December 28, 2022

Southwest Airlines Screws St. Louis Travelers (PHOTOS + VIDEOS)

Southwest Airlines caused chaos across the country this week when it canceled more than two-thirds of its flights  — including more than half of its flights in and out of St. Louis.

Travelers were left grounded in airports with little to no information and nobody answering the customer service lines. Flyers couldn't get back into St. Louis. Some people stuck here couldn't get out of St. Louis. And their checked luggage? Who knew where that was located. It could be here or in their destination city or somewhere else entirely. And if it was at St. Louis Lambert International Airport, it might've been damaged by a burst pipe, anyway.

It's been days since the chaos first erupted and it continues to be a sh*tshow with travelers stranded without a clue when they'll get home. Some have turned to social media to tell their stories. Here's what they're saying in St. Louis — or about St. Louis, if they've gotten out or are still trying to get in.
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