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Unreal News Challenge 2005! 

Time again to take the year-end quiz

1. "We handle extreme high-rollers from around the world in an extremely special manner," said Lonnie Hanover, spokesman for Scores. Which local high-roller spent $241,000 in one night at the New York City strip club?

A. August Busch IV of Anheuser-Busch.
B. Bryce Rutter of Metaphase Design.
C. Robert McCormick of Savvis, Inc.
D. Abraham Nuñez.

2. What will you find in Al Hrabosky's Ballpark Saloon?

A. A professional Bud Pong table.
B. A one-way mirror in the men's room that overlooks the line into the ladies' room.
C. Free Jäger shots when Hrabosky's in da house.
D. Pre-game, all-you-can-eat, Hungarian food.

3. Missouri Republican Party chairwoman Ann Wagner accepted an appointment from President Bush to fill what role in his administration?

A. Leak-prevention czar. B. U.S. Ambassador to Luxembourg.
C. Tutor to Harriet Miers.
D. Executive torture chamber designer.

4. To what was Republican state senator Jason Crowell referring when, on the House floor, he asked, "Is that human organism Frankenstein, or does it have a soul?"

A. A cloned stem cell.
B. Gubernatorial candidate Claire McCaskill.
C. A first-trimester fetus.
D. Matt and Melanie Blunt's first-born.

5. What is the name of St. Louis rockers Story of the Year's most recent album?

A. In the Wake of Determination.
B. The Power in the Palm of Your Hands.
C. The Neverending, Everenduring Pain.
D. Forever We Shall Forge Forth.

6. What department store will replace Famous-Barr's downtown flagship? A. Dillard's.
B. Macy's.
C. Bloomingdale's.
D. Globe Drugs.

7. St. Louis-based Monsanto bought agriculture giant Seminis Inc. for $1 billion. What is one of Seminis' innovations?

A. Orange cauliflower.
B. Purple potatoes.
C. Yellow cucumbers.
D. Pink ponies.

8. In a between-innings conversation, what question from Cardinals announcer Mike Shannon silenced U.S. House member Russ Carnahan?

A. "Is your mom still single?"
B. "How's your wife Robin?"
C. "Have you come out of the closet yet?"
D. "How's your dad?"

9. Which band did Tony La Russa not see during his November post-season rock binge?

A. Jethro Tull.
B. U2.
C. The Ying Yang Twins.
D. The Moody Blues.

10. Central West End business Dazor Manufacturing Corp. makes a product called speckFINDER. What is it?

A. A high-powered mini-vacuum.
B. A state-of-the-art airport-security screening device.
C. A device used on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.
D. A search engine with double the Web-crawling capacity of Google.

11. Which St. Louis city alderman was not the subject of a recall attempt in 2005?

A. Peggy Ryan.
B. Tom Bauer.
C. Freeman Bosley Sr.
D. Abraham Nuñez.

12. What is the name of the St. Louis-based Build-A-Bear Workshop's new offshoot store?

A. Friends2BMade.
B. Partners4Ever.
C. IWouldDie4U.
D. Dear2UDolls.

13. To find one of these, said Governor Matt Blunt during a February speech, "You have to go places no one wants to live anymore." He was referring to what?

A. An Applebee's.
B. A Democrat.
C. A zoo.
D. A cheap piece of ass.

14. Paris Hilton appeared in a steamy advertisement for St. Louis-based Hardee's restaurant. What kind of burger was she eating?

A. Grilled Sourdough Thickburger.
B. Double Furburger with Gorgonzola.
C. Spicy BBQ Six Dollar Burger.
D. Sextuple Extrathickburger with Pork-and-Chipotle Lard.

15. The Illinois state legislature approved what new tool for fighting the war on crystal meth?

A. Two-pack maximum purchase for some cold medicines.
B. Scratch-and-sniff card that smells like anhydrous ammonia.
C. Electronic nose that sniffs out meth-makers.
D. Crack.

16. Which team was not in the 2005 NCAA Final Four basketball tournament at the Edward Jones Dome?

A. Illinois.
B. North Carolina.
C. Louisville.
D. Duke.

17. With whom did Nelly not collaborate this year?

A. Mike Jones.
B. Paul Wall.
C. Jung Tru.
D. Young Jeezy.

18. Who is Aloha Mischeaux's father?

A. Alderman Freeman Bosley Sr.
B. Former mayor Freeman Bosley Jr.
C. Ex-Cardinal Ozzie Smith.
D. Don Ho.

19. In a radio interview during his campaign for St. Louis mayor, Green Party candidate Willie Marshall advocated which policy?

A. A tree-planting drive to reduce greenhouse gases.
B. An across-the-board, 40 percent Metro fare cut.
C. I.D. bracelets for the HIV-infected.
D. The decriminalization of possessing small amounts of marijuana.

20. Who pitched the final out at Busch Stadium?

A. Roy Oswalt.
B. Jason Isringhausen.
C. Chris Carpenter.
D. Dan Wheeler.

21. How soon can members of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department live outside the city's boundaries?

A. As soon as humanly possible.
B. After three years of service.
C. After five years of service.
D. After seven years of service.

22. When Brett Hull retired five games into this season, for which team was he playing?

A. Phoenix Coyotes.
B. St. Louis Blues.
C. Dallas Stars.
D. Edmonton Oilers.

23. What is the new city slogan concocted by the St. Louis Regional Chamber and Growth Association?

A. St. Louis: Fat and Getting Phatter.
B. St. Louis: Winner of Bronze Star for Violent Crime.
C. St. Louis: Perfectly Centered. Remarkably Connected.
D. Don't Screw With the Lou.

24. What is the name of Pocahontas, Illinois, native Gretchen Wilson's multi-platinum 2005 album?

A. All Jacked Up.
B. Between Cheek and Gum.
C. Don't Take No Shit.
D. The Undying Ache.

25. Nelly announced this year that he'll be the subject of a new reality show. The production company behind the show also produced which other gem?

A. Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire?
B. Extreme Makeover.
C. Pimp My Ride.
D. The Swan.

26. Fisticuffs nearly erupted at Rams Park between which two local sportscasters?

A. Mike Bush and Mike Shannon.
B. Steve Savard and Kevin Slaten.
C. John Rooney and Wayne Hagin.
D. Zip Rzeppa and Jim Hanifan.

27. Imo's Pizza stopped delivering to an area in what municipality?

A. Jennings.
B. Velda Village.
C. Kirkwood.
D. University City.

28. Former KTRS (550 AM) radio talk-show host McGraw Milhaven is a prominent character in what recent best-selling book?

A. Are Men Necessary? by Maureen Dowd.
B. The Tender Bar by J.R. Moehringer.
C. Marley and Me by John Grogan.
D. Teacher Man by Frank McCourt.

29. What architect designed the plans for the Bottle District's entertainment, retail and residential development?

A. Tadao Ando.
B. Philip Johnson.
C. Daniel Libeskind.
D. Frank Gehry.

30. Identify the sentence St. Louis Post-Dispatch scribe Todd C. Frankel did not write to begin an article in 2005:

A. "The BTK killer has an infectious laugh."
B. "The pope had sore feet."
C. "Rick Bussey pointed to his steak fajita."
D. "C.C. Baird dealt in dogs."

31. During an on-air conversation that resulted in their firings, the Beat (100.3 FM) morning-show host DJ Kaos asked co-host Syllli Asz this question: If he were in a one-on-one fight with a cop, what is the first thing he would try to take from the cop? What was Syllli Asz's response?

A. His walkie-talkie.
B. His car keys.
C. His gun.
D. His wallet.

32. What was the Schlaffenfest?

A. A party in Alton, Illinois, celebrating conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly's 50 years of public service.
B. A rival street festival created to compete against the downtown Strassenfest.
C. A Central West End fundraiser to benefit the Schlafly branch of the St. Louis Public Library.
D. The first annual German comedy showcase that set up camp in old north St. Louis this spring.

33. Who is Norbert Butz?

A. A new character in Budweiser's lizard commercials.
B. The new director of the Opera Theatre of St. Louis.
C. A local actor who won a Tony this year.
D. The new conductor of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra.

34. Two St. Louisans pled guilty to stealing artwork from a fine-art storage facility. Which artist's paintings were not among the stolen loot?

A. Mark Rothko.
B. Red Skelton.
C. Henri Matisse.
D. Robert Motherwell.

35. A product named Buddyweiser prompted Anheuser-Busch to file a trademark infringement lawsuit. What is it?

A. Lederhosen with beer-can straps.
B. An anal penetrator.
C. A Bud Pong playing board.
D. A dog toy.

36. What is the name of the only airline currently flying out of MidAmerica Airport in O'Fallon, Illinois?

A. UzbekAir.
B. AirFerry.
C. SouthCentralAir.
D. Allegiant Airlines.

37. Which grape variety has transformed Missouri's wine industry and elicited rave reviews?

A. Norton.
B. Malbec.
C. Pinot Noir.
D. Shiraz.

38. Bob Costas declined to guest host a Larry King Live broadcast. His explanation: "I don't believe there was a single American who was sitting around saying, 'I'd really like to see Bob Costas' take on this.'" What was the evening's topic?

A. The Robert Blake trial.
B. Natalee Holloway's disappearance in Aruba.
C. Tom Cruise and the Church of Scientology.
D. Baseball.

39. During the week of October 2, two former St. Louis-area musicians ruled the top two positions on Billboard's album chart. Who were they?

A. Nelly and Chingy.
B. Pavlov's Dog and Head East.
C. Wilco and Son Volt.
D. Gretchen Wilson and Sheryl Crow.

40. Des Peres 14 Cinema employee Curtis Salisbury became the first person in the nation charged under the Family Entertainment Copyright Act. He pled guilty to secretly videotaping new movies and releasing them on the Internet. Which two movies had the nineteen-year-old copied?

A. Harry Potter and Batman Begins.
B. Good Night, and Good Luck and Get Rich or Die Tryin'.
C. Bewitched and A Perfect Man.
D. Chicken Little and Robots.

41. Where is Truman State University?

A. Kirksville.
B. O'Fallon.
C. Cape Girardeau.
D. Bumfuck.

42. Nestle Inc. announced that it was closing three candy plants in the St. Louis area. What candies were affected?

A. SweeTarts, Tangy Taffy and Bottle Caps.
B. Now & Later, Good & Plenty and Tart 'n Tinys.
C. Baby Ruth, Butterfinger and Clark Bar.
D. Nerds, Runts and Donutz.

43. Ray Vinson and Deanna Vinson, co-founders of American Equity Mortgage Inc., were entangled this year in a bitter divorce trial. What was the name of the dog at the center of the battle?

A. Chester.
B. Bogey.
C. Lulu.
D. Prenup.

44. Which former television personality ran for state senate from Jefferson County?

A. Jamie Allman.
B. Zip Rzeppa.
C. Don Marsh.
D. Gentry Trotter.

45. Match the sexy politician with the office she holds.

1. St. Louis Circuit Attorney.
2. Missouri District 64 State Representative.
3. Missouri State Auditor.
4. Illinois Attorney General.
5. Missouri Secretary of State.

A. Lisa Madigan.
B. Jennifer Joyce.
C. Rachel Storch.
D. Robin Carnahan.
E. Claire McCaskill.

46. Who was pitching for the Houston Astros when Albert Pujols slammed his game-five ninth-inning home run in the National League playoffs?

A. Brad Lidge.
B. Roger Clemens.
C. Andy Pettitte.
D. Roy Oswalt.

47. The Saint Louis Science Center this year began offering what kind of certification?

A. Junior Astronomers Club of the Universe patches.
B. Intelligent Designers of America membership badges.
C. Segway personal transporter training permit.
D. Laser Show Projectionists Local #351 guild cards.

48. What does the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department call an incident that doesn't measure up to its definition of a crime?

A. Incident Memo of a Happenstance.
B. Something Weird That Happened.
C. Criminal Intent Report Waiver.
D. Crime-Memo Data Sheet.

49. Match the manufacturing city with the automotive models it makes.

1. Fenton.
2. Hazelwood.
3. Wentzville.

A. Explorer and Aviator.
B. Express and Savana.
C. Caravan and Town & Country.

50. What airplane does Boeing's St. Louis defense plant manufacture?

B. F-19 Buzzard.
B. F-16 Fighting Falcon.
C. F-13 Chickadee.
D. F-15 Eagle.

51. According to a statewide Missouri report, how much more often are black motorists pulled over by police compared to white motorists?

A. 30 percent.
B. 38 percent.
C. 44 percent.
D. 72 percent.

52. According to the same survey, how much more often are black motorists searched by police than whites?

A. 96 percent.
B. 62 percent.
C. 71 percent.
D. 42 percent.

53. Chesterfield spelling whiz Rajiv Tarigopula advanced to the fourteenth round of the Scripps National Spelling Bee. What word tripped him up?

A. Odylic.
B. Bibliothecarial.
C. Tarigopula.
D. Beef.

54. Match the local CEO with the employer.

1. Chuck Knight.
2. Neil Smit.
3. Ronald M. Shaich.
4. Robert C. Skinner.
5. Hugh Grant.

A. Charter Communications.
B. Panera Bread.
C. Monsanto.
D. Kellwood Inc.
E. Emerson Electric

55. Who is the superintendent of the St. Louis Public Schools?

A. A jury of your peers.
B. Creg Williams.
C. Rudy Crew.
D. Supercomputer Deep Blue II.

56. This summer, indie-rock darling Sufjan Stevens released a song titled "Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois." What album was it taken from?

A. Licensed to Illinois.
B. Come on Feel the Illinoise.
C. Missouri Loves Company.
D. Feeling a Little Illinois.

57. In the spring, St. Louis rapper Ebony Eyez hit the national charts with her song, "In Ya Face." What was her debut album?

A. 7 Day Cycle.
B. Under Construction.
C. A Year N My Lyfe.

58. What do Tina Turner, Arthur Ashe, Dick Gregory and Julius Hunter have in common?

A. All attended Sumner High School.
B. All are figures at the Black World History Wax Museum on St. Louis Avenue.
C. All were recently honored in the 2005 Who's Who Among Black Americans.
D. All are graduates of Harris-Stowe State College.

59. What is the name of concert-goer Wade Alberty's Beatle Bob Web site?


60. What did Governor Matt Blunt and wife Melanie name their newborn son?
A. Matthew B. Blunt.
B. Roy Marlboro Blunt III.
C. William B. Blunt.
D. Phil E. Blunt.

61. Which of the following did Washington University researchers not accomplish this year?

A. Harnessed bacteria and waste water to generate electricity.
B. Determined that male mice sing songs to seduce female mice.
C. Studied the elastic qualities of the human brain by jerking heads back and forth.
D. Took out the trash after the genius Ph.D. specifically promised to.

62. In September, the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department announced it would begin sending out postcards with the following note: "Thanks for your visit. The city of St. Louis, its residents and your neighbors would like to remind you that lewd, lascivious and/or suggestive behavior...are a violation of city ordinance and state law." Who will receive these postcards?

A. Potential attendees of the St. Louis Mardi Gras celebration in Soulard.
B. Anyone arrested on charges of picking up a prostitute.
C. Conventioneers in town for the 2006 Hip-Hop Summit at the Edward Jones Dome.
D. Strippers who travel to Illinois to work in the sex industry.

63. Missouri's former U.S. Senator John Danforth said this "very much looks like a dump," then added, "We can do much better than this, folks, and I'm happy to be a part of it." To what was he referring?

A. The divide between the Arch grounds and downtown St. Louis.
B. Laclede's Landing.
C. The old Busch Stadium.
D. The Republican Party platform.

64. In addition to the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, what other civil servants no longer have to live in the city?

A. Firefighters.
B. Prosecutors.
C. Building inspectors.
D. Aldermen.

65. St. Louis leads the nation in two categories of sexually-transmitted diseases. Which best describes the ranking?
A. First in herpes, second in gonorrhea.
B. First in syphilis, second in HIV.
C. First in gonorrhea, second in chlamydia.
D. First in HIV, second in chlamydia.

66. St. Louis Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce took a month-long vacation in September. What did she do?

A. Climbed Mount Kilimanjaro.
B. Meditated at a Nepalese monastery.
C. Sailed from Australia to New Zealand.
D. All of the above.

67. Who said the following: "Hey dad, I dug a foxhole. It's regulashin...Can you kill all the bad guys now so Air Force One can bring you home?"

A. Matt Blunt, in an e-mail to his father, House Majority Whip Roy Blunt, who was visiting Iraq.
B. Jenna Bush, in a note she accidentally dropped out of her purse in a St. Louis bar.
C. Kodee Kennings, an impostor columnist for the Daily Egyptian, SIU-Carbondale's student-run newspaper.
D. Chingy, in his new single, "Over Thurr."

68. Which song did American Idol contestant Nikko Smith not sing during the competition?

A. West Side Story's "One Hand, One Heart."
B. Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On."
C. Jackson 5's "I Want You Back."
D. Whitney Houston's "I'm Every Woman."

69. According to Anheuser-Busch's rules for playing the Bud Pong drinking game, what liquid should be used in the shot glasses?

A. Budweiser.
B. Bud Light.
C. Water.
D. Bud Select.

70. Which famed local golf course was threatened with extinction this year?

A. Bel-Nor.
B. St. Louis Country Club.
C. Normandie.
D. Sunset Hills.

71. "We will recapture that value of the family, the love, the spirit, that is so plentiful in this great city of St. Louis." Who said this, and on what occasion?

A. Governor Matt Blunt, during one of his frequent stump speeches in St. Louis.
B. Boxing promoter Don King, during a pre-fight press conference.
C. Deputy Mayor of Development Barbara Geisman, on the mayor's decision to sue two opponents of the Century Building demolition.
D. Televangelist Joyce Meyer, in an advertisement defending her family's lavish lifestyle.

72. Which was not a new Anheuser-Busch product this year?

A. Tilt, a blend of ginseng, caffeine, guarana and beer.
B. Bud Select, a premium Bud beer.
C. Jack's Pumpkin Spice Ale, a seasonal draught.
D. Busch Beef, a real beer for a real man.

73. First Lady Melanie Blunt's gubernatorial inauguration outfit could best be described as:

A. Red, seductive.
B. White, poofy.
C. Blue, conservative.
D. Black, sophisticated.

74. Native St. Louisan Kyle Lowder plays love-torn heartthrob Brady Black on what daytime drama?

A. Passions.
B. All My Children.
C. Days of Our Lives.
D. General Hospital.

75. Who is Mary Junck?

A. KPLR's new meteorologist.
B. CEO of Lee Enterprises.
C. New head of the RCGA.
D. Republican candidate for state auditor.

76. During the House Government Reform Committee's hearings on steroids in baseball, Mark McGwire was asked whether he had ever used steroids. What wasn't one of his responses?

A. "I'm not here to talk about the past. I'm here to be positive about this subject."
B. "That's not for me to determine."
C. "I'm retired."
D. "You want the truth? You can't handle the truth! Son, we live in a world that has walls. And those walls have to be guarded by men with guns. Who's gonna do it? You? You, Lieutenant Weinberg? I have a greater responsibility than you can possibly fathom. You weep for Santiago and you curse the Marines. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know: that Santiago's death, while tragic, probably saved lives."

77. Owners of the St. Louis Centre skybridge came up with a solution to address the perennial Washington Avenue eyesore. What was it?

A. Tear it down.
B. Re-imagine it as a high-class mall that will inject life into a struggling downtown.
C. Donate it to a downtown booster organization, which in turn would knock it down.
D. Move it to Laclede's Landing.

78. What was the result of this year's Cory Spinks/Zab Judah fight at the Savvis Center?

A. 7th round KO.
B. 9th round TKO.
C. 1st round chicken-out.
D. 10th round TKO.

79. What was Don King's official title of the Spinks/Judah fight?

A. Spinks vs. Judah II: Pound Some Ass on the Mississippi.
B. Spinks vs. Judah II: Arch Enemies: Do It in the Lou.
C. Spinks vs. Judah II: Gateway to Hateway: Let's Rumble!
D. Spinks vs. Judah II: Arch Rivals. Meet Me in St. Louis.

80. Why did country music superstar Gretchen Wilson receive a tongue-lashing from Tennessee Attorney General Paul G. Summers?

A. Her rebellious attitude was having a negative affect on the state's younger generation.
B. Her performing a song about chewing tobacco was violating a state law.
C. As a music fan, he didn't think Pocahontas, Illinois, was "country" enough.
D. Her low-cut jeans during a performance revealed pubic hair, a violation of Tennessee state law.

81. On what grounds did St. Louis attorney James W. Schottel Jr. sue Donald Trump?

A. The Apprentice was discriminating against those with disabilities.
B. Breach of contract on a Laclede's Landing casino project.
C. Plagiarism in Trump's book, How to Get Rich.
D. Because Trump won't shut the hell up.

82. "Somebody needs to start a creation-based science center here in St. Louis!" Who said this, and where?

A. Reverend Joyce Meyers, in a rousing speech at the Edward D. Jones Dome.
B. Reverend Larry Rice, in his proposal to develop the Abram Building as a homeless shelter.
C. Reverend Kevin Hovind, during a speech at the Saint Louis Science Center.
D. Brenda Warner, while she was giving birth to her and Kurt's thirteenth baby.

83. How did Frank Weltner, founder of white-power group the National Alliance, purportedly pitch in to help victims of Hurricane Katrina?

A. By releasing a public prayer thanking God for clearing the "hellhole that was New Orleans and allowing us to start from scratch."
B. By opening his house to every dislocated SWM, age 18-35, tops only.
C. Setting up charity Web sites and channeling funds to white victims only.
D. By donating armbands to the rescue workers.

84. Who was the last DJ to spin at long-running Washington Avenue nightclub Velvet?
A. Rob Lemon.
B. Oscar G.
C. Spin Laden.
D. Terry Mullan.

85. In June, the St. Louis-based National Personnel Records Center opened an archive of military records. Match the file with the celebrity.

1. A producer recommended that this staff sergeant receive an early discharge so that he could participate in a radio show to create goodwill among Americans.
2. This recruit was "very unreliable. He has been fired from every job he had except newspaper reporting... He is irresponsible, not caring."
3. While in the air corps, this first lieutenant produced a documentary on a bomber squadron during combat operations in England.
4. This private inspired letters requesting his early discharge because "we need him in our entertainment world to make us laugh."
5. This private first-class spent 30 days in the brig after being "absent over leave" for six days in 1949.

A. Elvis Presley.
B. Clark Gable.
C. Desi Arnaz.
D. Jack Kerouac
E. Steve McQueen.

86. How much did Tim Pruitt's record-setting Mississippi catfish weigh?

A. 124 pounds.
B. 94 pounds.
C. 112 pounds.
D. 70 pounds.

87. What is the shovelnose sturgeon?

A. A recently discovered Missouri River fish that has remained unchanged for twelve million years.
B. A Missouri fish that was the subject of a recent song cycle by former Phish frontman Trey Anastasio.
C. A Missouri fish that produces exquisite caviar.
D. The official Missouri state fish.

88. Who said: "When I took the job, I wanted to make Catholics happy. And I don't think I necessarily achieved that"?

A. Archbishop Raymond Burke, on the troubled negotiations with St. Stanislaus Church.
B. Local media personality Jamie Allman, after his brief stint as St. Louis Archdiocese spokesman.
C. Former mayor Vince Schoemehl, on his decision to resign from the school board.
D. Former Roman Catholic priest James Beine, who was ordered released from prison this year after serving two years on molestation charges.

89. Which of the following gases was not stored at Praxair's Lafayette Square location when it exploded?

A. Acetylene.
B. Propane.
C. Propylene.
D. Methanylenalodium.

90. In August, local radio personality Vladimir "The Mad Russian" Noskov was nearly deported to what country?

A. Jamaica.
B. Uzbekistan.
C. Ukraine.
D. Lithuania.

91. A University City ordinance passed this year allows residents to own a maximum of how many chickens?

A. Zero.
B. Three.
C. Five.
D. Seven.

92. Which of the following was not a poll question on

A. Do you think fast food is good for you?
B. Would you support universal wi-fi access in St. Louis?
C. What color should the Martin Luther King Bridge have been painted?
D. Which cell-phone ring tone would best fit your personality?

93. What does Joseph Pulitzer IV, great-grandson of the founder of the publishing empire, do for a living?

A. Stringer for Knight-Ridder newspapers.
B. Chairman of the Pulitzer Foundation.
C. Ambassador to Luxembourg.
D. Consultant for the insurance industry.

94. Identify the sentence that Post-Dispatch writer Todd C. Frankel did not pen to begin an article (Part 2):

A. The Mad Russian was drunk and ready to sleep it off.
B. You might say Red Bull is good for plants.
C. Joe Pulitzer was rumored to have a peg leg.
D. Tennessee Williams was at a low.

95. In April, the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department unveiled a new $8.5 million expansion to its downtown headquarters. What is housed in the new space?

A. A school for the study on how to underreport crime.
B. The Sunshine Request Tactical Delay and Hinder Think Tank.
C. A high-tech forensics lab.
D. A full-time mustache grooming workshop.

96. In June, what flew over a state historic site in Higginsville, Missouri?

A. The Confederate flag.
B. A formation of fighter jets headed to Iraq.
C. A rare woodpecker.
D. Steve Fossett's world-record-breaking, around-the-world airplane.

97. Why did the the St. Louis arm of the Central Democratic Committee sue former Alderman Tom Bauer?

A. For representing himself as a Democrat when he is a Republican.
B. For dipping into the fundraising till.
C. To prevent him from using eminent domain to demolish their office.
D. For illegally using a donkey on his campaign signs.

98. A former St. Louis city prosecutor, John Chiapelas, was charged with what crime this year?

A. Storing 100 pounds of pot in his basement.
B. Making high-grade crystal meth in a Festus Johnny on the Spot.
C. Leading Pacific police on a high-speed chase in his tricked-out Honda.
D. Concealing evidence in the death-penalty case against Larry Griffin.

ANSWERS: 1. C. 2. B. 3. B. 4. A.5. A. 6. B. 7. A.
8. D. 9. C. 10. C. 11. D. 12.A. 13. B. 14. C. 15. B.
16. D. 17. D. 18. A. 19. C. 20. D. 21. D. 22. A.
23. C. 24. A. 25. D. 26. B. 27. C. 28. B. 29. C.
30. A. 31. A. 32. B. 33. C. 34. B. 35. D. 36. D.
37. A. 38. B. 39. D. 40. C. 41. A. 42. A. 43. B.
44. B. 45. 1-B, 2-C, 3-E, 4-A, 5-D. 46. A. 47. C.
48. D. 49. 1-C, 2-A, 3-B. 50. D. 51. B. 52. C.
53. A. 54. 1-E, 2-A, 3-B, 4-D, 5-C. 55. B. 56. B.
57. A. 58. A. 59. B. 60. C. 61. D. 62. B. 63. A.
64. B. 65. C. 66. A. 67. C. 68. D. 69. C. 70. C.
71. B. 72. D. 73. B. 74. C. 75. B. 76. D. 77. C.
78. B. 79. D. 80. B. 81. A. 82. C. 83. C. 84. B.
85. 1-C, 2-D, 3-B, 4-A, 5-E. 86. A. 87. C. 88. B.
89. D. 90. C. 91. C. 92. B. 93. B. 94. C. 95. C.
96. A. 97. D. 98. A.

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