AirDrop Threats Send Metro East School Into Lockdown All Week

Cahokia High School has been in a "soft lockdown" four days in a row

click to enlarge Cahokia High School in Cahokia, Illinois.
Cahokia High School in Cahokia, Illinois.

A Metro East high school has gone on lockdown four days in a row after mass violent threats were sent out to the student body.

The week at Cahokia High School began with two such threats sent out on Monday, followed by another on Wednesday.

Every day Monday through Thursday the school has gone into what administrators call a "soft lockdown."

Assistant Superintendent Curtis McCall told the Belleville News Democrat that law enforcement has identified a "person of interest."

Cahokia High parent Corey Dickerson spoke to Fox 2 News saying that whoever was issuing the threats “said he would go through the freshman wing with an AK-47 and will shoot anyone he sees.”

The threats have been sent out via the AirDrop app.

AirDrop enables the user of one Apple product, like an iPad or iPhone, to quickly send files to any other Apple products within a close vicinity.

Just last week, California's governor signed a law banning the practice of so-called "cyber flashing," using the AirDrop function to send lewd photos to large numbers of people.

Fox 2 News has reported that prior to the start of the threats, video was circulated among Cahokia High students showing a school security guard body slamming a student.

The school issued a statement related to the incident involving the student and security guard. It read: "We are aware of the incident that occurred in relation to a student and our security guard. As a part of our investigation, it was determined that the security guard acted in accordance with required procedures based on the student’s actions, which were not seen on video."

On days when the school has gone into its "soft lockdown" some parents have come to pick up their kids but the majority of students have continued to attend classes, school officials say.

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