St. Louis Restaurant Openings and Closings: March 2022

UKraft's third location is now open in Chesterfield. - Mabel Suen
Mabel Suen
UKraft's third location is now open in Chesterfield.

This month, there was a  flurry of growth in the St. Louis metro area's restaurant scene, almost all of it occurring far outside the city center. From Westport to Mehlville, Chesterfield to Edwardsville, IL, restaurateurs looked to the 'burbs — and in some cases, the exurbs — to test out new concepts or build their already established brands. UKraft, the daytime restaurant that saw huge (and unexpected, if you ask the owners) growth during the pandemic, expanded its reach to Chesterfield, while Westport Plaza showed it was bullish on the prospect of an influx of returning office workers with its new lunch spot, Jovick Brothers Deli. South County saw two openings, the aviation themed Flight Deck Pub inside the boutique Aviator Hotel & Suites, and La Oaxaqueña, an exciting Mexican spot from a Oaxaca native that promises to be a thrilling take on the state's vibrant culinary tradition. Add to that two restaurants in Southern Illinois, Chappy's in Edwardsville and the darling June's Breakfast + Patio that makes a strong case for hoofing it across the Mississippi to Shiloh, IL, and it's clear that restaurant owners see the potential for growth  at the area's far corners.

Openings may have dwarfed the closings in March, but we still said goodbye to a few institutions. Cannoli's, the popular Florissant Italian restaurant known for its complimentary crusty bread served with olive oil and a shaker of garlic powder, served its last guests, as did the Old North gathering spot, La Mancha Coffeehouse. And Maplewood got a little less sweeter when the longtime dessert spot Pie Oh My went dark, fittingly, on "Pi Day."

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Boardwalk Waffles & Ice Cream, Soulard
Chappy's, Edwardsville, IL
Flight Deck Pub, South County
Gallery Pub on Thurman, Shaw
Jovick Brothers Deli, Westport Plaza
June's Breakfast + Patio, Shiloh, IL
La Oaxaqueña, Mehlville
UKraft Cafe & Smoothie Exchange, Chesterfield
Vail's Brothers Restaurants & Food Truck (additional location), the Grove

Cannoli's, Florissant
La Mancha Coffeehouse, Old North
Pie Oh My, Maplewood

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