How Would You Describe Your Dance Style? 

Week of July 23, 2003

Phil Cohn
"Elaine Benes-like with a bad '80s white-guy overbite."

Rachel Wildschuetz
Listener Services, KWMU (FM 90.7)
"My dance style is anything goes. I can dance to R&B or classic rock or salsa. It can be impulsive, sometimes even a new step made up then and there. Just move to the beat -- how crazy it gets depends on the number of drinks I've had."

Darrell Mixon
Bass Player/Grill Chef, Cummel's Café
"My dance style? Well, I guess you could call it a mixture between good old-fashioned funk and disco and the '80s techno-funk, OK? You know, I'm one of those musicians, I move around a lot while I'm playing, so a lot of the stuff I do on the dance floor is the stuff I do while I'm holding my instrument. It's a natural thing."

Lauren Kimberly
Ticket Scalper
"I'm not a big techno fan. Techno has a lot of hands; I'm more into the hips kind of thing. And I'm not into the glow sticks and stuff like that -- I hope that goes out soon. But how you dance on any particular night depends on how the crowd is dancing. You want to stand out without making yourself look vulgar. You want sexy, but with taste. That's my style! Tastefully promiscuous."

Steve Ferris
Mechanic, Phattie's Chopper Parts
"Moshing, stomping, colliding, thrashing -- could be mistaken for violent movement or an epileptic fit. The music going through you, makes you feel alive, pumped up."

Tray Wetherell
Head Coach, Affton Harriers Dodgeball Team
"Mine is an A-B Irish-style drinking dance, usually done at the Cat's Meow in Soulard, involving Johnny Cash or Queen on the jukebox, veering left to right two steps at a time, beer in one hand, watching sports at the same time and just...parading!"

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