What Is Your Deep, Dark Secret? (Part 2 of 2) 

"Uncle Bill" Green
World's Most Dangerous Poet/Doorman, Venice Cafe

"No great shakes to disclose, except I'm addicted to Perrier water and I'm pissed because Schnucks is out of it. I also love tofu, and I'm not afraid to admit it."

Bree Owens
Student, Lindenwood University

"I have a love child with Tony Blair, only it wasn't conceived out of love. It was lust and money."

Emma Bell
Full-Time Mother

"Well, most of my dark secrets are in my journal where I write about my important things: things I need to do, people I have met, goals I need to accomplish -- and being up here from Greenville, Miss., for just four months, my journal is full!"

Charlie Kramer
Attorney, Riezman Berger, P.C.

"I was somebody's lifeline on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? And just as they called me, I got a call waiting and I clicked over and forgot to click back."

Stevie Newman
Guitar, Domino Kings

"I'm really a black lesbian. I'm trapped in the body of a white redneck. I don't even like four-wheel drive or AM radio."

Jessie Salatka-Lichter
Pre-Med Student, Washington University

"Other than this isn't my real hair? No secrets. It's all on the surface. I'm an open book. I pretty much tell everybody anything they want to know. Besides, I'm only 20. I haven't had time enough to get into any weird deep, dark secrets."

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