Best Fat Burning Pills 2021: Thermogenic Supplements to Lose Weight Fast

Fat in your body can be extremely persistent, especially when you have exhausted all ways you can think of to get rid of it. Those jiggles around your stomach and thighs can be nothing but irritating when trying on a new pair of jeans or shorts.

Exercises, diets, and workouts only work up to a certain point, after which you need a push to kickstart your metabolism and fat burning to help you lose weight. This is where ‘fat Burners’ shine. These are dietary supplements containing all-natural ingredients that can help you burn excess fat from your body.

The greater the metabolism, the greater the fat is burnt and Fat Burners can help you achieve just that and more. In this article, we are going to review the 3 Best Thermogenic Fat Burners that are formulated using the best and most potent ingredients that can decrease your appetite, surge your energy levels, and promote weight loss.

You can stop feeling sorry for eating your favourite dishes with these top quality and most popular fat burners.

Top 3 Best Thermogenic Fat Burner Supplements:
  1. PhenQ: High Quality & Best Overall
  2. Instant Knockout: Thermogenic Supplement For Men.
  3. Trimtone: Best Belly Fat Burner For Women.

#1. PhenQ - High Quality & Best Overall

The problems that follow being overweight are endless. Coronary artery disease, an increase in blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes are but a few to name.

Harvard’s School of Public Health states that a staggering 40% of Americans are considered obese and an additional 18% severely obese. By the year 2030, about half of the U.S population will be considered obese.

The health risks associated with obesity and unhealthy weight gain are no longer a matter to be ignored but rather one of great importance and a natural weight loss supplement like PhenQ can help you with all these problems.

PhenQ: Brand Overview

PhenQ is a high-quality weight loss supplement supplied and manufactured by Wolfson Berg Limited, which is a trusted brand in the weight loss industry.
v Unlike other products, PhenQ may not have been on the market for long. But that only means that a lot of resources and research has gone into making this all-in-one weight loss pill to achieve the physique you always wanted.

According to Observer, PhenQ is one of the top picks in the market.

PhenQ prepares its products in FDA and GMP-approved facilities. Their unique blend is created using the ‘α-Lacys Reset®’ formula along with the highest quality natural ingredients. This α-Lacys Reset® formula is a trademarked formula obtained by research combined with cutting-edge technology.

PhenQ is above all other weight loss pill games due to its superior fat-busting results. Let’s find out just how strong, powerful, and efficient their product is.

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Pros of PhenQ:
  • Produced in GMP and FDA-approved facilities in the US and the UK.
  • Only high-quality and 100% natural ingredients are used.
  • No Prescription Required.
  • Claims to be safe for women taking birth control pills.
  • Results in a natural increase in metabolism
  • Promotes oxidation of fat by the body.
  • Results start to show up in a short time.
  • Accompanied with great discounts and affordable prices.
  • Backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Cons of PhenQ:
  • Only available on the official website.
  • Caffeine is known to increase alertness and brain activity therefore taking the pills at odd timings can disrupt sleep.
  • Not recommended for those below 18 years of age.
  • Those with existing health problems, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers must avoid the supplement.

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How Does PhenQ Work?

Have you gone back and forth with diets and workouts only to be repeatedly disappointed? PhenQ believes that they can help you achieve what other brands are only promising. This may just be your pass to a quick and easy, yet safe pass to weight loss and eventually a great body.

Phen Q’s unique α-Lacys Reset® formula understands your body better. By giving the ignition to accelerated and increased metabolism, PhenQ increases the body’s natural ability to burn calories. It doesn't end there. In fact, the process of fat burning has just started.

A faster metabolism only furthers thermogenesis in the body. This unique ability to produce heat in our bodies is called thermogenesis. Increased thermogenesis targets the fat stores in the body and uses your own body's internal thermostat to fire up your calorie burn rate even faster.

Ingredients in PhenQ:

Phen Q’s unique blend gives it the power of five weight loss pills in one. Apart from their secret, scientifically proven α-Lacys Reset® formula, the weight loss supplement is made up of all-natural ingredients like:
  • Capsimax Powder- A mix of the best fat-burning ingredients including pepper extracts, niacin, and caffeine make up this powder. Piperine, or commonly known as black pepper is known to stop the formation of new fat cells. When paired with the capsicum pepper plant, piperine is known to show thermogenic properties in the body producing clinically significant levels of weight loss.
  • Chromium Picolinate- Curbs cravings for sugars and carbs. In doing so, the chromium controls the blood sugar levels by allowing the cells to absorb as much sugar for energy as possible.
  • Caffeine- Being a stimulant, caffeine helps reduce fatigue, increases your focus and alertness. Caffeine also induces thermogenesis and removes feelings of hunger and cravings.
  • Nopal- Rich in antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, the nopal cactus is a healthy addition to a balanced diet. This amino acid-rich addition to the PhenQ mix provides a great boost of energy. They are also rich in fibre giving the user a sense of fullness and curbing untimely hunger.
  • L-Carnitine Fumarate- This naturally occurring amino acid makes energy out of the body’s stored fat. This makes sure that you not only lose weight but also cyclically receive energy at the same time.

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Benefits of Using PhenQ:
  • Keeps a check on your appetite: If overeating is something you have struggled with over time, it may soon be a thing of the past. PhenQ will curb your appetite and cravings of hunger that come at odd timings, making calorie-burning easier.
  • Helps in Fat Reduction: You could be looking for that toned and shapely figure for the summer or simply wanting to reduce body fat. By using the supplement, you speed up your body’s thermogenic and metabolic rates, increasing the fat burning process to twice the speed.
  • Hinders the Production of Fat: Powerful ingredients in PhenQ like the L-Carnitine Fumarate makes sure that there is no more storage or even production of new fat in the body. Leave all the worries about gaining weight outside.
  • Acts as an Energy Booster: The energy-boosting ingredients ensure that there is no loss of energy in the body caused by dieting or even exercising. The caffeine and nopal stimulate your body reducing fatigue and strain on the body.
  • Works as a Mood Enhancer: Are you the type of person who becomes grumpy while dieting? Well, PhenQ assures you that its mood-enhancing properties will keep your temperament in check all while you burn your calories.

Where Can You Buy PhenQ?

PhenQ is available for purchase, exclusively on their official website and nowhere else. Compared to the vast choice of weight loss supplements on the market, PhenQ is more economical.

By choosing to purchase from their website, you receive that genuine product and also avail any ongoing discounts and deals.

The PhenQ supplements are priced accordingly
  • After a discount of £8, one bottle costs £45.95
  • On purchasing two bottles which cost £91.90, you receive another bottle free and save £70.00
  • Three bottles of PhenQ are priced at £129.95 along with which you will get two free bottles and an additional bottle of Advance Cleanse for free.

Each bottle contains 60 tablets and you are recommended to take 2 pills a day, with breakfast and lunch. Any unused PhenQ can be returned in its original packaging within 67 days for a full refund.

#2. Instant Knockout - Thermogenic Supplement For Men

If you wonder every other day, what you would look like lean and fit, you are not alone. Maybe you’ve been wanting to fit into a dress or shirt that you once wore. But all your hard work goes to waste hidden under layers of fat that just refuses to burn.

Instant Knockout’s fat burner might just be the supplement you have been looking for to get a sculpted physique and better overall health.

Instant Knockout: Brand Overview

Instant Knockout manufactured by Roar Ambition Limited, claims to use cutting-edge technology for their carefully formulated fat burning formula. To guarantee the best results the ingredients used are of the highest quality and carefully chosen after thorough research.

Unlike other proprietary formulas, that does not let you compare what exactly they contain, Instant Knockout has all the details of their ingredients listed on their website. This shows that the formula has not been hastily thrown together with the sole purpose of making money. It is one of the best thermogenic fat burners available in the market.

It is trusted by many professionals and developed scientifically for Pro Boxers and MMA Fighters and may work miracles for your body too.

Roar Ambitions meets the highest quality standards in the USA by producing the supplements in facilities that are FDA and cGMP certified.

Pros of Instant Knockout:

  • Burns fat efficiently likes professionals.
  • Easy to use and consume.
  • Made in GMP and FDA-certified facilities.
  • Only the highest quality ingredients are used.
  • Suppresses your appetite.
  • Suitable for both men and women.
  • Helps in Faster Fat Oxidation.
  • Can be taken without a prescription

Cons of Instant Knockout:
  • Available only on the official product website.
  • Not meant to be taken with other stimulants
  • Not for nursing and pregnant women

How Does Instant Knockout Work?

The sole purpose of this supplement is fat burning. The ingredients have been carefully selected and exhaustively researched to make an all-in-one formula. The idea behind it is simple - boost metabolism.

The greater the rate of metabolism in the body, the lesser fat accumulates. The added nutrients help achieve this goal by keeping your hunger in check and giving you an abundance of energy to workout and exercise. This supplement makes sure that energy is produced by the fat that is stored in the body. Instant Knockout is a safe and side-effect-free solution to getting rid of your fat naturally.

Ingredients of Instant Knockout:

What makes Instant Knockout so powerful and efficient are all the ten carefully selected ingredients that are known to suppress hunger, burn fat and boost energy.
  • Extract of Green Tea: Nutrients like catechins (bioactive polyphenols) act as a powerhouse to break down stored fat into energy. The presence of caffeine in the extract gives the boost you need for workouts.
  • Seeds of Cayenne Pepper: This addition packs a powerful punch with vitamin A, C, B6, and a bioactive alkaloid called capsaicin. An increase in insulin sensitivity combined with potent thermogenic properties boosts fat oxidation and metabolism.
  • Glucomannan: The main purpose of this fibre obtained from the konjac plant improves appetite and also reduces hunger pangs. Fat storing triggers are avoided due to their complex carbohydrate sources which leave you with a feeling of being full.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous: This compound is the perfect push you require for your toughest workouts. Increased focus, increased energy and reduced fatigue leads to a successful workout and fat burn leaving the nervous system highly stimulated and alert.
  • Vitamin B6: Also known as pyridoxine is the all-rounder that pulls it all together in Instant Knockout. This improves the way you synthesize energy directly helping with burning fat, increasing metabolism, and the oxidation of fat. B6 initiates amino acid absorption, helping build muscle.
  • Vitamin B12: This helps convert food into usable energy by breaking down fatty acids, carbohydrates, maximizing protein synthesis. This is the perfect recipe for greater metabolism leading to athletic body composition.
  • GTF Chromium: This nutrient keeps a check on your insulin which is necessary for the breakdown and storage of carbohydrates. As a fat burner, it increases metabolism, energy levels and reduces one's cravings.
  • Zinc: Zinc boosts the most essential hormone for increasing protein synthesis in the body, ‘testosterone’.
  • Piperine: This potent black pepper extract has many beneficial fat-burning properties like thermogenesis, metabolism, and even suppression of new fat cells.
  • Green Coffee Bean: Unroasted coffee beans do not have any stimulatory effect. They contain chlorogenic acid, a substance that is known to reduce sugar cravings. It also slows down the absorption of fat from food.

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Benefits of Using Instant Knockout:

Instant Knockout takes a ‘triple action approach’ towards burning fat:
  • Thermogenesis: Instant Knockout contains ingredients that induce the burning of fat in the body using the body’s own heat. This works efficiently because of the potent nature of the ingredients.
  • A boost in the body’s natural metabolic rate: Even when you are taking rest Instant Knockout makes sure you are burning calories. This is possible because of an increased metabolism that occurs naturally in the body.
  • Reduced cravings of Hunger: Nutrients from the Green Coffee Bean and glucomannan, work together to induce feelings of fullness. You can now avoid intake of fat-storing foods by reducing untimely cravings for sugar and carbohydrates.

Other than this, Instant Knockout also helps boost energy. An optimum level of caffeine in the ingredients makes sure that you do not have a dip in your energy levels. These stimulants will get you through a heavy workout, cardio, and exercise like a breeze.

Where Can You Buy Instant Knockout?

Instant Knockout can be highly effective if the recommended dosage is religiously followed. A bottle of Instant Knockout contains 120 capsules and to reap maximum benefits, it should be consumed four times a day as follows:
  • A capsule just when the day begins. (8 am)
  • One just before eating lunch. (11 am)
  • A capsule for the afternoon. (2 pm)
  • Before your evening meal (8 pm)

They are available exclusively on the product website and are priced as given below:
  • Instant Knockout’s ultimate saving and shredding pack is priced at $185 only for three bottles. It comes with a free bottle of the supplement and worldwide shipping.
  • The two-month supply of two bottles is priced at $118 only with free delivery available only in the USA and UK.
  • A single bottle of Instant Knockout can be bought at $59 only.

#3. Trimtone - Best For Women

Life can be quite hectic nowadays, especially for a working woman who has to juggle household chores along with work. Whether it be working out, going to the office, or carrying out daily errands, each requires time, energy and motivation to be done perfectly.

Today’s working women, who can’t find the time and energy to follow a strenuous workout regime need a hassle-free way to tone their body and this can be done using all-new Trimtone.

Trimtone: Brand Overview

Trimstone is the outcome of studying every other female fat burner in the market. It is supplied, tested and manufactured by Swiss Research Labs Limited.

You may no longer have to put yourself through extreme workouts and feel the burn or even take 5-6 pills a day to have your dream body. Trimstone is a 100% natural burner made in the US created exclusively for women of the 21st century.

It is made to make life hassle-free for women with its one-pill dose that can be easily consumed. You may never need to do unhealthy diets again thanks to Swiss Research Labs Limited. They tirelessly worked on this organic formula along with health professionals and nutritionists to create this unique blend.

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Pros of Trimtone:
  • Uses thermogenesis to increase metabolism, which is a natural process.
  • May help in curbing hunger and temptation
  • Proudly made in GMP certified facilities in the USA
  • Boosts energy levels
  • No questions asked money-back guarantee
  • All the ingredients used are entirely natural.

Cons of Trimtone:
  • Only available through their official website.
  • Gelatin capsules make it unsuitable for vegans and vegetarians
  • Limitation of caffeinated drinks while consuming Trimtone

How Does Trimtone Work?

SInce Trimtone is an all-natural supplement, you would have guessed by now that the ingredients in it initiate weight loss and fat reduction in ways more than one.

Trimtone works on the body’s metabolism reducing the stubborn fat that you have struggled with forever. Ingredients work on your hunger giving you feelings of fullness even if you eat less. The supplement provides enough energy required by an individual for the day.

Most importantly, it stimulates thermogenic effects in the body, which increases the core body temperature further burning fat.

Ingredients of Trimtone:
  • Caffeine: It increases the ability of the body to burn fat through thermogenesis and lipolysis. Caffeine is a proven performance enhancer and stimulant. This will make sure that you have an instant dose of energy and you remain alert.
  • Green Coffee: These unroasted coffee beans contain chlorogenic acid which lowers insulin levels by avoiding the absorption of fat and glucose in the gut. This in turn boosts your metabolism. It also shows thermogenic properties.
  • Green Tea: Green tea contains antioxidants called catechins which are the key to losing weight. These catechins increase metabolism and therefore burn fat in the process. The caffeine in the tea also acts as a stimulant.
  • Grains of Paradise: This ingredient is responsible for firing up brown adipose tissue (BAT). Through thermogenesis, BAT burns calories by keeping your body warm. BAT activation has shown to regulate sugar levels in the blood, keeping your cravings at bay.
  • Glucomannan: This dietary fibre is low in calories and takes up space in your stomach giving feelings of increased satiety.

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Benefits of Using Trimtone:
  • 100% Organic and safe Ingredients: The ingredients sourced for the Trimtone are all-natural and highly effective as fat burners.
  • Burns Stubborn Body Fat: Trimstone enables thermogenesis to occur. This is a process where stored fat is turned into energy. This speeds up your metabolism, allowing fat to burn around the clock wherever you are.
  • Curbs Cravings: All the gains you benefitted from a workout could go to waste if you carelessly consume carbs and sugars. Trimtone helps you keep your daily calorie intake in check by suppressing your craving and hunger pangs.
  • Backed by a Refund policy: Trimtone has the best policy among other fat-burning supplements. Their 100-day money-back policy speaks for itself. The manufacturers are ready to refund you the money if at any point you are not satisfied.
  • No Bulky Consumptions: There is no longer a need to diet excessively or take a large number of pills to control your weight. One pill a day does the trick.

Where Can You Buy Trimtone?

The instructions for consuming Trimtone are quite simple and easy to follow. One capsule a day, consumed with water can provide you with all the benefits that your body needs.

You can purchase your bottle of Trimtone from their official website which offers many discounts and offers. Trimtone has a 100-day money-back guarantee allowing the customer to return any unopened Trimtone products for a full refund.

Trimtone can be purchased as given below:
  • One month’s supply for $49.95 + $4.95 only (plus shipping charges)
  • Two months supply for $99.90 only with free shipping and an extra month’s supply for free.
  • Three months supply for $149.85 only with two months supply free including shipping.

FAQs on Fat Burning Supplements:

Q. Are the thermogenic fat burners safe?
The ingredients used in the supplements are all naturally occurring substances and do not synthetic or artificial ingredients.

The unique formula and potent ingredients of the natural fat burners mentioned in this article, naturally decrease your body’s weight by improving metabolism in the body. The ingredients control your appetite and even your energy levels providing a greater chance of success with weight loss.

Q. Who should use Fat Burners?
There are lots of Best fat burners available in the market. Most fat-burning supplements are meant to be used by those above the age of 18.

Any adult can use a natural fat burner who -
  • Is Finding it difficult to lose weight
  • Has exhausted all Weight loss methods and still hasn't lost weight
  • Can't find time to exercise, due to a hectic professional life.
  • Is having Difficulties controlling hunger and midnight munchies.

Almost all manufacturers do not recommend nursing and pregnant mothers from consuming the supplement. Those with existing health problems are suggested to consult a doctor before any consumption of the supplement.

In Conclusion - Which Is The Best Fat Burner You Should Go For?

When paired with a healthy diet and daily exercise, a natural fat burner can be extremely effective. These three we’ve mentioned above can help you lose weight and burn accumulated fat by a natural improvement in metabolic functioning and boosting your gut health. But we would suggest you to go for PhenQ. It’s a unique blend gives it the power of five weight loss pills in one

There is no hard and fast way to reduce weight. Whether you are a student, father, mother, or a person in any occupation, you need to find the option that best fits your needs.

Take the time to zero in on a supplement that works best for you and your body. However, always make sure to consult your doctor before taking any supplement because it is always a better prevention than cure. In this way, you will eventually have in hand the perfect tailor-made solution for you that can help you feel and look your best.