St. Louis' Month In Photos, March 2008

A look back at photos that have appeared in the Riverfront Times and at in the past month.
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Jamie O'Hare, St. Louis' only female professional boxer (left), was profiled in our March 19 cover story.
Andre Anjos, was profiled in our March 12 cover story.
St. Louis' Arch Rival Roller Girls began their third season on March 22.
The second-annual St. Louis Fashion Week. Showing the rest of the country our appreciation for more than Albert Pujols T-shirt jerseys.
Floodwaters in suburban and outstate Missouri prompted many to wonder why would anyone live so close to the water.
Tuesday, March 18 saw the heaviest downpour.
Montreal's indie giants Islands played March 19 at Off Broadway in south St. Louis.
Chad Garrison exposed what the City of St. Louis doesn't want you to know about its red light cameras -- and a way to keep your license plate number from the unblinking eye of the camera.
North St. Louis rapper Rockwell Knukles, profiled by Keegan Hamilton in our March 5 cover story.
Could Sarah Steelman be Missouri's sexiest GOP  ever? She's running for governor. It's our March 26 cover story by Kathleen McLaughlin.