St. Louis Storytelling Festival Gives Life to a Timeless Tradition

St. Louis County Library will kick off the 43rd festival on October 13

A row of books on a shelf.
Photo courtesy of Flickr / Paul Sableman
The St. Louis Storytelling Festival returns this October.

In a world of screens and distractions, it's important to take some time to celebrate one of humanity's most eternal and beloved pastimes.

One great way to do that is at the  St. Louis Storytelling Festival, which returns this October for a nine-day celebration of storytelling with presenters from near and far. Events for attendees young and old will kick off throughout the St. Louis area from October 13 to October 22.

Festivities begin at the Missouri History Museum with "The American Experience Through Storytelling" featuring nationally renown storytellers Sheila Arnold, Noa Baum and Nestor Gomez.

For kiddos ages 3 to 9, you can catch "The Three Pigs of Piggyville" at multiple dates and venues. Puppeteers Papa and Jackie Wright will perform the story of the three little pigs and how they learned the importance of learning how to read.

This is the storytelling festival's 43rd year, and it's first return to in-person festivities since the pandemic.

See a full schedule of events on St. Louis County Library's website.