Nature Med and Elevate Holistics Team Up to Help You Get Your MO MMJ Card

Starting July 10th, the brand-new Nature Med dispensary in St. Louis is making it easier than ever to get your medical marijuana card. By partnering with Elevate Holistics, a telemedicine company specializing in MMJ, the dispensary is holding a patient drive for all prospective medical marijuana cardholders.

If you’ve ever been interested in getting your Missouri medical card, now is the time. With Nature Med and Elevate Holistics’ patient drive, the process is as simple as can be.

Nature Med Dispensary originally hails from sunny Arizona, where they opened a successful line of knowledgeable, friendly medical dispensaries. From there, Nature Med’s popularity only skyrocketed, now reaching Missouri and more.

The dispensary focuses closely on patient education and comfortability. They understand that there is a strong disconnect between cannabis knowledge and the everyday public, and Nature Med strives to change that. The dispensary and its budtenders do not want you to come and go without gaining anything (other than cannabis products, of course). Instead, Nature Med’s dedicated to working one-on-one with their customers, providing any and all information a person could need surrounding cannabis.

With their dedication to patient education, comfortability, and cannabis experience, it’s no surprise that Nature Med Dispensary would team up with a reputable MMJ company like Elevate Holistics.

Elevate Holistics started in Oklahoma, where the founders noticed a severe lack of access to cannabis services within rural areas. From there, the team of experts decided to create a telemedicine company that helped people from all across OK obtain their medical cards — regardless of where they lived.

This online MMJ process took off immediately, and Elevate quickly spread to more states throughout the US, now serving patients in Missouri, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and more. While Elevate specializes in online, digital services, they’re offering their expertise in-person with this up-and-coming Nature Med patient drive.

During this drive, you’ll show up at Nature Med’s newest dispensary location on Kingston Drive. There, you’ll find both Nature Med budtenders and Elevate Holistics professionals ready to help you start the process of getting your medical marijuana card in Missouri. It doesn’t matter whether you’re sure you even qualify for a card — the experts are there to help.

Not certain you know enough about medical marijuana or what it does? Nature Med and Elevate Holistics’ patient drive is the perfect place to ask all of your canna-questions. These professionals are experienced and knowledgeable in all things MMJ, and they will be more than prepared to give you the 411 on medical cannabis in Missouri.

Why get a medical marijuana card? Nowadays, you’ve probably noticed more and more people becoming interested in medicinal cannabis. As research has progressed, we’ve started understanding this complex plant better than ever before, leaving people across the country curious about how it may work for them.

The therapeutic value of medical cannabis is undeniable, proving beneficial in myriad shapes and forms. From its anti-inflammatory properties to its assistance for those with epilepsy and everything in between, MMJ is becoming a valid form of relief. With a medical marijuana card, you gain access to the safest, highest-quality cannabis products out there — and it’s far more than just some joints and edibles these days. Not to mention, with a valid medical marijuana card, the law protects you. So, even though it may feel a little strange purchasing cannabis legally the first few times, it is 100% allowed and 100% accepted.

Not too long ago, attempting to get your medical marijuana card was a journey in and of itself. Now, thanks to Nature Med and Elevate Holistics, you’re able to get it done effortlessly in just a few hours. There aren’t any sketchy back-alley doctor’s offices or all-day wait times. Instead, you work directly with cannabis experts in a safe, comfortable space to get you exactly what you need for your physical and mental condition.

If you’re ready to take the next step into your health and wellness journey, check out Elevate Holistics’ patient drive at the Nature Med Dispensary located at 234 Kingston Dr., St. Louis, MO 63125. The drive operates every other Saturday, starting July 10th from 1 pm - 4 pm. It’s held in the suite right next to the dispensary, so you’ll see Elevate’s team of smiling faces as soon as you arrive at Nature Med.

We look forward to seeing you there!