Missouri Voter Registration Deadline Looms

Here's what you need to know in order to register to vote

click to enlarge It's almost time. - DANNY WICENTOWSKI
It's almost time.

With the long holiday weekend ahead of us, we have to remind you of something: There's an election coming up, and the deadline to register is quickly approaching.

July 6 is the last day to register for the primary election that will be held in Missouri on August 2; the last day to register to vote for the pending midterm elections is October 12.

Primaries are used to select a party’s candidate for the pending election, whether that’s on the federal or state level. To make sure you are able to make your voice heard, head over to the Missouri Secretary of State’s website and check your voter registration. You enter your name, birthday and address. It’ll then pop up if and where you’re registered, or tell you that you’re not.

If you’re not registered, you have a few options. You can print and mail the application (this will probably take a few days and needs to be postmarked by the registration date), register in person at your nearest election office, or you can submit an application online at sos.mo.gov.

In order to register to vote, you must be at least 17 and a half years old (and 18 to vote at the time of the election), a US citizen and a Missouri resident.

Questions on the application include name, address, driver’s license number (leave that blank if you don’t have one), date of birth and last four digits of your social security number. You can call your election authority seven days after you mail your application to ensure that they’ve received it.

One of the most-watched races here in Missouri is who will replace Roy Blunt in the U.S. Senate. Disgraced ex-governor Eric Greitens, Attorney General Eric Schmitt, U.S. Representative Vicky Hartzler and U.S. Representative Billy Long are the most well-known candidates on the Republican ticket.

Democratic candidates Spencer Toder, Lucas Kunce and heiress Trudy Busch Valentine are the three leading the race for their ticket.

When you show up to the polls, you aren't required to have a government-issued photo ID (yet). Instead, you can show a utility bill or paycheck; ID issued by the election authority (they send you a card in the mail prior to the election with your name and address); an ID issued by Missouri or the federal government such as a passport; or an ID from a college, vocational or technical school.

The Secretary of State’s website will show you a sample ballot after you check your registration in their Voter Outreach Portal. It’ll also show you where your polling place is.