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Welcome home, Brian Delaney.

Following the deaths of Billy Murcia in 1972 and Jerry Nolan in 1992, St. Louis native Brian Delaney comes in at number three on the New York Dolls' drummer flowchart. But don't worry — the Mehlville High School graduate is just happy (very happy) to be coming home.

Rob Trucks: Rams, Blues or Cardinals?

Brian Delaney: Cardinals, for sure.

Are you hardcore?

Yeah, yeah.

And are you still walking around with a proudly bowed chest as a world-champ-by-association?

Yeah, you could say that. Although none of the guys in this band know anything about sports.

What's your favorite new New York Dolls song to play live?

It has to be "Dance Like A Monkey."

And your favorite old New York Dolls song to play live?

I'd say "Jet Boy."

So what's been the highlight so far? There has to be at least a handful of "pinch yourself" moments.

It would have to be doing the record [One Day It Will Please Us To Remember Even This]. Jack Douglas producing and Jay Mussina, the engineer, have done a million great records so it was just like, "Whoa." That was pretty deep. I guess doing Irving Plaza [in New York]. We played there three nights in a row, and it was just packed every night, people going nuts. You know, a couple of gigs in Europe, just these huge festivals, where, you know, 20,000, 30,000 peopleI mean, I don't know if they were all there to see the Dolls.

But basically people as far as you can see.

Yeah, yeah. Exactly. It was amazing. And we did a show in D.C., this HFStival, you know, with like Coldplay and the Foo Fighters and Social Distortion and all these bands, and it was just like, "Whoa."

So it would be fair to say that you have quite a few highlights in your relatively short tenure.

You could say that, yeah.

Thomas Wolfe says that you can't go home again, but do you think that returning to St. Louis as a New York Doll might be added to the highlight list?

Yeah, yeah. It's going to be quite the scene, quite the highlight for me. I've never played Mississippi Nights. I went there a few times to see some bands, but I don't think I can remember the last time I even played in St. Louis. You know, I left there in '86. I mean, I've been there a bunch since, but I would never have expected to come back playing with the New York Dolls, that's for sure.

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