Crazybulk Reviews – Does Crazy Bulk The Best Legal Steroids Brand 2021?

In the past couple of years, a lot of fitness buffs have searched online for CrazyBulk reviews. There’s good reason too. CrazyBulk are pioneers of the men’s health supplement business and were the first brand in the world to introduce ‘legal steroids’.

These health supplements took the world of recreational fitness by storm with their efficacy, and their similarity to their pharmaceutical counterparts. However, with rising popularity came competition. Legal steroids became so popular that many unscrupulous brands started to make poor quality products. The caveat is that these product labels were designed to look exactly like CrazyBulk.

However, it’s next to impossible to match CrazyBulk’s quality. So people were thrown off with the dismal results. They expected steroid-like results and were very disappointed. This led to a lot of fake CrazyBulk reviews being posted on messaging boards and the likes.

A lot of our readers, have also asked us about such CrazyBulk reviews. So we figured that this was a great time to add our two cents to this discussion. In this slightly longish blogpost, we are going to cover everything about CrazyBulk. At the end of this, you will be armed with enough information to make an informed choice.

What is CrazyBulk?

CrazyBulk is a health supplements brand that’s owned by Wolfson Berg, a supplement company with a global presence and more than 30 bestselling health supplements under their banner. The company is headquartered in Cyrpus and has been one of the world’s leading healthcare brands for over a decade.

However, with CrazyBulk, their popularity touched new heights because this was the first time that the world was introduced to legal steroids.

What are CrazyBulk legal steroids?

Anyone who has lifted weights naturally has definitely wanted to try their hands at anabolic steroids. But chances are, that we all know the risks that steroids pose. Seasoned bodybuilders have died premature deaths with their hearts enlarged 5-times the normal size. They become bald, lose fertility, have severe liver stress and end up with a plethora of health problems by the time they reach their mid-40s.

While this may not be related to steroids, Arnold Schwarzenegger had his first cardiac surgery at the age of 46. After that, he’s had multiple surgeries. If an athlete as seasoned and as rich as Arnold, could not thwart off some of the negative effects of steroids, imagine what a rookie athlete can do.

That’s why CrazyBulk came up with legal steroids. They spent over five years in R&D to come up with a bunch of supplements that contained completely legal and safe ingredients. However, these supplements were designed to mimic the results that are produced by anabolic steroids.

So, they came to be called as Legal Steroids. The name is quite catchy; we’ll tell you that.

What are the advantages of using CrazyBulk legal steroids?

Legal steroids became incredibly popular in very little time. That’s primarily due to four reasons.

  1. They produce results that are at least 70-80% close to what can be achieved only with anabolic steroids. For instance, Dianabol is universally considered as one of the strongest muscle mass building steroids. But it is also an extremely toxic steroid. In fact, it can even be life threatening if you do not know what you are getting into. CrazyBulk offers D-Bal that produces 80% of the results of Dianabol. A typical Dianabol cycle (dosage period) lasts 6-8-weeks, during which a first time steroid user can gain up to 30 lb. With D-Bal, you can gain up to 25 lb. in 10-12-weeks. So, a little more time and slightly less gains. But D-Bal is all natural and can be used for extended runs.

  2. CrazyBulk’s legal steroids do not cause side effects. Anabolic steroids are notorious for causing a laundry list of toxic side effects. Steroids are an umbrella term used to describe three families of drugs. There’s testosterone and its derivatives. There’s Dihydrotestosterone and its derivatives. Lastly, there’s Nandrolone and its derivatives. These can then be divided into injectable and oral drugs. Depending on what drug family and what type of steroid you use, you can suffer from hair loss, acne, liver toxicity, testicular hypotrophy (shrinking), man boobs, polycythemia, cardiac myopathy, left ventricular hypertrophy and kidney disorders to name a few. The moment you ingest an anabolic steroid, which is an exogenous hormone, your Hypothalamus Pituitary Axis shuts down. In some cases this is permanent, which means that you will have to be on steroids for life. With CrazyBulk’s legal steroids, none of these problems occur. That’s because these supplements do not affect your HPTA at all. Most of them work by stimulating the release of LH, without binding to androgen receptors. This makes them completely side effect free.

  3. Legal Steroids only contain natural, herbal ingredients. We will talk about the ingredients in each legal steroid in detail. But what’s important is that anybody can use this. That includes professional athletes who may be tested by WADA or other third party agencies. There are no hormonal derivatives or androgenic compounds that will get you in legal trouble. By the way, legal steroids also do not contain SARMS. Do you know that a large number of products being sold in the open marketplace contain SARMS? No wonder they produce phenomenal results because unknown to you, they are binding to your androgen receptors and changing your bodies forever. There are no research chemicals in legal steroids. In fact, most of them have bare minimum ingredients, as CrazyBulk’s goal towards clean labels.

  4. CrazyBulk legal steroids do not have to be cycled. You can use them for 6-8-months at a stretch. The dosage can be altered of course. You can start with strong doses and then once you achieve your fitness goal, shift to a slightly lower maintenance dose. But the point is, it’s not limited to cycles like anabolics are. You can only use Dianabol for a few weeks at a time. Even the mildest anabolic steroid, like Anavar can only be used for 8-weeks tops. After that, you are looking at severe liver stress. There are customers who are using CrazyBulk’s products for years with no problems.

What are the legal steroids that’s available on CrazyBulk?

Most of the popular CrazyBulk reviews that you see on social media and on review websites are because of their legal steroids. These can be divided into two categories.

A- Bulking Steroids

CrazyBulk’s Bulking legal steroids are a rage amongst recreational athletes and even professional bodybuilders, who use them to maintain slabs of thick, hard muscle year round. Like we said earlier, anybody, be it a bodybuilder or a gym buff, can only use anabolic steroids for limited time periods.

For the rest of the year, they use these bulking steroids to maintain muscle mass. Recreational athletes use these to meet specific fitness goals. If you know the corresponding anabolic steroid, it’s really easy to pick the right one for your needs.

#1. D-Bal – (Dianabol Alternative) – Best Suited for Fast and Dramatic Muscle Gains

D-Bal is the king of muscle mass builders. This legal steroid is incredibly popular on the internet. So much so, that CrazyBulk launched a stronger version of this called D-Bal Max. It is designed to mimic the results of the anabolic steroid called Dianabol. Dianabol is also called the Pink Pill and it is famously known as the steroid used by the US team to beat the soviets, who were secretly doping with Testosterone. Dianabol was designed to be a stronger version of testosterone, without the side effects and with an easier delivery method.

D-Bal is the closest that you will get to Dianabol. It is strong, powerful and acts in a span of just days. Most first timers, who use D-Bal will be able to gain at least 8-10 lb. in just six-weeks. By week-12-14, they typically gain 20-25 lb. Most of it will be quality muscle. But there will also be some amount of water and glycogen. But that’s not necessarily bad, mind you. Water and Glycogen are the secret to bigger and better lifts. You can easily breach your previous best PR with D-Bal.

D-Bal Ingredients – D-Bal contains a blend of herbal extracts, Vitamins & Minerals and some powerful amino acids. The result is an increase in your Nitrogen retention and Protein synthesis. These two conditions form the basis of muscle hypertrophy. It allows you to lift harder and build muscle faster.

  • Ashwagandha – Proven Adaptogen that reduces cortisol, increases muscle mass, strength and speeds up recovery.
  • Suma Root – Contains phytosteroids, which work like anabolic steroids. Most users have gained strength and size in very little time.
  • D3, Magnesium and MSM – Vitamin D3 increases testosterone. Add to that Magnesium, which the most beneficial mineral, that sadly, most men are deficient in. Lastly, there’s MSM which increases blood flow to muscle tissue amplifying the rate of recovery.
  • TT – Tribulus is such a beneficial herb. It is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and produces sizeable differences in muscle mass and strength.

Key Ingredient – Suma Root & Ashwagandha.

What is D-Bal most useful for?

You should go for D-Bal when you are looking to get bigger in very little time.

  • If you want to gain a lot of muscle in 10-12 weeks
  • You want to gain massive strength to train for powerlifting or CrossFit
  • You are not really bothered by tiny amounts of water retention
  • You are looking for insane vascularity and pumps that last all day

#2. Trenorol – (Trenbolone Alternative) – Best Suited for Ripped, Hard Muscle Gain

Anyone who’s ever researched about anabolic steroids would know about Trenbolone. This powerful veterinary grade drug is the most widely used steroid by professional bodybuilders. It has an anabolic rating of 500. This means that it is 5-times stronger than Testosterone in producing results. Firstly, it just amazes us that CrazyBulk managed to create a Trenbolone clone.

That’s not a joke. They have replicated the results of the strongest anabolic steroid in the world. If you are looking for a supplement that builds muscle and burns fat at the same time, Trenorol is what you need. Be aware that it is very, very strong.

Trenorol Ingredients – Trenorol has one of the most unique ingredient labels that we’ve seen in a health supplement. It goes to show the amount of work that has gone into creating these legal steroids.

  • Beta Sitosterol – This natural ingredient is a precursor of the anabolic steroid Boldenone, which is one of the most widely used anabolic steroids in the cattle industry. In a nutshell, it is a breakthrough in medical science because it produces a plethora of positive effects, without any of the side effects of Boldenone. It is the most important ingredient in Trenorol that makes it so effective at building thick, hard muscle tissue.
  • Cat’s Claw – Powerful herb that is known for its immune modulatory effects. It also increases insulin sensitivity and affects blood flow to muscle tissue.
  • Nettle Leaf – Proven natural ingredient that increases lean muscle mass even in trained athletes. If you are a regular fitness buff, this will completely transform your body.
  • Pepsin – The final ingredient that addresses the nutrient parting quality of Trenbolone. Enhances protein digestion ensuring that you get more out of every gram of protein you consume.

Key Ingredient – Beta Sitosterol and Pepsin

What is Trenorol most useful for?

Trenorol is most useful for body recomposing.

  • You want to build lean, hard muscle tissue with minimal water retention
  • You want to burn belly fat while building muscle
  • Your diet sucks. But you want to stay in shape anyway.
  • You want to get beach ready in the next few weeks.
  • You want added strength and aggression in the gym

#3. Testomax – (Sustanon Alternative) – The Foundational Supplement for Strength, Mass and Recovery

Testomax is the most basic legal steroid and one of the most underrated ones in CrazyBulk’s catalog. It is designed to mimic the results produced by Sustanon 250, which is a blend of four testosterone esters. Two long esters and two rapid-absorbing esters.

Irrespective of what your fitness goal is, Testomax is versatile enough to fit into it. It is also quite popular among female athletes because of its stable absorption rates and manageable results. It’s not as dramatic for bulking as D-Bal or as intense as Trenolone. But if you are looking to stay in top shape all year round, Testomax is what you need. Also works great for men who suffer from telltale signs of low testosterone.

Testomax Ingredients

With years of experience in producing quality health supplements, we feel that Testomax was probably the easiest one to design for CrazyBulk’s researchers. They already have such a deep understanding of testosterone boosters. They just packed the best of them into one pill.

  1. The Vit-Min Stack – Testomax is probably the only testosterone booster that addresses all vitamin and mineral deficiencies that may be causing low test. It contains Vitamin-D3, K1, B6, and Magnesium & Zinc. This is the most powerful natural vitamin stack that can boost test.
  2. DAA – One of the only natural ingredients in the world that can boost Free testosterone. Free test is the bioavailable testosterone that your body uses to build muscle.
  3. Nettle Leaf – Herbal extract that is proven to increase athletic performance and amplify the rate at which the body builds lean muscle tissue.
  4. Panax Ginseng – Also called Red Ginseng, this herb is immensely powerful and is a proven anti-inflammatory, immunity booster, aphrodisiac, has anti-cancer properties, cognitive benefits and boosts energy levels all day.
  5. Fenugreek – This underrated herb used in Asian cuisine is used traditionally for regulating menstrual cycle in women. But what most people do not know is that it is equally effective in stimulating the release of testosterone and IGF-1. The combination is one of the building blocks of anabolism.
  6. Boron – Increases free testosterone and reduces Estrogen. More muscle, less fat. Enough said.

Key Ingredients – Everything! This is an amazing stack of natural ingredients.

What is Testomax best suited for?

Building muscle and boosting strength. You will find that Testomax makes an appearance even in the CrazyBulk strength stack. But that’s just scraping the surface of what this amazing legal steroid can do.

  • Boosts libido
  • Burns fat at the belly, hips and love handles
  • Elevates mood and energy levels all day. You will never feel fatigued
  • Improves performance at the gym and during sex
  • Lean muscle tissue gain. Can be used all year round

#4. HGH-X2 – (Somatropin/ Growth Hormone Alternative) – Powerful Anti-Aging and Muscle Builder

HGH or Human Growth Hormone is the beauty and anti-aging secret of many Hollywood stars. However, exogenous forms of Growth Hormone are ridiculously expensive. Not to mention that they are imported mainly from China. That’s why CrazyBulk formulated the perfect, natural replica in HGH-X2.

This all-natural growth hormone stimulant provides you with a viable, safe alternative to HGH. The best part is that this supplement is an adjuvant to any fitness goal. Irrespective of whether you are trying to cut, gain, recomp, maintain, or just reduce wrinkles and improve your skin tone, this fits the bill.


Most athletes are unaware that HGH pulses produced by our bodies are largely dependent on sleep. It is during deep sleep phases that the GH pulse is at its peak. On the other hand, if your onset of sleep is delayed, GH release is poor. That’s what CrazyBulk has based their formulation on.

  • Maca Root – Maca Root is universally known as the testosterone stimulator. But in reality, it stimulates the hypothalamus, which is the gland that secretes Growth Hormone. One of the innate benefits of MACA is an increase in natural GH pulses.
  • Hawthorne Berry – Often, an increase in GH is associated with an increase in bad cholesterol, as well as poor insulin resistance. Hawthorne is a powerful anti-inflammatory and cardiac supplement. It maintains healthy cholesterol levels and improves insulin resistance.
  • Mucuna Pruriens – Proven to increase serum GH levels even in trained athletes. In average fitness buffs, this will skyrocket GH levels.
  • L-Arginine – Increases GH during exercise by up to 500%. Enough said. Wait, in case you don’t exercise, it still increases resting GH by 100%.

What is HGH-X2 most useful for?

HGH-X2 is one of the bestselling supplements in the world and responsible for a lot of the positive CrazyBulk reviews that you see on the internet. You see, testosterone boosters are a dime a dozen. But HGH boosters are limited. Even in that, there are only a handful that work.

HGH-X2 is one of the best ones.

  • Boosts fat loss while amplifying muscle gain
  • Works very well with all other legal steroids
  • Improves sleep quality, reduces anxiety and stress
  • Improves mood, mental functioning and energy levels
  • Can help in recomposing your body.
  • Reduces wrinkles. Can knock off 10-years off your face.

#5. Anadrole – (Powerful Anadrol alternative) – Rapid muscle gains. Dry and hard muscle

Anadrol is known as the only oral anabolic steroid that can outdo Dianabol. So CrazyBulk has created the perfect rapid mass gainer for anyone who finds D-Bal too strong or too ‘wet’. Some people want to gain a sizeable amount of lean muscle. But they hate it when they also gain water and glycogen.

Anadrole ticks that box for you. You will gain muscle, without the bloat. It will also amplify your strength by leaps and bounds. If you are involved in power lifting or any competitive sporting event, this is your recipe for insane training sessions.


An Anadrol clone has to be fast-acting and boost RBC production, increase nitrogen retention and enhance protein synthesis. So this ingredient list had to be unique, and very effective.

  • TT – Anadrole contains 600mg of Tribulus. We are sure that you might have heard about the potency of this herb in boosting lean muscle and strength. There have been a plethora of studies that prove this. Also, 600mg is a crazy high dose for TT.
  • Shilajit Concentrate – This powerful resin sourced from the Himalayas is a complex blend of minerals, natural acids and phytonutrients. It has a long list of benefits. The ones that need a special mention in context to Anadrole, is the ability to increase Hemoglobin levels and boosting growth factors. More oxygenation and more muscle growth.
  • Whey & Soy – Two of the most popular protein concentrates used by bodybuilders around the world. Whey is fast absorbing and a complete protein. But so is Soy. As an added benefit, Soy also boosts skeletal muscle recovery.
  • ALCAR – Ensures that you don’t gain fat even if your diet is off the mark.

Key Ingredients – Shilajit concentrate and ALCAR

What is Anadrole best suited for?

Anadrole is a mass builder par excellence. It is most appropriate for athletes looking to gain size and strength fast. Some people find D-Bal a little too dramatic for their comfort. Anadrole works phenomenally well for them.

  • Powerful, rapid muscle mass builder
  • Crazy gains in strength
  • Insane muscle pumps all day
  • Added aggression
  • Dry, lean muscle mass tissue with zero water retention

#6. Decaduro – (Powerful Deca Durabolin Alternative) – Best suited for steady year-round muscle mass maintenance

Deca Durabolin is the anabolic steroid of choice for bodybuilders in their off season. It helps build thick, layers of muscle that’s of higher quality and relatively easier to maintain. With Decaduro, you get the benefits of Deca Durabolin, minus the side effects.

Decaduro is one of the most powerful legal steroids in CrazyBulk’s catalog.

Decaduro Ingredients

There are hardly any legal steroids or health supplements that allow athletes to maintain muscle mass year round. That’s why Deca Duro is so popular.

  • Wild Yam – This natural herb is considered one of the only sources of DHEA, a powerful neurosteroid with a bunch of benefits. DHEA is also a precursor to testosterone.
  • Ginseng – From libido boosting to amplifying the rate of recovery and reducing inflammation, Panax Ginseng can do it all.
  • L-Arginine & Citruline – Powerful amino acid that boosts exercise performance. This is what makes Decaduro such a great preworkout supplement. Btw, L-Arginine also boosts GH.
  • ALCAR – We have spoken about it already. Keeps the waistline trim.
  • TT – Powerful hormone booster. Increased muscle and strength.

What is Decaduro best suited for?

If you have gained a copious amount of mass with D-Bal and want to maintain it all year round, while taking a break from it, then Decaduro is your ticket.

  • Steady, long term muscle gain
  • Burns fat while building muscle
  • Crazy pumps that last all day
  • Amazing recovery rates even after hours of exercise
  • Most athletes feel an incredible mental clarity while using Decaduro

There’s NO2-Max as well. But that’s a regular Nitric Oxide booster. Not really a legal steroid. So we’ll give that a miss.

B- Cutting Steroids

CrazyBulk’s cutting steroids are top rated in the fat loss industry. In fact, a lot of CrazyBulk reviews suggest that these might be better than some of the top rated thermogenic fat burners.

#1. Clenbutrol – (Powerful Clenbuterol Alternative) – Thermogenic fat burner

Clenbutrol is one of the most powerful fat burners in the market currently. It is designed to work like Clenbuterol, which is a potent sympathomimetic nervous system stimulant, used by professional bodybuilders before a contest. Due to the severe side effects caused by Clenbuterol, even hardcore athletes only use it for a week or two.

But Clenbutrol is a safer alternative for Clenbuterol. It will produce the same kind of results without causing jitters or tremors or affecting your heart.

Clenbutrol Ingredients

What we like about Clenbutrol is that it has a very different ingredient list, if you compare it with cookie cutter fat burners.

  • Vitamin B3 – Also known as Niacin, this powerful vitamin breaks down stored body fat and releases it for use as energy.
  • Garcinia Cambogia – Hands down, the most popular natural fat burning ingredient in America. This not only torches belly fat, but also burns visceral fat, which is dangerous fat that covers your vital organs.
  • Bitter Orange Extract – Amplifies your basal metabolic rate (BMR) to burn fat. This creates the thermogenic effect.
  • Guarana – Potent natural alternative to synthetic caffeine that boosts your metabolism. Also keeps your energy levels up all day while dieting.

What is Clenburol most useful for?

The summer’s coming up. If you have gained a few extra pounds around your waist, Clenbutrol will melt it away in just weeks.

  • Powerful metabolism booster
  • Thermogenic effect. You will feel warm
  • Burns even the most, stubborn layers of body fat
  • Hips, belly, chest, you will burn fat from all over
  • Does not contain a lot of stimulants. So you won't feel jittery

#2. Anvarol – (Powerful alternative to Anavar) – Fat Burn and dry muscle mass

Anvarol along with Clenbutrol are the most popular legal steroids among female athletes. That’s because Anvarol is an Anavar clone. In case you were unaware, Anavar is the most widely used anabolic steroid by competitive female body builders and male fitness models.

It produces a dry, lean muscular physique that is normally seen in fitness models and Instagram fitness influencers. If you are looking to get a beach ready physique in weeks, Anvarol is one of the best options.

Anvarol Ingredients

With Anvarol, you get a clear idea of why CrazyBulk’s supplements are so popular. It has one of the cleanest labels around with only a handful of powerful ingredients.

  • Soy and Whey Concentrate – Apart from filling up any gaps in your amino acid intake, these two are the most powerful combination to build lean muscle. Soy also provides a tiny boost in DHEA levels, which is a neurosteroid and a precursor to testosterone.
  • BCAA – Good old BCAA in a fast-absorbing, concentrated form that’s 5x powerful than the standard ones you see in the market. Boosts protein synthesis and helps in the breakdown of protein.
  • Wild YAM – Another natural source of DHEA, a natural precursor to testosterone. This explains why athletes feel amazing while they are on Anvarol.
  • ATP – Powerful energy boost for all day performance.

What is Anvarol best suited for?

Anvarol is one of the only supplements that helps you build muscle while burning fat. Also, it’s not the most potent mass builder. So, if you are worried that you are going to look like a greased, bodybuilder with mountains for biceps and veins, you are mistaken.

  • Produces lean, dry muscle tissue. Perfect for fitness models and bikini models
  • Will burn that final layer of belly fat
  • Mild vascularity and amazing pumps
  • Intense energy boost that lasts all day allowing you to workout at your peak
  • Will get you beach ready in four weeks tops

#3. Winsol – (Powerful Winstrol Alternative) – Perfect for sculpting a physique

CrazyBulk is the only brand in the world that offers a legal Winstrol clone. Winstrol, also called Winny among steroid users, is a powerful cutting compound. However, it is not a fat burner in the traditional sense. It is more of a cosmetic sculpting compound that is used to gain more definition, pumps, vascularity and dryness. That’s what you get with Winsol as well.

With the world restoring to normalcy, most people are looking to drop the few extra pounds that they might have gained while working from home. Winsol will not only drop the extra pounds fast, it will also tone and harden your muscle.

Winsol Ingredients

With Winsol, the researchers at Crazybulk had their task cut out because here’s a supplement that has to do a bit of everything. That’s why this ingredient list is more distinct that anything we’ve seen so far.

  • ALCAR – One of the most powerful fat burners in the world. In case you were unaware it’s an enhanced form of an amino acid. So it’s completely natural.
  • Choline – Modulates fat levels and amplifies muscle growth.
  • Wild Yam – We have already spoken about it in great detail above.
  • DMAE – Powerful analog of a B Vitamin that increases collagen and improves joint functioning. Also very effective at flushing out subcutaneous water giving you that hard and dry look.
  • Safflower Oil – Reduces abdominal fat and increases lean muscle mass. Will also keep your lipids in check.

What is Winsol best used for?

Winsol is a rare combination of a fat burner and a lean muscle mass builder. Think of it like a stronger version of Anvarol.

  • Chisels and sculpts your physique
  • Makes your muscles look harder and pumped
  • Burns off that last few pounds of stubborn body fat
  • Great pumps that last for days
  • Increase in vascularity
  • Increases lean muscle mass

CrazyBulk Exclusive – Stacks

Many athletes use legal steroids for months and are very pleased with the results. But there comes a time when they want to take it one notch further. That’s where stacks come into play.

Stacks are combination of more than one legal steroid and can be used when you are looking to push through plateaus or have already used legal steroids in the past. That’s of course the general consensus. There are many athletes who do not want to waste time and jump on straight to stacks.

The best thing about stacks is that they work in synergy. CrazyBulk makes it easy for you to select stacks and they already have premade stacks depending on common fitness goals. But you can always mix and match things up and make your own custom stacks.

#1 - Bulking Stack

The most common bulking stack includes one bottle each of D-Bal, Testomax, Deca Duro & Trenorol. These are the four most powerful mass builders in the market. If you are looking to make insane muscle gains while minimizing fat loss, try this stack. Be warned, that it will be very strong.

How to use this stack – You use Testo Max every morning as a maintenance component. It keeps your test levels up all day. Trenorol and Deca Duro are used pre workout. D-Bal is used post workout.

How fast will you see results – The Bulking stacks is perfect for hard gainers. Even if you find it very difficult to gain muscle, this will break through your plateu. Expect to gain up to 10-15 lb. in 6-weeks.

#2 - Cutting Stack

The Cutting stack is a powerful combination of fat burning steroids. But Testo Max and Winsol are thoughtfully added to it so that you don’t lose too much muscle.

How to use this stack – just like the bulking stack, you use Testo Max every morning to keep your hormone levels stable. Anvarol and Winsol are to be taken every day with meals. Clenbutrol to be used on workout days, just before the workout.

How fast will you see results – This will peel off the pounds at the rate of knots. Expect to see abs within 8-weeks.

#3 – Strength Stack

If you are looking for insane strength and mass, which is perfect for competitive sports, try CrazyBulk’s strength stack. It is a combination of D-Bal, Testo Max, Anvarol & Trenorol.

How to use this stack – Use Testo Max as the base and consume it every morning. Anvarol can be taken every day with meals. Use Trenorol pre workout and add D-Bal to your post workout drink.

In addition to this, there are premade stacks for Growth Hormone boosting, Female cutting and an Ultimate stack, that contains 6 of the most powerful legal steroids.

Does CrazyBulk ship worldwide?

CrazyBulk offers worldwide shipping to more than 100-countries. Shipping is free within the United States and the delivery times are as follows.

  • US: 3-7 working days
  • UK: 2-5 Working Days
  • Europe: 3-10 working days
  • Canada/Australia/World: 5-15 working days

What about returns?

You can return any unused bottles with the original packaging intact within 14-days of receiving it. They have an excellent customer support team (24/7 support) who are more than willing to refund or exchange it for you.

Where are CrazyBulk legal steroids manufactured?

CrazyBulk’s legal steroid supplements are manufactured in an FDA & GMP-certified facility in Cyprus. That’s where the company Wolfson Berg is headquartered. It’s one of the most reputed brands in the business and you can be rest assured that you are getting high quality supplements.

Who can use CrazyBulk’s supplements?

CrazyBulk’s supplements are completely natural, safe and legal. Moreover, they are very safe to be used by both men and women over the age of 18. Here are some of the people who have used these supplements regularly.

  • Professional bodybuilders who have stopped using steroids and gone clean
  • Recreational bodybuilders who want to get steroid like results without using steroids
  • Natural bodybuilders looking to stay natural
  • Fitness buffs who want to look swole without using anabolics
  • Athletes looking for legal and safe alternatives to performance enhancing chemicals
  • Fitness influencers on Instagram. Some of the big names are using CrazyBulk
  • Fitness models and Bikini models
  • People who want to get into fitness and start lifting. Ones who are looking for a headstart

That’s not an exhaustive list. But it’s pretty close. The point is, if you are looking for an edge without using synthetics, CrazyBulk is the right choice for you.

Are there other CrazyBulk users who you can speak to?

Absolutely. There are thousands of CrazyBulk reviews on the internet and on social media. In fact, CrazyBulk has more than 13000 fans on Facebook and more than 8000 IG followers. It’s a thriving community that you can interact with.

Some of the professional bodybuilders who use CrazyBulk are also quite friendly and available for a chat on their social media handles.

What’s the guarantee that these legal steroids will work?

That’s the amazing part. CrazyBulk offers an unconditional 60-day money back guarantee. To the best of our knowledge, they are the only supplement brand that offers this.

If the products are not working for you, you have 67-days to return any unused bottles back for a complete refund. So, you have nothing to lose literally, and a whole new physique to gain.