November 15, 2022

Josh Hawley Gets Spanked on Twitter Yet Again [PHOTOS]

Twitter is a Dumpster fire that's somehow been even worse than usual lately (Thanks, Elon) but it can still bring us some joy as we watch it turn to ashes.

Love it or hate it, Twitter was always good for two things, at least:
1. Keeping receipts
2. Calling out liars and revisionists

So when Josh Hawley tweeted a video of him saying “we need good, strong independent leadership” yesterday, Twitter users showed up and put him in his place. Again.

Hawley’s been attempting to style himself as the leader of a new political movement lately, but his transparent attempts at pretending to be a bold, fearless leader always blow up in his face because the entire world knows that he’s a scared little baby. Remember how this guy ran away with his tail between his legs on January 6? The poor precious snowflake was scared.

So when he started running his mouth on Fox News and talking a big game on Twitter about how "the old party is dead," Twitter users stepped in and told him what was up.
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