Top 5 White Pizzas in St. Louis, Chosen by Our Critic

You can refer to it as white pizza, pizza bianca if you're feeling fancy, or pizza without tomato sauce if you're just trying to get the point across. No matter what you call it, though, pizza sans tomato sauce can be a glorious thing, as shown by these five local restaurants, which showcase the best St. Louis has to offer.

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Bonci at Pizzeria da Gloria

Bonci at Pizzeria da Gloria

The Bonci at Pizzeria da Gloria (2024 Marconi Avenue, 314-833-3734) is not simply one of the most delicious white pizzas around; it's a contender for one of the best all-around pizzas in the metro area. The perfectly char-speckled, Neapolitan-style crust is slicked with olive oil, sprinkled with a generous amount of fresh garlic and topped with eggplant so thin you can see through it. The vegetable, accented with chile flakes for a pop of heat, acts like a sponge, soaking in the garlicky oil for a mindblowing experience.

Pizza Head

White Spinach and Artichoke at Pizza Head

Pizza Head (3196 South Grand Boulevard, 314-266-5400) may have a punk-rock vibe, but its white spinach and artichoke pie is a symphony of flavor. The wonderful New York-style crust is covered with an olive oil base amped up with an obscene amount of garlic; this is then smothered in either dairy mozzarella or vegan mozzarella shreds, chopped artichokes and spinach for an effect that is like a decedent spinach artichoke dip in pizza form.

Photo credit: Mabel Suen

Fungo at Noto

As you watch co-owner Wayne Sieve obsess over firing the perfect pie in his imported domed oven, you understand why Noto (5105 Westwood Drive, St. Peters; 636-317-1143) is the only pizzeria in town to be certified by the Vera Pizza Napoletana as true Neapolitan pizza. His Fungo underscores the accolades. Covered in garlic cream sauce and fresh and outrageously buttery buffalo mozzarella, the pizza is wonderfully creamy, but the richness is cut by kale, local mushrooms and vibrant salsa verde lemon. Thin slices of prosciutto finish this outstanding pie.

Sara Graham

Verde at Louie

Every last thing about Louie (706 De Mun Avenue, Clayton; 314-300-8188) is magical, including the Verde pizza, a magnificently tart riff on the white pie thanks to its pickled green tomatoes. This acidity is countered by the smokey caciocavallo and provolone cheeses, as well as fresh ricotta. A dusting of breadcrumbs adds a bit of crispy texture — a welcome crunch not often found on wood-fired pies.

1929 Pizza & Wine
Braden McMakin

Four Cheese at 1929 Pizza & Wine

There are four-cheese pizzas, and then there is the four-cheese pizza at 1929 Pizza & Wine (7 North Wood River Avenue, Wood River, Illinois; 618-216-2258), a white pie so wonderful, you wonder why tomato became the dominant sauce option. Here, Chef Amy Herren spreads Parmesan cream atop the wood-fired crust, then layers it with housemade mozzarella, fontina and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese. It's then baked and finished with a dollop of freshly made ricotta, olive oil and fresh herbs — a decadent work of pizza artistry.