St. Louis Twitter Roasts Cardinals Broadcaster Jim Edmonds [PHOTOS]

On Thursday, Albert Pujols mashed his 690th career home run of his career, in grand slam fashion, into the stands of Busch Stadium. The crowd erupted, the announcers erupted –– well one announcer erupted –– and then Twitter erupted.

“Albert hits it up to deep left,” play-by-play announcer Dan McLaughlin said, his voice gaining steam as the ball lifted over the left field wall. “It is… GONEEE.”

“IT’S A GRAND SLAM! 690! Off the bench! Pujols! Pinch hit! Grand slammmm!!!”

A few moments of silence passed in the broadcast booth. The crowd fills the air with cheers as Pujols rounded third on his homerun trot.

Then color commentator Jim Edmonds spoke. “Yeah, pinch-hit,” he said. “Yeah, go ‘head Danny.”

A few more moments of awkward silence. Then McLaughlin continued as Pujols entered the dugout.

“He’s turning back the clock in 2022,” McLaughlin said. “And a grand slam off the bench for number 5!”

“I don’t even know what to say,” Edmonds responded. “I’m just gonna say wow.”

And alas, the Jim Edmonds hate began.
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