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March 15, 2010 Slideshows

Tuaca Body Art Ball at the Pageant 

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The body is a temple, but it's also a canvas. Photographer Jason Stoff brings back these photos from the party, held on March 14, 2010.
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Backstage, performers and artists collaborate on specific body paint details.
It takes performers all day to prepare for a show -- multiple rehearsals and layers of body paint take anywhere from three to seven hours.
The backstage area was relaxed -- performers ate dinner, palled around with each other and mugged for the camera. There's a real sense of camaraderie with the team.
Performers and artists varied both visual and performance styles. In this case, they're both inspired by belly dancing.
Most performers have other day jobs, touring the continent on the weekends.
After asking for the audience to be "frisky kitties" all night, the Body Art Ball presented a kitty of their own.
Boxing Clever, a St. Louis advertising agency, set up the "Mod Your Bod" booth, where guests could superimpose their face on a variety of pre-painted bodies -- no paint required.
Tuaca acts as a sponsor for the event, providing beverages and funding for the Body Art Ball.
What's paint? Well, the lace leggings and top, the garters‚ essentially, everything but her shorts.
Kasey Morris gets a henna tattoo from on-site artists.
A split personality closed out the solo performances. Side one - Marilyn Manson inspired.
Designs and styles varied. This particular artist's aesthetic was tribal, as was his partner's.
The Body Art Ball is in its 10th year, though this was the first stop through St. Louis.
Attendees witnessed plenty of acrobatics and dancing, along with a myriad of other talents.
This performer's credo? Hip-hop ain't dead, so let's kick it old-school.
With origins in the artsy Deep Ellum district in Dallas, it's not exactly surprising to see a cowgirl act.
Many of the performers are from the Dallas area, though some hail from Los Angeles.
The performing cast is made up of both veterans and new talent.
Half man, half machine, all Russian. Like X-Men's Colossus, except with body paint.
This performer paid tribute to the King of Pop: his music and dance moves were inspired by the late Michael Jackson.
No, the glove wasn't painted on. The tie, however...
In some ways, the Body Art Ball seemed like a talent show. This performance was opera themed: Carmen, to be precise.
All the grace of an opera singer, with far less actual clothing.
This performance piece was based around Yael Naim's cover of Britney Spears' song "Toxic."
"Intensity" wasn't in short supply at the Body Art Ball.
This performer performed a freestyle rap before breaking into street-dance moves.
The variety of styles in both performance and body art was clearly evident -- everything from tribal art to argyle sweaters.
An erotic Italian dance? Yep, The Body Art Ball had it all.
The self-proclaimed Gangster of Love was not at a loss for libido.
Glitter, paint and a fedora.
Angus would have been proud -- loud riffage and body paint combined for one hell of a performance.
This performer knew all the classic rock tricks, including rock star faces, running around the stage and the inevitable solo while laying on the her back.
Look out, Michael Jackson: the artists performing as Prince is in the house.
Purple lights, purple "jacket," and a frilly white "shirt" - oh, and an electric performance of Darling Nikki.
Ah, yes -- ever the feline, with cat like reflexes included at no charge.
This performer made juggling two hula hoops and full body paint look easy -- impressive, but easy.
With a dragon-inspired art style, this performance included martial arts demonstrations and acrobatics.
Flips and ninja skills delighted the crowd.
A powerful performance through and through, with airbrushed body paint.
For part of the final act of the show, the guys struck wild poses alone onstage.
The discipline each performer put into his or her act was never in doubt - but that's not saying they didn't like to have fun, too.
Overheard from the crowd: "I want to bounce quarters off his abs!"
The Body Art Ball - a celebration of eclectic body art and performance.
Candy, half of C&C Productions, served as MC and host of the evening.
Backstage, performers and artists collaborate on specific body paint details.

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