Eureka Car Believes it Can Fly, Becomes Part of Somebody's Roof

A seemingly physics-defying crash left a Eureka fire official marveling that no one was injured after a vehicle tumbled through the air, through a fence, and finally into a home in Eureka on Saturday night, where it lodged itself in the roof and narrowly missed two sleeping residents.

"A very interesting call last night," the Eureka Fire Protection District remarked in a Facebook post Sunday morning in which it shared several photos of an emergency crew working on removing the white Chevy Malibu after its plunge into the roof of a home on Thorntree Lane.

It's not clear what specific events occurred to deposit the vehicle in such a precarious position. In remarks to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Eureka Fire Department spokesman Scott Barthelmass described the car as "literally just saucering through the air end-over-end."

He noted, "If you look at that crash, it's like, how did somebody not die?"

Meanwhile, Deputy Chief William Stamberger, also of the Eureka Fire Department, told Fox2 that the Malibu was being driven by two teenagers leaving a graduation party around 1:30 am. He said the car somehow left the roadway, rolled to the bottom of a hill, and then kept going — tumbling into one of the large homes in the subdivision.

The two occupants of the car were able to walk away from the crash uninjured. The car landed just feet from the sleeping residents in the upstairs master bedroom, as Fox2's Mikala McGhee demonstrated from the very scene of the near tragedy.

"I'm not even three to four steps from where this car came through the roof," McGhee noted, as the camera panned from an undisturbed bed to the utterly destroyed master bathroom a few feet away.

Stamberger called the situation, "an extreme success story," noting that the car not only missed the people sleeping in the upstairs bedroom, but also a child sleeping downstairs.

"There was potential for a great amount of disaster," he said.

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