St. Louis Twitter Reacts To Political Scandal [PHOTOS]

This week has been a hell of a year for St. Louis. Two members of the Board of Aldermen and aldermanic president were indicted on federal bribery charges: Jeffrey Boyd, John Collins-Muhammad and Lewis Reed.
Collins-Muhammad resigned abruptly last month without further detail, but the pieces came together when the 66-page indictment came out. Boyd and Reed were a shocking part of the puzzle, and immediately faced pressure to resign from the general public. Boyd resigned after a Board of Aldermen meeting on Friday, June 3. Reed waited until Tuesday, June 7 to resign after days of online pressure and protesters outside his home.

Yesterday also saw the indictment of a St. Louis County official.
St. Louis Twitter had plenty to say about the resignations and the scandal itself. Here are some of the highlights.
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St. Louis Twitter Reacts To Political Scandal [PHOTOS]