What Was Your Entrepreneurial Idea That You Never Followed Through On? (Part 2 of 2) 

Week of May 9-15, 2001

Kevin McCameron
Slam Master, St. Louis Poetry SLAM!
"I feel guilty about saying this because I'm not sure I thought of it, but it was the pizza- and pot-delivery service. I'm sure that someone's got it going, but not me. I just I didn't have the dough -- or the seed capital -- to get started."

Kelle Lang
Captain, Femme Fatales Bowling Team
"You know you cannot wear pantyliners with thong panties? It looks very silly. So it popped in my head: pantyliners for thongs. They're just as absorbent, but narrow in the back. I figured the companies'd steal my idea anyway. I must've mentioned it to someone who knew someone who worked at Procter & Gamble, because they're now marketing it. I was pissed, but life is short. You can't dwell on things."

Paul Bassett
Laborer/Bartender, Hi-Pointe Cafe
"Yeah, making up a '70s cover band called Dr. Zhivegas and starting my own club where I can play every night and pay myself."

Yolanda Boyd
Private-Duty Nurse
"At one time I really looked into opening a liquor store in the city. I thought I'd capitalize on the, uh, thirst for spirits there -- it sounds bad, but it could've made me rich. Instead I decided to go into nursing, help people instead of hurt them."

John Mihelcic
Research Chemist, Washington University
"I went to the stadium. It was hot, and I thought, 'What if I could make a sun hat for guys that wouldn't look too silly?' So I went to my uncle in the machine shop, and he came up with this ball-cap, beanie-type thing with radiating spokes fastened to some lightweight material. We were still fooling with it, and then next season everybody's wearing it, but they call it the Brock-a-Brella."

Donnie "Dusty" Hoffman
Hog Farmer
"Popcorn balls, all different colors, man. And then we're at the county fair -- I'd entered a few sows -- and Deb, my girlfriend, she points to the concession stand and says, 'Hey, Dusty, look! Someone came up with your idea.' Always a day late; that's me. That would've made a killin' too, I bet."

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