What's the Rudest Thing Anyone's Said to You Lately? 

Week of June 13, 2001

Bryan Hill
Doorguy, Elsher's

"'What happened to you? Did you fall in a tackle box?' Or 'You catch any fish with those things?' I'm, like, 'Yeah, these're my patented fishing lures. I keep them with me at all times.' Hey, man, I just take it in stride. What other people think doesn't matter."

Pam Fizer
Mortgage Banker

"Once this man told me he'd wished I'd shaved my legs -- while we were having sex. That's not the time to do it. I mean, what's more important here? I felt like saying, 'Geez, are you spoiled, or what?'"

Richard Hirschfeld

"She didn't say it. She wrote it in a letter, asked me to leave her beautiful home. I stayed there one night. I couldn't believe there was a note on the kitchen table when I got up in the morning. That was literally a rude awakening. I was embarrassed. I hadn't done anything unseemly. This was someone I really cared about. She called me later and wanted to talk. I didn't want to talk."

Stephanie Bornhop
Bartender, Rosie's Pub

"'Can I shoot you in darts to see who gets to be on top?' That's pretty dang rude."

Bob Case

"I see and hear rudeness day and night -- on TV. I was sitting in a bar the other day, and on the tube was an entire show of people getting hurt. I just about spit my beer out. Rudeness is a lack of graces and refinement. The media wholesales rudeness, crassness and stupidity. It influences all of us, and it's lowering values. And that's not a wild accusation."

Ann Marie Reedy
Mother's Helper

"Every day I hear it: 'Oh, what a darling little boy!' I'm not a boy. If I were a boy, I'd be wearing blue booties, OK?"

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