name, age, phone number, gender, and business details of the target person.


The article has concluded 10 best phone lookup services, including TruthFinder, CocoFinder, Instant checkmate and Intelius. All of these applications show offerings in finding identity and background details of the target through his name or phone number.

With the help of these applications, you can avoid being trapped by any fake organization or scam emails. It is a time-saving application that allows you to know the identity of any caller or email-sender that helps people to avoid any fuss.

Anybody looking for factual assistance on lookup services would surely get his part of the information from the article.