Swing Vote: Readers weigh in on candidate Ed Martin's past and the Beautiful Kind's sexcapades

Swing Vote: Readers weigh in on candidate Ed Martin's past and the Beautiful Kind's sexcapades

Remembering Ed Martin: Has everyone forgotten what a screwup Martin was during his time in Jeff City ["The Tea Party Crasher," Nicholas Phillips]? His claim that e-mails sent by state employees weren't official records subject to public scrutiny ended up costing the state of Missouri more than $2 million! Never mind his ideological positions and his high-energy style.
Fred, via the Internet

They got to us: Looks just like a another regular career right-wing ideologue latching onto the latest political movement to me. That's just what we need. I'm surprised to see this in the RFT. Is the big money getting to everyone?
Chuck, via the Internet

Be careful what you brag: I am writing to correct an error in your article about Ed Martin, the Republican candidate for Congress. Ed bragged that, during his tenure at the Human Rights Commission, he defunded ProVote. That is not accurate, and Ed knows it is a lie.

At that time, I was the executive director of ProVote, and ProVote never received one dime from the Human Rights Commission. The group that Ed defunded was a group called ROWEL, an organization of welfare recipients who supported public policies that were fair for low-income parents. Ed Martin and the archdiocese demanded that ROWEL end its affiliation with ProVote, or face elimination of their funding.

I was so proud when I heard that the low-income women who made up the ROWEL board refused to be bullied by Ed Martin, and ROWEL decided to remain affiliated with ProVote. Ed made good on his threat, and he defunded ROWEL. Subsequently, the organization shut its doors due to lack of funds.

So, the real story does not sound so good for Ed. It does not sound heroic to attack and defund low-income single mothers who are trying to exercise their right to organize for better conditions.

In fact, I am a product of local Catholic schools, and I don't remember any stories in the Bible about Jesus bragging about crushing organizations of poor people. Jesus supported the powerless. Ed Martin does the dirty work for the powerful.
John Hickey, Webster Groves

A vote for pedophiles: In 1996 Archbishop Justin Rigali instituted an archdiocesan policy that stated that a known or accused pedophile priest could only be removed if the priest was believed to pose a future risk. That's right: Rigali, the same ass clown who hired Ed Martin, also thought it was A-OK for pedophile priests to remain in the clergy. These are the idiots who support Ed Martin — child-molester sympathizers. A vote for Ed Martin means that you support child molesters.
Wilford Perrywinkle, via the Internet

Smell the patchouli: What a surprise. The RFT does an almost complimentary piece on a "conservative" candidate, and its audience of unemployed, dope-smoking, patchouli-smelling slackers rushes to attack him. Highly predictable. All of you supposed victims of pedophilia are a bunch of lying morons. Your repressed (or actual) homosexual fantasies are probably just triggered by your fascination with Savage Love. Get over it, losers.

Your hope and change shot craps. As far as Carnahan coming up with a Pac-Man game for his campaign: That dull-witted twit doesn't have an original thought in his head.
SaltySeaDog, via the Internet

Driven to the reactionaries: Congratulations ["NSFW," Melissa Meinzer]! With the RFT's cover photograph and lengthy feature story on the neo-Botticelli Venus, a.k.a. "The Beautiful Kind" and "Kendra Holliday," the publication has now become truly indistinguishable from pornography.

Worse even than the salacious details, including the pruriently racial ones, is the writer's fawning, sycophantic treatment of what she calls "sex-positive" behavior and "polyamory."

Substitute "promiscuity" for "polyamory" and "dehumanizing fornication" for "sex-positive" behavior, and we'll be far closer to the truth of the matter.

The ideas so enthusiastically promoted by the psychically damaged but nonetheless self-aggrandizing Ms. Holliday are nothing more than another form of slavery, made all the worse because they appear this time in the guise of liberation.

It's exactly this kind of licentiousness, posing as freedom and self-expression, that drives otherwise decent people into the arms of frequently malevolent cultural reactionaries.
Paris Greer, St. Louis

Speaking of reactionaries: Really, six pages dedicated to this? She would be a butterface, except her body doesn't look that great, either. I guess her admirers must have a ready supply of bags to put over her head. She is no hero, just a self-serving, run-of-the-mill, bored, near middle-aged woman.
Chase, via the Internet

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