Albert Pujols' 700th Home Run Ball Sells for $360,000

The piece of MLB history was more than the median home price in St. Louis

click to enlarge Albert Pujols in Busch III
Ben Munson/St. Louis Cardinals
Albert Pujols was very cool about a fan not returning his historic home run ball.

The fan who caught Albert Pujols' 700th home run ball at Dodgers stadium on September 23 got to cash in on a big payday last week.

Dodgers fan Marlowe Leal sold his lucky catch at auction, avoiding the pitfalls of other fans by getting his ball authenticated by Major League Baseball before leaving the stadium. Then he worked with Goldin Auctions to sell the ball, which went up for auction on October 25 for $25,000.

The auction closed November 5 with the top bid of $300,000; the extra $60,000 is a 20 percent buyer's premium tacked on to all winning bids. Goldin announced the final sale in a tweet.

The entire bid history can be found on Goldin's website, but most of the activity took place on the last day of bidding after stalling at $170,000 in late October.

The ball is a piece of MLB history since only four players in the history of baseball have ever hit 700-plus career home runs.

"The historical significance of this baseball cannot be overstated," Goldin wrote on its website. "[T]wo of what would be other 700 home run baseballs, hit by Babe Ruth and [Hank] Aaron, have never materialized, and Barry Bonds' 700th home run baseball was hit 18 years prior on Sept. 17, 2004. Given the ultra-rare feat of hitting 700 home runs, this quite possibly could be the last significant milestone home run ball for some time."

Speaking of Barry Bonds, his 700th home run baseball sold for $804,129, according to Goldin's website. That makes the Pujols ball a steal by comparison.

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