What Is It You Don't Get? 

Week of June 4, 2003

Pete Wright
Cook, Pete & B's Kitchen
"Nelly -- he supposed to be king of the City, and he's doin' nothin' for the community. If I was to call myself king of the city, I'd be more out for the kids. This generation comin' up now, they based on so much negativity. They need someone like Nelly to encourage them to do right. You see these basketball players on TV -- 'read to achieve,' all that kinda stuff. You don't see Nelly doin' it."

Donna Perry
Supervisor, Customer-Service Department,
Health Care USA

"What I don't get is why government doesn't directly address health care for older adults, people who're on fixed incomes, to find a solution so they get the health care they deserve. These people have worked, they paid into the system and they have a right to reap the benefits of a decent health plan that doesn't cost a fortune and gets them some standard care."

Eugene Dickens
"Fat people who drink Diet Coke."

Gail Eastman
Jewelry Designer
"I don't get people's addiction to meat, given the animal's suffering and factory-farm processes. I don't get how you can have a dog that you pet and love and then serve for dinner something in the same family. And absolutely never wear one: That's what I really don't get, the vanity issue -- stealing somebody else's fur to try to enhance your own beauty."

Darren Owens
Sales Clerk, Vintage Vinyl
"Capitalism. It's about getting all these things -- in particular, money -- so you have better use of your time; then you can enjoy the better things in life. But in order to enjoy those good things, you need to have more money. And so it's like I have to work this cycle of always being in pursuit of something elusive, something that probably has nothing to do with the good life. It drives me crazy."

Sarah Harmon
Sales-and-Service Coordinator,
Dominic Michael Salon

"I don't get how my friends and I sank a boat this past weekend. We were on our way back from Party Cove and our boat sank completely, like the Titanic but not quite as tragic. We hit nothing. I think we sprang a leak. We just floated in the lake, waiting for the Water Patrol to come rescue us, and we didn't even have beer. I never thought that I'd be able to say that I sank, in a boat."

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