Top 10 STD Dating Sites for Herpes and HIV Positive People

Let’s be honest, we all struggle to find partners, and dating can be complicated sometimes. We all have some secrets and traumas that we don’t know how to share with our special ones, and there’s always a way to overcome them. However, STD dating can be very challenging and stressful.

It can be difficult to let go and open up even though you’re scared of reactions. Most people with STDs are afraid of getting dumped on the first date if they share their story. Indeed, most people don’t want to hear their date is having such problems.

So there’s always the question of how to be completely honest with someone and be sure that they would accept your STD. Luckily, there are online dating sites specially designed for people with STDs and STIs where you can share your story, educate and meet people. You can learn how to accept yourself, find your partner, or how to date someone with an STD.

1. Positive Singles

This online dating platform is made for people who suffer from sexually transmitted diseases. Their dating community is for all those who have chlamydia, herpes, HIV, hepatitis, and all kinds of STDs. Positive Singles offer a possibility to find someone who has a similar story to you.

You can share experiences and maybe find a friend or partner for a lifetime. They have a carefully designed search engine with lots of details. All their users have special messaging tools to communicate with each other. If you prefer emails, you also have that possibility.

When it comes to privacy, they ensured that you could choose to block users if they become rude or annoying. Another special feature is a website section where they educate people on how to live with their STDs. You can also find information about treatment advancements and member’s experiences.

Your profile on Positive Singles can remain completely anonymous until you choose to reveal your personal information with a match. Positive Singles also has 15,000 active daily users and applications for Android and iOS. With around 1,5 million members, there’s a great chance you’ll find a perfect match.

2. Herpes People Meet

Herpes People Meet is a specialized site for meeting people with herpes. They are powered by Positive Singles, and they have around 700,000 anonymously registered members from all around the world. Even though these members are anonymous, there are special questions and criteria you must meet to become an active member.

That’s how this dating platform ensured that no one gets spammed or annoyed by fake profiles. Their website is free of irritating advertisements, and that makes match searching a lot easier. Also, they have a very strict privacy policy, and all your data remains confident and safe from third-party apps.

Herpes People Meet is a very serious STD dating platform where you can remain anonymous while searching for your perfect match. You can customize your profile, decide if you want to show in other people’s searches, and even receive dating advice from one of their live support agents.

3. eHarmony

eHarmony is a dating site for people looking for someone to stick with for a lifetime or find a serious relationship. If you’re searching for a casual hookup, that’s not something you can find on dating sites like eHarmony.

This dating platform isn’t designed to look like ordinary STD dating sites. eHarmony is considered the most popular dating site on a global level. They have around 15 million active members from all parts of the world. At the same time, eHarmony has over 20 million US members alone, making them the largest online dating platform.

They give you an option to start a free trial before deciding if you want to become their member. And when you decide to sign up, you’ll see that eHarmony is a dating site with serious intentions to help you find a special one.

4. POZ Personals

POZ Personals is a very strictly designed STD dating site for HIV positives. That’s maybe the most exclusive dating platform among all STD dating sites. POZ Personals has around 150,000 active members from all around the world. They don’t have limits, and every HIV-positive person is welcome to join them.

No matter if you’re bisexual, transexual, gay, or straight, you can find any type of relationship you’re interested in on POZ Personals, including dating, friends, or sexual encounters. POZ Personals has been active since 1994, and it’s the extension of popular POZ Magazine. That is a magazine made for people who are affected by HIV/AIDS and an award-winning brand.

POZ Personals doesn’t have strict privacy settings options, and it can be hard for straight people to avoid gay or lesbian members. If you become their premium member, there’s a possibility to use their search blocker and limit annoying and rude members to reach your profile.

If you don’t have a problem with a poor privacy policy and you’re only there to enhance your chances of finding a friend or a partner, be free to check them out.

5. Hinge

Hinge is very similar to eHarmony. They have designed a dating site for people who are into serious relationships and contacts. This platform is made for everyone, not just for people who have STDs. If you’re searching only for people who suffer from any kind of STD, you may search further and choose specialized STD dating sites.

Regardless, there’s a possibility of finding someone who shares your story and connecting with people who will accept and understand your condition. Hinge offers free membership for all new users, and you can explore and experience how their matching algorithm works and see if you want to continue with your search.

Hinge works by matching people considering their sign-up answers. The only way to find your match without their algorithm is when both of you send likes. That doesn’t mean you need to leave a comment or send a message – it’s up to you.

If you decide to visit their dating platform, you should know that they have only a mobile application and their desktop website serves just for buying merchandise.

6. Meet Positives

Meet Positives is one of the most recent STD dating sites. Even though they launched in 2014, they gained credibility in a very short time. The site is not just a regular dating platform. They also have educational articles you can read and understand how to date people with STDs.

They operate simply, and you can finish the sign-up process in a few seconds. The only info they require is sex and your location. They believe that people with STDs already understand each other and that there’s no need to bother you with too intimate questions.

Meet Positives also has an incredible search system that lets you easily find people who can be your perfect matches. They claim that their community is open to anyone, not just people with STDs. At the same time, their main goal is to help people with STDs or STIs have a normal dating experience without being ashamed of themselves.

7. HIV Dating Online

The very first impression when you enter the HIV Dating Online website will be remarkable. There are so many HIV online dating sites, but almost all of them, with few exceptions, are poor-looking. HIV Dating Online is dedicated to people with STDs, and you can see that they put an effort to create a pleasant place for their members.

HIV Dating Online has a strict goal, helping singles with STDs find real love. They keep information about how many members their community has but, in the end, it’s not crucial information for people who just want to find their partner or meet someone who shares the same life story.

This STD dating platform takes care of the security and privacy of its members. The number of fake profiles is almost negligible because they strive to focus on quality and provide a warm and pleasant space where their members can successfully find a perfect match.

When it comes to features, this dating platform is pretty much standard. Free users can only check other people’s profiles and set up their own, and premium members are those with the privilege to start the conversation and send messages and emails.

8. HWerks

HWerks is a dating website only for people with STDs like HPV or herpes. They help people to understand and learn to live with their infections. Their goal is to support their members and encourage them to live their normal lives and connect to someone who’s sharing similar conditions.

HWerks is not a regular STD dating site – they provide much more than just a dating service. Their main goal is to help people with herpes smile again and educate them during the process. When you first enter their website, you can see how serious they are.

To become a member of their community, you need to pay a fee. That fee serves to prevent spammers from ruining the concept and idea of the community. When it comes to dating services, it’s practically the same as every other dating site.

The only thing that differs is the possibility to communicate with other members via video chat. If you don’t know how to start a conversation, you can also join some local forums and avoid inconvenience.

HWerks even has a herpes calendar where people can inform about the latest news in medical treatments and herpes-related events.

9. POS Date

POS Date is another of those STD dating sites where HIV positive people can look for serious relationships and friendships. Everyone is welcome, and they have a diverse group of members, from straight to LGBT groups. Premium membership is very cheap, and that’s why people mostly choose POS Date to find their soulmates.

The site concept is similar to other dating platforms, with bright and optimistic colors. People can easily browse and find things like Help, Information, About Us, or Terms and Conditions because, unlike on other dating platforms, POS Date keeps everything visible.

Sign up process is very simple, and it takes only a few seconds. Chatting and communication with other members go smoothly and easily. Users can send flirts and likes, which is a way of showing someone they’re interested in starting a conversation.

Those who are interested in chatting have an always-available chat room full of welcoming and warm people.

10. HIV Net

This STD dating site is another of those safe environments where people can find lovers or friends. In terms of website features, this dating platform is standard. It’s another regular dating site for people who are HIV positive and eager to share their experiences with others.

Membership for HIV Net is free but doesn’t let you start a conversation or send an email until a gold member contacts you. At the same time, that means annoying ads can pop up from time to time and ruin your overall experience.

The registration process will only take you a couple of minutes. All you have to do is fill in your basic personal information and verify your email address to confirm you’re not a scammer. The bad thing is that you can run on some inactive profiles and get a little disappointed in their professionality. The good thing is that HIV Net provides a good privacy level for all its members.


In the world of STD dating, people need all the tools they can get. It can be challenging to accept and live with STDs and have fulfilled personal life. That’s the reason why these dating platforms exist. To show you that you’re not alone and give you a chance to open up to someone and maybe find a lifetime partner. Feel free to check all of them and see what’s the best option for you.