Is a Revote in Florida the Answer to the Election Fiasco? 

Week of November 15, 2000

Christina VanDyke
Assistant Professor, Philosophy Department, St. Louis University

"No, it's not like a revote would fix the problems with the original vote. There's no way to guarantee that the same number of people would vote or that they'd vote for the same person. And it seems like the problem is with the process of voting, which is not confined to Florida. So, to be fair, you'd have to make it a nationwide revote, and that would be a disaster."

Dustin Volz
Cook, Firehouse

"A revote in Florida? No, that won't work. We need a good European revolution, American-style."

Daniel Nydegger
Manager, OK Junk Cars

"Honestly, no. If people made a mistake, punched the wrong hole or somehow voted for two candidates in the same race, that's on them. Ain't no second chance with a lot of things -- why make this one special? It's like saying, "We don't like who won; let's do it again.'"

Tamara Daus Reinhard
Graphic Designer

"No, it would be an absolute nightmare. Not only that, but if that happened, then every state would -- or should -- want the same thing, especially Missouri, where St. Louis had some very questionable proceedings."

Jim Cox
Retired Teacher

"No, a revote would create more animosity, and we're already the laughingstock of the world. We're over the hump now, so let's get it done with -- get the absentee ballots in, finish the count, and then it's the luck of the draw. Somebody's going to be unhappy, and somebody's going to be in seventh heaven. That's the way it goes."

Dawn Scronce
Manager, O.T. Hodge Chile Parlor

"I never really summed it down to one state, but I think we all should revote, the whole country. Forget recounts. They're on their third count now, and it's a manual count. I don't think manual counting can be fair. It has to be done by an honest, neutral party, and you can't really find an honest, neutral party."

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