Welcome to the Reeferfront Times

Weed coverage. Like, more weed coverage.
Weed coverage. Like, more weed coverage.

We've been covering marijuana, literally for decades. The culture. The consumers. The market. The destructive government policies. The brutally uneven imprisonment.

We have written about marijuana from just about every angle imaginable. And now, with legalization finally turning a corner, we're launching a dedicated section called Reeferfront Times (most jokes will be better, promise) in the paper and online. We are kicking it off this week with a special weed issue. It's always worth tracking down a hard copy, but we've got you covered right here with a collection of interviews, essays and reports.

To start, we've got stories about the nonsensical process of obtaining medical marijuana outside of mainstream health care's moralizing, a conversation with Jeff Mizanskey, marijuana on campus and a rundown of the dispensaries popping up across the St. Louis metro. Ray Hartmann recounts the long, strange trip from "pot bad" to "pot good," and don't think we forgot about cannabis' migration to the food business. In the future, expect coverage of the wild west of the booming industry and Missouri's renewed efforts to legalize recreational.

To guide the way, we're introducing the RFT's new cannabis correspondent Thomas K. Chimchards, a pseudonymous man of mystery whose debut column is an instant classic. Tommy Chims (@TOMMYCHIMS on Twitter) does a fine job of explaining his plans, and I won't double up here, but you're going to want to read.

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A lot of the way our coverage grows will depend on you. So send us your questions and story tips at either [email protected] or [email protected].

As we get going, here's a rundown of the latest:

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Hartmann: The Strange, Nostalgic Journey to Legalizing Marijuana

Marijuana Dispensaries in the St. Louis Metro (A List)

Dave Owens Brings a Chef's Sensibilities to THC-Infused Edibles

College Dabbers and Dabblers