The Beyonce-Themed WerQfest Dance Party Was Out of This World [PHOTOS]

If you say the magic words ("Beyonce-themed dance party"), you know we'll show up.

Check out all of the fun that was had at the latest event hosted by WerQfest, an arts and culture festival highlighting the Black, queer, trans and non-binary community. (We loved WerQfest 2022 so much that we named it the best arts and music festival of the year.)

Held at .ZACK (3224 Locust Street), the event promised a “night of joy, dancing, and LOOKS.” The party sure delivered on that promise, too. With most guests dressed to impress, not only did we see LOOKS, we saw LEWKS, too. St. Louis was showing off its best side, and its best side is glittery.
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