In Light of the Pending Concealed-Carry Law: Are You Carrying? 

Week of October 22, 2003

Patrick Vaughan
Apprentice, Hattori Hashi Sword Makers
"Well, since becoming legal, I find no joy anymore from toting around my piece. I've now moved to male prostitution and crack smoking to fulfill my anti-legislation needs."

Sandra English
Grant Writer, Housing Authority -- St. Louis County
"No, I don't carry a gun, and I don't feel comfortable with my neighbor carrying one either. I feel that it will just turn St. Louis into a Dodge City, and we already have enough guns and gun battles in the street."

Matt Kamnick
Bartender, M.P. O'Reilly's
"Are you kidding me? I'd like to melt down every handgun in the world! There's absolutely no reason to carry a gun today. The police have guns and that's bad enough. Handguns aren't allowed in any of the European countries, and they seem to do fine there. Shotguns and rifles, those are fine if you want to hunt, but to carry a concealed weapon, no. Gun law: dumb law."

Eric Enger
Audio Major, Webster University
"Dude, this law is not gonna make a difference. I could be rollin' three 9s deep and if I don't bring them out nobody knows it. All this law does is encourage people to hide their artillery. And if you think about it, a concealed weapon is inherently cowardly, because if you're willing to pack heat, as it were, you should show that shit. Be a man about it. It's very easy to hide a gun and pull it out at the last second -- that's cowardly."

Ellen Wessels
Server, Weber's Front Row
"Not currently, no. If I brought it to work, it'd be very ugly. Actually I'm looking to find the right bra, you know, one with an extra compartment like a holster, and it'll have to be a very supportive bra. Maybe I'll work on that. I'll design a bra for pistol-packing mamas. That'll be my job."

Ryan Roman
Pizza-Puller, Joanie's Pizzeria
"I do carry a piece, but I left it at home -- it's better that way when I'm drinking. And if I get mugged, I'll just say, 'Back off, man! I've got a gun at home!'"

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