BiCupid: Exclusive Dating Site & App For LGBT & Bisexual Singles

As someone who has tried many lgbt & bisexual online dating sites, I wanted to see what BiCupid was like. I've had experience on Tinder and OkCupid, which are two of the most popular as well. Many of my friends had told me that as a bisexual, it would be a great place to find other bisexual man & woman, bisexual couple, start chatting, and make romantic connections.

I am always interested in trying new LGBT & bisexual dating sites. When the opportunity came up, I was excited to try this out. Here is my review of BiCupid after spending time on the site and getting to know the platform.

History of the Company
Since 2003, BiCupid has embraces over 2 million bisexual singles, couples, queers and other lgbt singles. Here you can find other sexy and open-minded singles and couples who are looking to explore their sexuality, chat, hook up and more. We also offer many features to facilitate people looking for anything from lovers to intimate relationships.

Main Features and Highlights:

Designed for Bisexual Ladies and Men
Being designed specifically for bisexual people, this website is truly unique. It is hard to find other sites specifically geared towards a niche of the online dating world. For those who want to connect with other bisexual ladies and men, this is a great choice and worth giving a try.

Success Stories
Like other bisexual singles and couples dating sites, there are some success stories available that you can see. This gives you an idea of the bisexual dating site and what people get out of the website. It is always fun to see these stories and hear people's successes!

Unique Matching Features
  • Let's Meet Option
This website has a Let's Meet option. You can basically swipe as you do on Tinder, and then you can see matches and express interest really fast. All you have to do is click the heart if you like them, or even click the X if you down. This is really great because it's much different than Tinder and even more accessible.

  • Seeing Matches
Also, BiCupid shows matches to all members. If you're interested in somebody, you can see if they're interested in you, and you'll be able to tell if it's a mutual match. If not, you can move forward and find another person to connect with. The only real thing is that you have to click a photo, but this is really great because sometimes, and not having an image can be a sign of a scammer.

  • Limited Accessibility for Free Accounts
Unfortunately, there are some other matching functions that I could not access with a free account. However, I didn't feel like this deterred me from making good connections. With BiCupid, I did not think that the contacts were poorly matched. Everyone I talked to was someone I had something in common with.

Great Accessibility
After signing up, it was straightforward to connect with people. There are more than 1.3 million members on the site, and it seems like many quality people. There's a profile section, search section, my list, community, and the setting section. It reads very much like an old-school Facebook profile.

Great Connections and People
I also found that many of the people there were really upfront and honest about what they wanted. It might have been my own experience, but this was definitely a big plus for me as a user! It seemed like a great community.

Signing Up
It is effortless to sign up, and it is free to have a trial membership. If you choose to connect with Facebook, the process is straightforward. If not, you can fill out more questions and spend only five minutes completing your basic account information. It is effortless but filling out your profile will take some time to curate your information.


Site Design and Accessibility
It is effortless to use easy to navigate. It wasn't too hard to figure out, and it was straightforward to find everything. As mentioned, the whole BiCupid reads much like an old Facebook profile, and there are tabs you can choose from to truly see all of the sites. Overall, it was super easy to move through the site and explore everything.

Seeing Peoples' Profiles and Matching
You can also do a quick search and state who you are and what you're looking for, even provide an age range. You can even select people based on region or other metrics. If you have a page profile, you'll be able to access all the features, including ethnicity, body type, religion, education, and more.

Seeing their profiles is also easy and provides you with a lot of information. You can even see when they last logged in and what they are seeking. Many people often put their desired relationship or not relationship goals on their profiles, and it's straightforward to weed out people who don't want anything serious.

Customer Support
There is definitely plenty of support for the dating website and even a FAQ section. This is definitely helpful, especially as someone new to the site. I could figure out how to navigate, answer questions I had, and even have a live phone number you can call. It's great for those looking for the basics and definitely is enough support for those on the site.

Limited Free Trial
Unfortunately, this website is available for upgrade and premium members. You will be asked to pay $29.95 per month to access the entire membership. For those who want to avoid paying for their online dating sites, this might not be your choice.

Membership Plans

1 month: $29.95

3 months: $19.95 / month

6 months: $15.95 / month

Overall Experience
Overall, BiCupid definitely has everything that people need, and it's specially tailored to those were bisexual. You can see plenty on their profile, the sign-up is easy, and the bisexual dating site is comprehensive. For anyone looking for specifically bisexual friends or romantic partners, this website lives up to its expectations!

I had a great experience and met some great people, even if things ended as just friends. I recommend it for anyone looking for more connections and potentially even more friends, as there are lots of people on there just looking for platonic relationships.