November 12, 2022

It Snowed In the St. Louis Area Last Night and Honestly, WTF [PHOTOS]

We here at the RFT are not anything close to a bunch of Grinches. We love a good snow. But, we love a good snow with a warning. It was the snow that nobody saw coming, and boy, was it enough, depending on where you live. Some of the St. Louis area got upwards of 6 inches of snow, while the city just scraped by with a dusting. Further west near St. Charles, there was barely a snowflake to be seen.

All that being said, um, WTF Mother Nature? We were just doin' the 80 degrees, record-breaking-heat-in-November thing the other day. Something is afoot — *cough* climate change *cough* — and while some people chalk it up to just Missouri being Missouri, we're gonna need a better warning next time so we can flip our AC to heat in a timely fashion.

The forecast for the next snow, in case you were asleep for this one or lived too far west to see any kind of early-Christmas magic, is slated for Tuesday. No word on what kind of accumulation we will see, though. Maybe you should stock up on the French toast supplies now while you have a chance, weathermen are already quaking in their snow boots about the possibility of a rough weather.

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It Snowed In The St. Louis Area Last Night and Honestly, WTF [PHOTOS]
Carmen Fortman