A Vegetarian's Guide to Eating at Busch Stadium

Nachos: A good choice for vegetarians.
Nachos: A good choice for vegetarians.

In two decades as a vegetarian, I've had occasion to hear my empty tummy rumble at more than a few festive occasions. But things have been changing for the better for herbivores all over, and Busch Stadium is no exception. In fact, it's easy enough to eat yourself into oblivion at the ballpark, even as a vegan.

Here's a list of mouthwatering meatless options. Come hungry!

The Asian stir fry is available at Red Bird Club and portable in Section 136. It's vegan.

The Bavarian pretzel and traditional soft pretzel are good beer-absorbing vegan options, available at Gashouse Grill locations and most stands.

French fries, the classic vegetarian consolation prize, are at Red Bird Clubs and most portables, and the salty goodness is vegan.

You can get nachos just about anywhere, and they're customizable to be vegetarian — even vegan if you leave off that magical cheese.

Be aware of what dressing you choose for the garden salad, and it's a workable vegan option. Find it at Red Bird Club and 8th Street Market.

Top your tater tots carefully and everyone's favorite cafeteria throwback works for vegetarians and vegans, too. Find them at Double Play Tap & Grill in sections 135 and 358.

Veggie burgers are becoming pretty standard alternatives at restaurants everywhere. The patty and bun are vegan, and the toppings are up to you. On offer at Double Play Tap & Grill in sections 135 and 358.

No need to feel left out of the song. Peanuts and Cracker Jack are both vegan and are pretty ubiquitous throughout the park. Popcorn is all over, too, but it's not for vegans.

Get the quesadilla without meat for a sturdy vegetarian option from El Birdo's Cantina in Section 141.

Pizza is a go-to for the cheese-consuming fan. Find it at Red Bird Club and Triple Play 152.

Nobody said all vegetarians are health nuts. There is some absolutely magnificent junk food that in good conscience any cardiologist would steer you clear of, but c'mon. Sorry, vegans — but vegetarians, I promise there is no meat in the Ben & Jerry's ice cream, funnel cakes, Dinger's donuts or fried Oreos.