What Do You Think About Cell Phones Now?

Week of March 14, 2001

Jenny Kessler
Shoe Model

"When they first came out, I thought they were ridiculous. I thought, 'How pompous and self-centered.' I couldn't imagine why anybody couldn't wait till they got home. Now, I can't live without them. I'm one of those people. But it is a time-saver. I spend more time with my kids now. I also got rid of my answering machine. It's been very nice."

Frick Rionelli
Renegade Hod Carrier

"They give you brain tumors and cause car wrecks. They are the devil's playthings, a punishment for our fatuous pursuit of digital amusements."

Brian Larson
Creative Director, Digital Group,
Influence Branding and Design

"At first it seemed like a snobby thing to do, have a cell phone. Now they're everywhere, a part of everyday life. They've changed the way people communicate, and when they get connected to the Internet, it will be pretty phenomenal."

Whitney Hasty
Server, Front Street Grille, New Haven, Mo.

"Technology needs to be improved. They'd be great if I could get reception out here in the 'wilderness.' They're talking about getting a tower. Meanwhile, I go to Washington or Hermann to make calls."

Tamika Bevly
Assembly, Daimler-Chrysler

"They're very convenient. You're in a car, you don't have to stop at a pay phone, which can be dangerous these days. Sometimes, though, I feel like throwing my phone. It can be very irritating how everyone can get always get in touch with you anytime. Also, I find I make calls I wouldn't otherwise be making, and that can be costly. I forget that I'm talking, until I get my bill. Then it's 'Oh, I need to cut back.'"

Gary Orlandini
Viticulturist, Orlandini Vineyards, Makanda, Ill.

"They're fine -- for other people. I like being able to get ahold of other people, but I don't want other people to get a hold of me. I think phones are like toilet paper -- whatever gets you off. To me, a regular touch-tone house phone is like single-ply tissue. The cell phone is like having fancy toilet paper, pleated Charmin with lanolin. And your old rotary-dial is like using a corncob or a bunch of leaves."

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