Demolition Ball-Adrenaline Zone

Demolition ball is the sort of thing you need to experience firsthand, but if you have a particularly vivid imagination, think of a sport that combines hockey, polo, basketball, jai alai and bumper cars. There are two five-person teams; every player has their own bumper car and scoop, and the goal is to throw a Wiffle ball onto a backboard (one point) or into a vertical net (two points). If that sounds like child’s play, think again because Demolition Ball/Adrenaline Zone (DB-AZ) is popular with adult parties and doesn’t even let kids into the arena unless they’re 12 years old and 54” tall. Walk-ins are allowed but reservations are suggested because there are only two courts, able to accommodate a total of 20 players at any given time. For those waiting, a 6,800 square-foot laeer tag course, various arcade games and pool tables are available. Food and drink, including adult beverages, are available. Walk-in rates for Demolition Ball are about $12 per person per half hour, so if you have enough for a full game (10 people) the hourly court rental of $179 is the cheapest option. There are also plenty of party packages. Be sure to call ahead, because the whole place can be reserved for private parties. It’s also a good idea to double-check your GPS directions because the address can confuse some devices: Old Highway 94 runs parallel to 1st Capitol Drive, and DB-AZ is in a maroon warehouse-type building on the North side of the road.



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