Best CBD Oil 2022: Top Cannabis Oil Brands To Buy CBD

A lot has changed in the CBD world in recent years. We have seen a trend where more people are open to enjoying CBD products than before. This has made many CBD brands come up trying to get a part of the market share. However, the entry of many CBD companies can sometimes make it hard to identify the best CBD oil. Not to worry, as this is the guide to help you understand CBD and where best to use the CBD oils.

You may have heard how CBD may be good for pain relief, inflammation, cancer, and other benefits. The truth is that there will be a lot more benefits you can enjoy from using CBD more often. We will also look at that so that you can only settle for CBD, knowing it will be a good product for you.

Editor’s Choice
Nuleaf Naturals
  • Excellent customer support
  • High-quality CBD oils
  • Use quality extraction method

Best CBD Oil Brands To Buy in 2022
  1. NuLeaf Naturals - Editor’s Choice
  2. Endoca - Best for Variety
  3. Penguin CBD - Best for Potency
  4. CBDforLife - Best for Broad Spectrum CBD
  5. PlusCBD - Best for Organic CBD

1. NuLeaf Naturals
  • It offers premium CBD oils
  • The oils are made using organic hemp
  • The brand uses green extraction
  • It lacks broad-spectrum and CBD isolates products
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Are you interested in the best full-spectrum CBD oils? If that is the case, you can pick NuLeaf Naturals to get the right CBD oil tincture. The company stands out in the CBD industry for having a lab-verified product. Such a product will leave you with quality CBD oil you can use for various health conditions.

CBD oil is made from organic hemp plants. The aim is to leave you with quality products. The hemp is USA-grown making it even better. Here you are sure that the plants are grown in line with the strict US farming practices. That is why its CBD oil options will still be high quality.

Product potency is vital since it can determine how well you can use it for a condition. The brand features various options for potencies. So, you can always go for the stronger potency when the need arises. The green extraction method ensures that CBD oils will not have contaminants. This is proven thanks to the lab reports from a third-party lab.

2. Endoca
  • The product’s purity is verified
  • The oil has low THC
  • Oils made from certified organic hemp
  • Its products are pricey
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In case you wanted more in terms of flavor, then Endoca should help you experience it. It is among a couple of CBD oil brands that would give you high-quality CBD oils all the time. Since the flavors are many, you can always pick what speaks to you best.

Like other CBD oil companies, this one also comes with multiple potency options. The stronger potency oils are mostly used for chronic pain. You are now assured of feeling better since you can choose the right potency. The support team would also help you find the right potency depending on your needs.

Endoca, like many other CBD oil brands, takes its integrity seriously. That is why its products are tested for purity in third-party labs. So, even the full-spectrum CBD oil you buy will be low in THC, just as recommended by law. You would be able to verify this information by checking out its lab reports on the website.

3. Penguin CBD
  • It uses the CO2 extraction method
  • The brand has high-quality CBD oils
  • Multiple flavors are available
  • could use different CBD oil types
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The potency choice is quite vital for many people. When you need high-quality CBD oil products available in different potencies, then Penguin CBD is your best company for such. There are several CBD products in various potencies. After talking to your doctor, you will know which potency to use for your condition.

Penguin CBD also makes its CBD tinctures from Oregon-grown hemp. Since these best CBD oils are made using locally grown hemp, at least the buyers are always assured of quality CBD products. Many people would also like for having MCT oil combined with hemp oil to make it easily absorbed into the body.

The processing part also plays a big role in ensuring that the product will be of high quality. At this point, Penguin CBD will extract CBD from hemp using the CO2 extraction method. Such a process is vital for clean and quality CBD oils. The process also leads to CBD oil with all the beneficial compounds, including terpenes and flavonoids.

4. CBD for Life
  • Has multiple flavors to consider
  • The effects kick in fast
  • It uses organic hemp plants
  • Limited potency options
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If you enjoy broad-spectrum CBD oil, CBDforLife might just have the products for you. Since it is broad-spectrum, do not think it would be boring. The brand has various flavors for you to consider, including vanilla, peppermint, and the unflavored option. Yes, some people love the natural taste of CBD.

The brand’s CBD products are also known for being clean and effective. You will like how the company is transparent about its best CBD oils. Its products are tested in third-party labs, ensuring the clients buy a product they can verify is good for their health.

The brand also gives you more information on the ingredients. It is worth noting the use of organic MCT oil. This carrier oil will help in improving the absorption rate of CBD into the bloodstream. There is also more on the CBD oil dosage on the website. So, even if you are new to using CBD, it should be easier to keep using it.

5. PlusCBD
  • The products are third-party tested
  • The oils are vegan
  • You get gluten-free products
  • Shipping may be slow at times
Click here to get the best deal PlusCBD

PlusCBD is quite a highly rated brand for making pure CBD oil. Here, the CBD oils will generally be what you have always wanted. You will mostly get full-spectrum CBD oils available in different potencies. The potencies are varied so that you can settle for the right CBD oil for your needs.

The third-party testing of the CBD products should convince you more that you will be getting quality products always. The reports from the independent lab show that the products are free from contaminants and heavy metals. Not many people would want to use a product that might have heavy metals.

The CBD oils come with organic extra virgin olive oil as the carrier oil. Such a carrier oil is highly recommended when you want the best oil to improve how fast CBD works and also keep the cannabinoids fresh. The brand also includes coconut oil too to improve its bioavailability. So, you should get fast-acting CBD oils generally.

Does CBD Oil Actually Help With Pain & Anxiety?

CBD oil is obtained from a hemp plant. You may have known marijuana before, but CBD sold legally in the country would mostly be extracted from hemp. This is because such CBD oil is low in THC. It will mostly have less than 0.3% THC.

CBD oil has so far been shown it can help with pain and anxiety. This has made the use of CBD oil tincture quite common. Anyone who wants to deal with chronic pain would not mind using CBD products since scientific evidence shows that this product actually works.

An example of how CBD oil can help with pain is a 2017 review that found CBD is helpful for patients with chronic neuropathy. The research focused on 1219 patients. Such a sample is good enough to establish if CBD oil is good for pain or not.

Arthritis pain is also something not to joke about. However, a 2016 study published in the European Journal of Pain found that using topical CBD gel would help the rats in the study experienced less pain. These rats had arthritis, and the pain would be less after applying CBD for only 4 days.

We cannot forget to mention the effects of CBD oil on anxiety. This is evident in a 2015 review that showed how CBD would help in influencing the behaviors of those with anxiety. So far, there is clinical evidence showing that CBD would be ideal for treating different anxiety types, including generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, OCD, and PTSD.

So, What Is CBD Exactly?

You may have come across CBD oils or hemp oils before, but you have no idea what CBD even means. Well, CBD or cannabidiol is one of the many cannabinoids found in a cannabis plant or hemp plant in our case.

The most known compound of cannabis plants is THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. This is the compound responsible for the psychoactive effects or what people describe as feeling high. CBD does the opposite. This is because it affects you differently compared to THC.

Recent research shows that CBD contains an impressive amount of pharmacological effects. Many scientists claim benefits of CBD such as anti-inflammatory properties. That is how you are able to feel better after using CBD for pain.

The many studies carried out on CBD have made it possible for some companies to consider having drugs based on CBD. Such drugs are mostly for treating seizures. Right now, there might be some resistance still, but things are likely to change once many people understand more about what CBD can do for them.

How To Use CBD for Pain

CBD is available in different forms that you can use for pain. The most common would be CBD oils. Such oils are administered by placing a few drops under your tongue, waiting for a few seconds before swallowing.

You can also use CBD capsules and CBD topical gels. The topical gels are best for localized pain. Here you will easily apply the topical gel to the affected area and give it a few minutes to start experiencing the effects.

So, how much CBD oil should you use for pain? Since the FDA does not regulate such products for various conditions, the dosage is often open-ended for these hemp-derived CBD products. However, it is advisable to consider 50 to 600mg of CBD per day for those in pain.

The Different Types of CBD Oil Explained

Whether you are looking for the best CBD oil or the best CBD gummies for anxiety, the type of CBD will always be a big consideration. So, how many types of CBD oil are available on the market?

There are three main types of CBD. such include full-spectrum CBD oil, broad-spectrum CBD oil, and CBD isolate products.

Full-spectrum CBD oil will include all the parts of a hemp plant. This means terpenes, flavonoids, and even THC. Well, the THC, in this case, will be less than 0.3%.

Broad-spectrum will still have all the cannabis plant compounds, but its THC content is removed. So, you can expect such to be slightly stronger in terms of CBD content. Even if it may have THC, it will be in trace amounts.

CBD isolates will only contain CBD and no other cannabinoids, including THC. Expect such products to have the highest CBD percentage since there are no other compounds available in them.

Choose a CBD Product that Fits Your Needs

Choosing the best CBD product does not have to be complicated. Here are quick tips to follow.

  • First, consider its hemp source. When you buy from a brand that has a verifiable hemp source, you will definitely be happy about the transparency.
  • Still, on transparency, pick a brand that has a good reputation in terms of disclosing its product contents. Of course, a lab report can help verify what the company claims is good about the CBD oils.
  • Range of products available. It would be nice to get other products too in addition to CBD oil. It can be topicals, gummies, capsules, sprays, and so much more.
  • Does the customer care team respond fast? Sometimes you can get a good brand, but the support team is slow. A fast responding team helps you understand more about a brand before buying products.
  • Is there a guarantee? The famous money-back guarantee is important. Get one that actually honors its guarantees. Checking out other user reviews can help you see whether it is a good brand or not.
  • Of course, you cannot forget about potency options and flavors too. It is always nice to get a brand with an impressive profile on potency options. Compare different brands to see who can cater to your needs best.
  • If you can find one with discounts more often, the better. This is because CBD can get pricey. Some good examples can be the CBDistillery coupon code and Lazarus Naturals coupon code.


CBD oils can be available in different types, including broad-spectrum, CBD isolates, and full-spectrum CBD oil. Now that you understand how each type can benefit you, it should be easier to consider the right one based on your health needs. Also, when you are looking for CBD oil for sale, always buy from a top-rated brand such as the ones we have listed above. You can at least be assured of quality products.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many milligrams (mg) of CBD work for pain?
You can start with 40mg of CBD per day for the first two weeks. If you are still in severe pain, then increase to 50mg of CBD per day.

2. What is the best CBD oil for pain?
You can consider CBD oils from NuLeaf Naturals. The brand can offer you stronger CBD oils vital for relieving pain.

3. Is CBD legal?
Yes. This is because industrial hemp used to make CBD is legal; thus, products resulting from the hemp plant are also legal. Before using CBD products, you can still research more on the local laws.
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