St. Louis Weather Turning Hot Again This Week (Yes, Really)

Forecasts show temperatures reaching the 90s this weekend

Put away your pumpkin spice lattes, it’s still summer in St. Louis.

Cooler temperatures have had us dreaming of cozy sweaters and crunching leaves, but St. Louis summer isn’t done with us quite yet.

It’s still summer by the calendar (it doesn’t end until September 22), but it’s also still summer in the forecast, too. We’ve all been enjoying a late baseball season accompanied by cool breezes here in St. Louis recently, but we’ll be back to sweating in just a few days.

The National Weather Service in St. Louis says that high temperatures will rise all week, reaching 90 degrees by Friday and staying high through the weekend.

Current forecasts show temperatures all the way up to 92 next Monday and Tuesday before they start to fall again mid-week.

So if you want to get in one last swim or one last trip to the splash pad in, plan your weekend appropriately, summer lovers.